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'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio Leads in Arizona Poll for Senate Race...
Hollywood, Steve Jobs, Trump help Rahm haul in $10.6M...
Oregon co-speakers aim to steer a bipartisan ship...
Fearful Russian lawmaker flees to USA...
Soros Explains Tactics He Uses to Fundamentally Transform Countriies' Politics
With respect to the recent election ...  

 What do the mid-term Election Results mean?

 The Pubbie Win Has Happened Before
From out of the blue, the amazing truth about the Untouchable benefit:

E-RFD: Who is Actually After Your Social Security?
Dems Have Already Privatized Social Security !!

(So, why all those political TV spots about the Tea Party threat of "privatization?")
E-RFD: (the Great Recession) Get the facts right!
Is Compromise a Sign of a Healthy Congress?
Egyptian Ornithological Sheik-down:
Hose-kneed Mubarak may be Threatened Species

A Letter to Lars Larson:
Romney's Problem is Romney's Solution
(With basic Constitutional protections in place, experimentation at the
state level is pure Founding Fathers philosophy.)

E-RFD: Australian Prime Minister does it again!!
  (She is telling them if they don't like Australia, they should move to a country they do like.)
  Islamic jihad: Terrorism in Portland, Oregon !!!

ABCNEWS: Obama White House is State Run Media
Just so you understand, this piece presents the WH as defending
itself against the "mainstream media."  This, of course, leaves
the impression that the MSM isn't an operating public relations
arm of the administration.  (A ridiculous claim.)

FCC push to regulate news draws fire...

POLL: Only 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet...
Fear of Political Agenda...
Possible Outcome?  Top China blogger forced to shut down magazine...
Progressive Shot at Fox Hits Oregon Magazine? 
Maybe. Maybe not. The film title is: Attack of the Soviet Bureaucrats IV
FCC moves to ensure 'net neutrality'... (x-link)
Rush, among other conservative commentators, says that this is a clever move to
control internet content. A kind of backdoor "Fairness Practices" act. But,
Oregon Magazine columnist, Art Hyland, says this is about another kind of
"fairness." Not an attempt at violating the U.S. Constitution by a government takeover
of electronic journalistic content -- as was the case wih the "Fair Practices Act." This one
is something else: namely the use of "fairness" with respect to cost. Think of it as a variety
of "redistributionism." If, after reading the link above, you haven't the faintest idea what is
going on,  welcome to the club. We've taken Art's explanation and reprinted it just below.
Click on that, and maybe it will help. Decide for yourself who's right about this: Rush,
Art, both or neither one. (Our hunch is both, to some degree.)
Art Explains "Net Neutrality" -- sort of ...
December 4th -- This just popped up on Drudge:
PAPER: Wave goodbye to Internet freedom...

December 9th -- (ditto) FCC push to regulate news draws fire..
From the Creator of StagFlation and mile-long Gas Pump Lines:
CARTER: FOXNEWS commentators have 'deliberately distorted' news...
Rockefeller: FCC Should Take FOXNEWS, MSNBC Off Airwaves...
House Dems Reject GOP Proposal to Defund NPR...
China sentences woman to labor camp for TWITTER post...

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