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Tinsel Town Traitors
October, 2011 -- If you ever see it on your television's coming attractions list, watch a Hollywood film titled, The Best Man.  It stars Henry Fonda as a former Secretary of State who is running for the presidency.  The Dish TV blurb describes the film in this way:  Presidential contenders vie for their party's nod and a dying ex-president's blessing.  The film was released in 1964, and is in black and white. Turner (Ted; former wife, Jane Fonda) owns it, now.

(Graphic: a movie poster for this film)

A careful study of what you see during this viewing will cause you to look around the room, just to see if anybody was watching you when the thought came.  What thought is that?  The blasphemous idea that Joe McCarthy was at least partly right.

Henry Fonda was for decades, like Jimmy Stewart, the perfect assemblage of America's Common Man.  The man of the working class.  Here, he plays a Woodrow Wilson kind of candidate. You know the type.  Educated in the "best" schools, like Yale or Harvard.  An "intellectual."  It's an interesting dramatic marriage, this attempt to transform the image of the upscale blue blood professor into a man of the people.  (Lincoln, unlike BHO, was an attorney who understood the U.S. Constitution because, unlike BHO, he didn't learn his law from one of our modern, corrupt, socialist American universities.)

The anti-hero

Fonda's opposition in the film is played by Cliff Robertson.  His character is a handsome blue collar type who rose from the working class to become a political star in Texas.  Sound familiar?  He is straight-laced, anti-communist, pro-business and a Christian. I'm waiting for the remake somebody must be working on for 2012, just in case Perry gets the nomination.  If Herman Cain gets the nod, they'll have to replace the Robertson character with what they call an Oreo.

Early in the story, we find that he (the conservative) has through questionable ways constructed a background biography on the Fonda character which proves a past history of mental problems, including time spent in what was then called an "asylum."  He presents it to the ex-president and  loses that endorsement.  The ex-president doesn't like slimeball politicians who dig into an opponent's backgrouind looking for lowball campaign ammunition.  Lord, how many times have I seen liberals do that?  Remember them digging into thousands of Sarah Palin emails? What about Newt's romantic affair?  How did they treat that when compared to how they treated oral sex in the Oval Office?  (It was too lurid to avoid, so they didn't hide it, but their enthusiasm declined when impeachment loomed. Unlike Clinton, they knew what the definition of "is" is.)  Hypocrisy, you say?  It's Commandment One in the liberal bible.  Digging up dirt, true or not, is standard practice on the Left.

A variation on that theme is when they tagged fascism to the right wingers.  Fascism -- or "national socialism" as Hitler called it -- contains no conservative components.  Fascism is just the far end of liberalism, with socialism and communism in the middle of the progression.  They're all about centralized federal control of education, the media, books, the means of production and the distribution of wealth.

The reason why they pinned that label on the right is obvious. Unlike Stalin's Gulag and Chinese re-education camps, the final solution to the Jewish Question in Germany was well-covered by the press.  So, fascism had to be separated from its natural ideological brothers and painted on the Right.  No supporting facts are ever included in this process.  Just the label is pasted on.  After people hear it enough times, they'll believe it.  After hearing it in the media, in their schools and in their movies, most Americans just accept it.  Not one in a hundred thousand Americans have ever asked what fascism is, or which ideology best fits the designation.

Have you been interested in Obama's strange attachment to giant corporations like G.E, the financing of giant unions at the car plants and his financing of giant startups in the solar power and communications sector? 

The first thing Hitler did when he came to power was to crawl in bed with Germany's largest corporations.

Hitler was about centralized federal power.  So is the American Left.

The story die is cast

Joe McCarthy was not enirely off base, it seems.  Hollywood then, as now, was corrupt, and dedicated to the Marxist line.  McCarthy's only mistake was the attempt to deny Tinsel Town its First Amendment Rights.  Government shouldn't do that sort of thing except in the case of the transmission of national security information to our enemies. (Scenes in a film which showed the location of and activity at our original nuclear bomb plants, for example, would have tipped off Japan.)

