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Mr. Perezí Fatal Mistake  (Rampant stupidity in Portland)

April 5th, KOIN News at 5:30 A.M. Ė  David Okarski  delivers News thatís to the Point, it says on the screen banner.  (Use the link. He has the sappiest station bio in history.) This morning he said that the peaceful protest crowd cheered when the suggestion was made that the cops who shot the black man planted the cocaine on him.

Iíll tell you how stupid that crowd, and Okarski and friends, are in a minute.

Now for those of you who read Oregon Magazine, but do not live in Oregon, the thing you have to understand is that this state has the highest percentage of resident morons outside of the U.C. Berkeley campus.  We are inundated with them, here.  It is the result of an agricultural principle.  As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. In Oregon schools, children are bent to the left. And you get more of what you fertilize. The best fertilizer for roses (Portland is the home of the Rose Festival) comes from large farm animals, so Portland's media shovels out tons of horse crap every day.  They don't like Oregon Magazine very much. 

Just the other day, we had a community rally in Portland, where a multicultural group of people peacefully complained about the shooting of an unarmed black man, James Jahar Perez, by two white cops.  Sounds like a no brainer, doesnít it?  Perhaps thatís why KOINís Okarski is so comfortable with the criticism.  (Late stage abortion bans donít affect liberals because the key part of the procedure, sucking out the brains, is irrelevant in their case.)  Okay, lets take a look at why Okarski is the poster boy for local liberal media stupidity so far this month, which puts him on the candidate list for our Baghdad Bob award in May..

Two policemen stop a car in N.E. Portland because something isnít right.  A license plate doesnít have a tag, a plate is missing, a turn signal is out, the man makes a turn without signaling.  Some small item that would threaten the average citizen with maybe a fifty dollar fine.  This small item catches their attention and they stop the car.  Approaching the car from behind, they tell the driver to do certain things in certain ways.  You know the drill if youíve watched the ďCopsĒ show that is syndicated all over America..

The cops didnít know it, but Mr. James Jahar Perez had a rap sheet instead of a driverís license, and wasnít all that eager to cooperate with them.  Since he did not have a driverís license, we know that he had some kind of  problem with his driving skills Ė most likely something to do with driving under the influence of some liquid or substance which caused the creation of an organization called M.A.D.D.  (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 

The number of deaths due to traffic accidents in America each year is about a hundred times the number of soldiers we have lost in Iraq. Quite a few folks are wiped out.  And the percentage of those dead proven to have been the victims of somebodyís (or their own) drugged or drunken folly has resulted in a major change in DUI laws in recent decades. Perhaps half of our youths drive in such an impaired manner at least once before they finish high school or college. Quite a few continue doing it, thereater.  Beer, wine, hard liquor, marijuana, meth, chemicals from spray cans, heroin, even intentional overdoses of off the shelf cold medicines are involved.

Mr. James Jahar Perez, who had just prior to his arrest left a celebration of some kind at the home of family or friends, was on cocaine.  The autopsy proved it.  Now, at the Rally For Life in Portland, where reporter Laurie Shilling of KOIN did the on the spot coverage, they talked of a need to end the injustice of this sort of police brutality.  At the funeral, according to Anchor Okarski, the suggestion was openly made that the police planted cocaine on Mr. Perez in order to cover their own brutish carelessness in shooting an unarmed citizen guilty of a minor traffic violation.

Point number one

The crowd at the rally was multicultural.  We didnít see any turbans in the footage, and no Native American traditional costumes appeared on our television screen, but just about every other color of human was there.  So, we know for sure that there are idiots in every racial group except these two in Oregon, in this case.

You see, while two small bags of cocaine were found in the mouth or throat of Mr. Perez at the autopsy, and it is possible they could have been put there after he was shot, it is not within the power of two street cops to plant cocaine in the digestive system, urine and blood of anybody who is dead at the time.  Once a human being is dead, the bodily processes cease.  Nothing can be found there that wasn't there when the individual was alive.

More important is the fact that one cannot stuff cocaine into the stomach of a corpse.  Not on the street during a traffic stop.  A doctor might manage it with medical instruments, but a cop?  Sorry, but a corpse canít swallow.  Unless the people at the party he attended shoved it down his throat while he was still alive, the cocaine the coroner found in Mr. Perezí digestive system was put there by Mr. Perez.

Mr. Perezí fatal mistake

Aside from driving while under the influence of illegal and mind-altering substances, just like Rodney King (who was stoned and doing eighty when he was stopped), Mr. Perez did something really, really stupid during the arrest.

