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  Southern Oregon property and residence for sale 
  Siskiyou Dream: One of a kind vacation home
Oregon Magazine TM
  September 2003  Volume 3  No 9

 Ah, September.  Sweet, gentle end of summer.  The last back yard barbecues.  Football, bless that lovely game.  Oregon is nodding in the low afternoon sun. How will the colors be this fall?

 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2002
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Ashland Firm Defies Economic Doldrums
Here We Go Again: PAC10 Grid Forecast
Are You Ready for College Sticker Shock?
Seattle to Skagway…Revisiting Adventure
O'Brien Blacks Out in New York
Arts: Ken Kesey Memorial Planned
Paul Pintarich: A Requiem for Kelly's
German-born artist has love affair with North Coast
What, exactly, is art? (A primer)
Zeiger: The War Against the Cross
The 10 Commandments and U.S. Law
The Lieberman Quandry
Little Dicky and the Nine or Ten Dwarves

Top stories from August:
The Milk Stool Compromise
Why the Media is Hammering Bush
Why the NE Blackout Matters to Oregon
Hussein's Boys and Other Liberal Disasters

E-RFD: The Triple Quandry
E-RFD: Kids in Church
E-RFD: Future Headlines

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Notice to readers: the SoBig virus and that damned worm killed 2/3 of Oregon Magazine's computers.  (We have 3)  The cover articles are here, but some of the interior pieces are still to come.

 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
Boston Ordered to Hire Whites     Arnold or Cruz?
 Inside Features & topical links:

Travel:  North to Alaska
Natural History: New Species of Fish
SciTech: Balloon Record Attempt
Arts&Lettres: Ansel Adams Exhibit
AroundOregon: Ghost Town School
  Last Month's Headlines
August 2003
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