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The World Trade Center Will Happen Again(9-11- 01)
A solution to airline hijacking   (9-12-01)
A Canadian once said this about the U.S.
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  September 2001    Volume I  No 9
 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
 Hot off the press!! Ducks Down USC - Pigskin Pete's Record is 5 and O!
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Photo: Richard Skipper
KKNX: Eugene Radio Station Has
Avid Listeners Worldwide

Post-Keiko, Newport Aquarium lives!
Carol Channing: A Few Gentle Oregon Days
Changing Stages: More PBS Propaganda
Where No Tourist Has Gone Before
The Mystery of the Marcola Bones
The Boxer On The Beach
Pintarich: September Song

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Reparations for Slavery  Ethnic Cleansing in Africa
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Crane Prarie Bass
Seattle's New Football Stadium
Newberg is Skateboard Heaven
How the moon was made
Maynard's Last Stand
Stupid Search Engines
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It's Only Money
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 Scott Staats photo by permission 
of The Bend Bulletin

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