The Black List which cost many Hollywood film people their jobs and even their careers deepened Hollywood's hatred for the America they were (and today are) trying to disembowell.  But, Hollywood made it through the battle.  It waited for the Left to win the culture in the media and the schools, then went back to work. They have been working for Marxist "hope and change" ever since.  Hollywood eventually re-emerged as a hotbed of Progressive trash, and since the advent of television (which all but eliminated adult movie theatre attendance), has focused their efforts on Marx, Lenin and Stalin's "perfect dupes," America's youth.

That is why, during the early Vietnam War Period (JFK sent troops to French Indo-China), they all got together and fought for and achieved a Constitutional change in voting age.  Their public argument was: "Old enough to fight, old enough to vote."  If the Amendment had strictly followed their campaign line, only members of the military under the age of twenty-one would have gotten the franchise.

But, what they said was a cover for what they actually wanted, and what they got.

The reason why the social welfare surgical alterations of the Sixties Socialists began to happen -- why the U.S. Constitution has been eroding or ignored ever since, is the voter base those efforts brought to America.  With Progressives in charge of every level of education and all media forms from the evening broadcast news to Hollywood to the New York Times spouting social justice, reparations, affirmative action and all the other liberal crap, the addition of that new three year younger voter base got everything moving in the Left direction.

(The original Progressive, Karl Marx)

Have you ever seen a Hollywood film that had a Progressive villian?  Where is the film that shows Nazis encouraging Persians to change their nation's name to Iran?  (In English: Aryan -- Hitler's favorite color.) I wasn't there, but I think this scene actually happened, because to this day, Persians want to exterminate Jews. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.)  And, for that matter, let's go a little deeper into history, here.  What about the Hollywood movie about the first massa -- or slave owner -- in the Colony of Massachusetts?  (He was an "African-American.")  I haven't seen that film.  And the epic about Jim Crow's connection with the Democrat Party?  The title could be "The Solid South."  I missed that movie, too.

It was damn near the death of us, and may still be, yet

Are you old enough to recall Archie Bunker, the funny conservative villain in television's "All in the Family?"  That was the fare that replaced the traditional values Gunsmoke westerns of the Fifties.  (Commies don't like citizens with guns.  They might stop the government takeover of all their property.)  How about Alan Alda as Hawkey Pierce in M*A*S*H?  An anti-war liberal military surgeon in  Korea. Do you know anything about North Korea?  We were wrong to protect the southern half of that nation from those animals? Media Liberals.  I have actually spotted Progressive slogans in Star Trek TNG.  Patrick Stewart stood there on the Enterprise bridge and spouted that crap.

The parents of the Sixties Hippies were what NBC's fabled and widely-honored evening news host, Tom Brokaw, once described as The Greatest Generation.  They defeated Hitler, an Italian buffoon and the Empire of Japan in WWII.  They raised the flag on Iwo Jima and over the beach at Normandy.

(photo of a man who knew what Progressives are)

While admiring them in print, Brokaw and his broadcast journalistic pals on the evening news slimed their values with daily doses of Marxist propaganda in America.  After the news was over, their networks created dramatic and comedic programming which did the same.  They ran the films that Hollywood made -- all of which then, as now, portrayed conservatives (people who believe in the U.S. Constitution, a stong defense and limited government) as warmongers, racists, capitalist barons and opponents of fairness, justice and equality.

The nation learned, for example, that the Republican Party was made of cold-blooded, money hungry, selfish, racist creeps.  The sixties Civil Rights Act was the product of the power-to-the-people, working man's party -- the Democrats.  Jim Crow would still exist in America if not for these race-blind Democrats.

Want to know the truth?


The piece above is about a "public" broadcasting series by a "legendary" creator of historical documentaries.  By establishing this network, American socialist "educators" could force taxpayers to finance propaganda that would fill the citizen's children's heads with outright lies -- and they could and still do use those programs to teach it in the schools your tax dollars support.

That was the day "public" broadcasting (television) caught up with Hollywood on the Marxist trail.  A black man who did not speak street jargon, but rather communicated in good English, read that piece above, and then sent me an email, asking: "Why has no-one ever told me about this?"

My response was: "Because they didn't want you to know it."

You should catch that Fonda film, "The Best Man," if you can.  Turner Classic Movies probably sells it at their website.  Maybe a local video store has it to rent.  What you will see is a couple of hours of lies.  Absolute lies.