Cops approach a traffic stop from behind the subject car, these days.  This is because it is dangerous business since drugs like cocaine entered the picture in America.  As they approach the vehicle, police give out a series of instructions designed to keep everybody safe.  They tell the driver to put their hands up where the officer can see them, and keep them there.  Mr. Perez may have done that initially, but when the officer got in close, suddenly dropped his right hand and arm and reached for something between the bucket seats of the vehicle.

That is when he was shot, and it was the correct thing for the officer to do.

No gun was found in the vehicle, so it is obvious he was reaching for something else.  Since two small bags of cocaine were found in his mouth, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what it was he was reaching for, and what he did with it.  But, he didnít have the time to swallow those little bags.  The movement he made was identical to what police are trained to watch for -- the reach for a handy weapon.  They are taught to react to this movement because each year police are killed by people who reach for a gun during a traffic stop.  It has been but a few months since the last one in Oregon was killed that way.

All Mr. James Jahar Perez had to do to stay alive and unharmed was follow the clear instructions of the officers at the scene.  But, being a felon with a rap sheet, and knowledgeable in the ways of drug crimes, he knew the difference from a legal standpoint of having drugs inside him, and having them in the car.   One is driving while impaired, the other is possession of illegal drugs.  The penalty for the first is not as severe as the penalty for the second.

And, Oregon has a three strikes law.  Three convictions of the right type of felony and it's adios to your freedom for a very long time in this state.  We havenít seen Mr. Perezí rap sheet, and so do not know how many felony convictions of that type he had, but consider that point irrelevant.  If you have no such convictions, and get one such conviction, you have only two to go.  If you have one such conviction, and get a second one, you have just one to go.

It is a good bet that Mr. Perez, being a user, was aware of present drug laws in Oregon.  It is a virtual certainty that he was not ignorant of the three strikes law.  No, he knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it when he reached for those little bags and stuffed them in his own mouth at that very dangerous time.

It is time for Oregonís blacks to face the truth

The policies of the Portland police are not racist.  The mayor, Vera Katz, is a flaming liberal. She lives for racial and other quotas.  In the city administration, in city education, everywhere. Her last police chief was a black whose anti-white statements were even reported in our flaming liberal mainstream press. (No, that was the one before the last one.  There have been so many.)  Veraís present police chief is also black.  We have no idea if he is a bigot, since, unlike the last one who was black, he has not made blatently anti-white statements in public.

Nevertheless, the situation in Portlandís black community is so ridiculous, their irrational belief in their victimhood so intense, that it is quite obvious that only two things can be done to mollify them.  The first of these is to replace every city official with liberal blacks.  Weíll have to alter election laws to do that.  Affirmative action quotas for elections are the ticket.  And, not just affirmative action based on skin color.  The election laws will have to be modified so that only liberal blacks can be chosen by voters.  Non-liberal blacks are Uncle Toms. 

The next thing we need is a modification to affirmative action quotas with respect to hiring in the police department.  We must get rid of every policeman who isnít black and replace him, or her, with somebody who is black.  (The Uncle Tom rule applies here, too.  Any black who votes for Bush should be summarily dismissed.)

The media problem

Of course, this will mean that the Portland media, which is mostly white, will have to undergo some changes, as well.  Just as white cops are racist, white journalists are racist. David Okarski, while perhaps having good intentions, is nevertheless white, and so, flawed.  While white journalists could be given secondary jobs, as copy boys and janitors, they donít belong at the top of the news pyramid.   While they say they understand the inherent racism of two cops shooting a stoned black man driving illegally, and who stuffs bags of cocaine in his mouth trying to avoid a possession felony Ė in the process simulating the most dangerous move traffic cops face these days Ė in fact, these white journalists actually donít get it.  Their heart is in the right place, but their whiteness blocks them from the deeper truth.

With those two areas, government and news, repaired, weíve got a good start.  Next we need affirmative action quotas in sentencing.  There are too many blacks in our prisons.  The fact that they sold drugs, robbed or killed somebody is beside the point.  It is the ratio of blacks to whites in prison when compared to the ratio of blacks to whites in the general society which matters.  Criminal statutes must be changed so that after the ratios match, no blacks can be convicted of a crime and sent to prison.  If two blacks commit crimes, and sending one of them to jail will change the prison ratio, one of the black criminals must be declared innocent and a white who has done nothing to anybody selected to go to prison for the crime.

Planet Earth calling.  Hello?  Is anybody sane out there?

God help us. 


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