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Socialist economic trans-oceanic deja vu:
From Greece to the Beaver State

Grease the skids
'cause here they've come
to Orygone.

June 28, 2011 -- You have seen the riots in Greece.  The demonstrators do not carry home made signs like Tea Party types.  These are commercially produced, printed signs.  Unions are by definition organized groups with a top-down pyramidal control structure.  On top you have the pharaoh, or union boss, below him various union princes, below them a cadre of enforcers (usualy called thugs), and lastly the "workers."

Did you notice that these "workers" surrounded the Greek parliament, today?  (6/28/2011)  Did what you watched remind you of the Democrat union "workers" surrounding the Wisconsin legislature, recently? 

Irony Abounds

Democracy was invented in Greece, the scholars say.  The term means "government by majority vote of the citizens."  Our nation is a "Republic," which means that we use democracy to select "representatives," who do the actual voting in our legislatures and congress, and who handle the executive decisions in our governor's mansions and the White House. 

In principle, it's more efficient than having a national election (pure democracy) to decide every piece of legislation that comes down the political pike.  There would be a national, statewide and local election every day of the year.

That's the heart of the irony.  A Republic is assembled from democracy votes.  So, the union demonstrators in Wisconsin were, and the union demonstrators in Greece are, trying to obstruct the actions of their democratically-elected governments.

This requires a new definition of "democracy" in the place where it began and in its greatest expression on the planet, America.  The term now means "a method of governing by direct vote of the citizens -- unless it results in decisions unpopular with large private sector and government employee  unions."

I recall the Progressives warning against the election of Ronald Reagan.  "He'll push the button," they said.  (Start WWIII. The nuke thing that would melt all the Hippie peace symbol belt buckles.)

I thought at the time that the suggestion was odd, since every American war except (perhaps) Korea during my lifetime had been started while a Democrat was President and Democrats ruled both houses of Congress.  ("Nixon's War," or Vietnam, was begun and expanded into a full-blown conflict by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.  To use a phrase popular with the Obama/Reid/Pelosi generation, Nixon inherited Vietnam.)

It's like Alice in Wonderland

It is our suggestion that you listen carefully to Democrats and RINOs, and then assume that the truth is the exact opposite of what they are saying.  Think of it as being like starting an Oregon State Highway Pothole Department.  After spending millions for offices, employees, German and Japanese  pothole augers and so forth, the governor cuts the ribbon and the augers get to work making holes in our highways.  But, one year later, you have perfectly smooth roads.  Why, from the DMV to the State Education System, does it always turn out like this? 

It's a fundamental law of political nature.  The net result of any government agency's actions -- with the exception of the military -- is always the exact opposite of what it says over the agency door.

That is Leonard's "Sign Over the Door Theory."  If the government agency is created to reduce the number of people in poverty, you will end up with more people in poverty.  (So, if you really do want fewer people in poverty, create a government agency whose job is to generate poverty. Focus on hiring Democrats and Moderate Republicans.  They're naturals for a project like that.)

Unlike my compatriots at Oregon Magazine,  I have little faith in most of the citizens of Oregon -- in particular those who live to the left of the Cascades.  Like the people of California, they will continue to build their utopia on the backs of their grandchildren's bank accounts, and congratulate themselves on their compassion.  You can see it every day by the Oregon old-line newspapers, and electronic media.  They support the Greek and Wisconsin riots and demonstrations -- which means most Oregon Democrats are so stupid that they don't know, or so duplicitous that they don't care, what the word "Democracy" means.

The Oregon Republican?  During my lifetime, they have had the spine of a garden slug in all but a few cases. 

If you are beginning to recognize what is going on around you, join or found a Tea Party group.   If you choose to remain inside the liberal fantasy, you'll need one of these.

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