It presents conservatives as the scum of the Earth.  Those kinds of portrayals were how they piled on Goldwater and Reagan (while ignoring the fact that the presidents in charge when  the first troops were sent in WWi, WWII, Korea and Vietnam were all Democrats.)  It presents them as people who are racists.  (See the link just above.)  It presents them as the enemy of the working classes. (Private businesses historically provide 70-75% of the jobs in America.  Union contract demands and Democrat environmental and other regulations have driven how many of the top-paying corporate jobs to China, so far this century?)  It presents them as people who don't care about the poor. (Do you know who Andrew Carnegie was?  Do you know how much money Bill O'Reilly gives to charity -- particularly those which help military familes -- each year?  Do you know how much McDonald's shells out to help kids each year?  Do you know what levels of funding go to local and national charities from the golf tournaments run by evil capitalist bigshots?  Do you have any concept of the community services provided by the hated Christians known as Roman Catholics? Or by despised elitist secret societies like the Masons?)

No, my friends, "social justice" government welfare handouts have nothing to do with social justice.  They have to do with shifting trillions of dollars into government coffers, which they use to buy votes.

Ignorance is bliss, and, like Hollywood, very Democrat

Most people these days are ignorant of what is above.  Most people these days are so stuffed with leftist propaganda from our liberal media outlets, Hollywood and the socialist education system  -- that they don't even know what the "Mason-Dixon" line was.

FYI, it was an imaginary border that ran from roughly the mid-west to the Atlantic Ocean.  The southern side was the location of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.  After that war, and south of that line, Democrats won 100% of the election contests below the level of the U.S. presidency for the next 120 years. 

That is the point here.  It
deserves a Hollywood epic film.  It won't get one.

That is the Jim Crow era.  It was created and maintained by the Democrat Party.  (The one Oregon's Ron Wyden belongs to.)  It supposedly was ended by the party given credit for the Sixties Revolution freedom movement whose iconic victory was the Civil Rights Act (which without Republican votes would not have happened in Congress).  What a movie that would make.   All those blacks forced to sit in the back of the bus in Alabama, all those blacks who couldn't vote in Georgia, all those blacks lynched by the K.K.K. in Louisiana --- were forced, stopped, blocked, whipped and lynched by Democrats.  (Google "The Solid South.")

Welcome to Progressive Times

Now, all the movies, songs, books, documentaries, and the history lessons from teachers your kids get, are from people who belong to that same political party.  In Hollywood, during the McCarthy Era, you couldn't get a job if you were a commie.  These days, you can't get a job if you aren't. 

(a "Mao" cap)

Of interest here is that most of the commies in Hollywood, today, don't know they're commies.  They think of themselves as Progressives -- and are totally unaware that there is no fundamental difference between the terms "liberal," "Progressive," "socialist," "communist" or "fascist."  A Nazi (national socialist) is just a liberal who has gotten complete centralized (federal) control of every aspect of a given nation.

They are against only certain kinds of black lists, as it turns out.  They would love to black list this publication, but don't yet have the power they need to do it..

If you vote for enough of them in the name of "fairness" and "social justice," you will one day wake up and realize that you have turned your descendants into serfs.  There is a reason why Cubans sailed to Florida on roped-together fruit boxes. The social justice of your average Dear Leader is a living hell.

Take a look at North Korea.  They don't like films that disagree with the government position on things.  But, they're tougher than Joe McCarthy.  Make a film they don't like, there, and you will be tortured to death.  That's worse than being on a black list.

Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood, and the one who inspired Adolf Hitler in his views of eugenics and "murdering socially undesirable people," including blacks. She was a "Fabian socialist" who talked about using urban water systems to "neitralize" inferior population groups. Feminists (what Rush Limbaugh calls femi-nazis) today say that you must judge her by the standards of her times.

As I said above, it's all one basic ideological premise.  From liberal to fascist, each stage is part of a natural political progression.  That's why they like the term "Progressive" in Hollywood.  It describes their death march in a way that causes American idiots to think that the journey is a path to a kind place.

It isn't.  The far end of liberalism is Auschwitz and Cambodia's Killing Fields.  It's political eugenics. Hollywood will never make a film about that.


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