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Concerning the Snuff Film

For those of you who do not not know what one is, a snuff film is a movie which shows the actual killing of a human being.  Until the recent video out of Iraq, I had never been shown one, which is a good thing for whoever keeps such material at hand, for I would have seen that they were arrested on the spot.

But, now I have seen one, the Al Queda slaughter of Nick Berg, and have some thoughts to express about it.

I can see why the networks did not air the full piece publicly – and have dropped the milquetoast versions from their coverage within a few days -- for with the full piece even if you close your eyes, the terrified agony of the victim’s calls sears across your soul like a hot iron.  The photos from the Baghdad military prison are still in every broadcast, for they serve the agenda of the American liberal, while the execution of Berg does not.  It is, in that way similar to footage of 911.  One sees clouds of dust and smoke, a building collapsing and on rare occasions an explosion as a plane hits a building.  Not since the day it happened has the American public been shown the people trapped in window wells choosing to leap to their deaths on the sidewalks of New York rather than to just sit there inhaling chemical smoke until their lungs dissolved, or be cooked like a steak on a barbecue, there on the ledge.

You have never been shown footage of what those people looked like after they hit the sidewalk, or other things often placed near a large city building.  And, since 911, you have not seen them falling.  .

It is clear that if the networks, or our local television stations in Portland, Oregon aired that full Berg video, it could undermine entire lifetimes of effort by the American Left. A man in an orange coverall reciting the names of his relatives is not as memorable as a man screaming in primal pain as a butcher knife is going through his neck.  The first is sad, like a rainy day that dampens picnic plans.  The other pierces the heart, generating temporary nausea and, later, permanent hatred.  The latter is sufficient motivation to last the length of a long war.

This politically-motivated visual and audio self-censorship by the Big Liberal American Media and their affiliate serfs, ironically enough, bares the true heart of the "progressive" in this state and across the nation.  It puts the lie to the multiculturalism taught daily to the children in our schools.  It strips away the mask of love, peace and compassion worn by people from Teddy Kennedy of Massachusetts  to Ron Wyden of Oregon.  While they call the humiliation of Islamic terrorists in a U.S. military-run Baghdad prison "atrocities," they call this act a beheading.  While they fail to iniitate a committee to condemn this rape of decency, some of them man and the rest support a committee to hammer away at America as a bestial nation for shaming terrorists – the same people who supported the beheading of a journalist in Afghanistan, the torture, execution and torching of four contractors in Iraq, and what they did to this young man, Berg, who was, according to his family, looking for a job.

(The Koran, Sura 47, verse 4, if memory serves, is the Islamic justification for that sort of thing, as is a specific example from a thousand year old biography of  Mohammed.  The latter describes him as supervising a mass execution of infidels.  The men were forced to dig their own graves before they were beheaded, and then their families were sold or given into slavery.)  

I heard the burning fear and pain in Berg’s cries as they slowly hacked through his skin, flesh, bone and nerves.  In those sounds, I heard echoes of Auschwitz and Buchenwald.  I heard the dying moans of political prisoners in the Soviet gulag, and the blood that shot out of his neck was the blood of victims in Rwanda, Cambodia and the Hanoi Hilton.  

Tolerance by way of suppression of truth by America’s Left-run media establishment emanates from the liberal multiculturalist fantasy that all viewpoints (excepting those of the American Christian Right) are valid, even if one of them is from a cannibal.  It comes from their living lexicon of euphemisms, where, for example, the term "choice" psychologically removes the death from a murder.   But, liberals in your state go beyond hiding the truth.  They also ridicule the truth.  The following comes from the news department of Portland, Oregon’s ABC affiliate, KATU (Channel Two)

May 13, 2004 
Local disc jockeys who laughed 
at beheading are fired

PORTLAND - The radio station KNRK at 94.7 FM is issuing an apology to its listeners after talk show hosts Marconi, Tiny and sidekick Nickie J. laughed at and ridiculed the beheading of American Nick Berg. 

The three were fired Thursday afternoon, after airing the audio recording of Berg's murder repeatedly on Wednesday and laughing at the incident. 

 "Disgusting… I'm speechless," said one woman. 

KNRK and Entercom, the company that owns the station, apparently agreed, playing an apology over the airwaves for their listeners: 

(clip -- boldface in segment below ours, not theirs)

However, listeners like Blaine Dohman say they are still angry. 

"I'm dismayed and just flabbergasted," said KNRK listener Blaine Dohman. "Number 1, to be put on the air, and two, not be put in check by the powers that be." 

KXL radio talk show host Lars Larson also played the audio over the airwaves, but with a strong warning to his listeners. 

He says the Marconi show's ridiculing of the incident is inexcusable, but thinks Americans should hear and see what happened to Berg, saying images have been shown by the media before and the incident with Berg is no different. 

"I don't think that the America news media can decide for you what you can and cannot see. On the other hand, I don't think this should be on the air and then laughed at and made fun of," Larson told KATU News. 

Company officials say they were never told the shock jocks were going to laugh at the killing of Nick Berg on the show.

That last line is laughable.  The Senate hearing on the disgusting activities in the Baghdad prison (some of which, like sleep deprivation, are legal under the Geneva Convention, by the way) are being headlined day after day by KATU.  Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, the American mainstream media, our lunatic leftist American education establishment and even some of our own Oregon politicians are using this incident -- part of which involves fraudlent gang rape photos published by a Boston newspaper (they have now apologized for printing those fakes) -- in a political witch hunt to get President Bush.  They are blaming him for the actions of the idiot guards in that prison.  The owners of the Portland radio station have a few dozen people to supervise, and defend themselves with the excuse that they didn't know it was going to happen, but the president of the United States, the supervisor of the entire federal government with millions of employees, is supposed to know what a half a dozen fools are doing halfway around the planet?

 This nation and this state are full of liberal fools. I am sick of our politically correct politicians, our celebration of perversion, our condemnation of decency.  Sick to death of it all.  Go listen to the agony of that young man, Oregon liberal.  Bathe yourself in those cries.  Let them strike terror in your heart, for one day it will be your turn.  It will be done to you by your own kind, for while proclaiming tolerance to the skies, they, like you, are intolerant. You have been drawing the noose around your own neck all your life, and when you look to see who is choking the breath out of you, you will be shocked to discover that he has your face.

And, may your last conscious experience be the sound of men in masks justifying your execution in the name of Allah.  


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