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A Major Political Disaster?
Obama's Attack on the Catholics
is by definition also an assault on Hispanics
(If you don't need the fundamentals stuff, scroll down to "The Hispanic Factor" subhead, though the K.K.K text
section just previous to it is both absolutely true and downright fascinating.)

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Catholic TV network sues...
White House struggles to stifle uproar..

Archbishop: Obama Needs To Stop 'Intruding Into Internal Life Of Church'...

February 9, 2012 -- You've seen the eruption on the net, the "Mainstream" Media (which may after this no longer fit that designation) and in the conservative press from the internet to FOX.  The Obama Administration (with the support of its fellow travelers in Congress, plus their media and academic community) has allowed bureaucrats to write the regulations for ObamaCare (socialized medicine).  Just this week, millions of American Catholics have been told that the tax funding from the general coffers they, and all other American taxpayers, have previously been forced to provide for abortion in the U.S.A. will begin to expand into the internal activities of the church. Catholic hospitals, among other church organizations are the targets here..   Employee health insurance, for example, which includes certain pregnancy-related pharmacy items like day-after pills, not previously supported by the faith, will be mandatory.

Reports of internal White House scrambling to find a way out of this mess without losing femi-nazi and other Progressive sector election support are true.

That, folks, though the Democrats are denying it, is a direct secular socialist attack on the Constitutional  protection of religious belief in this nation.   It is a direct thrust against the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  As this magazine has been saying for years, and conservatives have been saying since Barry Goldwater -- to name a famous early example -- the philosophy of collectivism (Liberalism/Progressivism/Socialism/Communism/Fascism) is pure secularist stuff.  Anti-religious stuff.  Hitler hated Jews, Stalin and Mao hated and suppressed all religions, Portions of Islam despise Jews and Christians.  "Modern" Democrat leaders and their judicial appointees have long worked to degrade and diminish freedom of religion in this nation.

In America, their efforts have resulted in attacks via the Supreme Court.  Their invention of "separation of church and state." With the support of the MSM and our liberal-dominated educational system, they've made a great deal of "progress," so far.

Why do Liberals despise the Constitution?

It's simple.  The founding fathers put our basic freedoms in God's hands because a deity can't be reached by a king. They all came from places where religion was controlled by a king or emperor, and wanted the State out of that arena, permanently.  Secularists have plotted and schemed for years to destroy the God Connection, and bring our basic freedoms under their control.  Get rid of God and the Constitution, and they're in charge of religion, free speech, the press and even the pursuit of happiness.

Their goal is power.  They want to have legal control of everything, including you. How long have the Democrats been doing this sort of thing, and has it happened here in Oregon?  Read this:


The Ku Klux Klan dominated state politics in the early 1920s.

OMED:  Which is why Democrats were politically powerful.  Check out the following.

OLCOTT, Ben, 1919-1923 (Republican Oregon governor)  Fearful of lawlessness associated with a fast growing Ku Klux Klan in Oregon, he denounced the Klan on May 13. 1922, just six days before the primary election. (Modern "historians," attempting to spread KKK blame over to the Republican Party, write that he "jeopardized his chances in the Republican primary" by doing it.)  Olcott won the primary by a few votes, but in the general election faced Democrat Walter Pierce, who advocated a Klan supported anti-Catholic Compulsory School Bill and who was also the K.K.K. candidate. Olcutt opposed the school bill; denounced the Klan; and lost the election 99,164 votes to Pierce's 133,392.

OMED: That's right.  Republicans put an anti-K.K.K. candidate up for the general election.  The Democrat in that gubernatorial election was also the official candidate of the K.K.K.    When discussing this blatently bigoted period in Oregon history, Mr. Uris forgot to mention that little item.  He's an educator, you know.  Their job is to help you understand things.  Well, it used to be their job, anyway.  At least you now understand the reason for the politically "generic" approach to racist Oregon history Mr. Uris selected in his Portland Tribune essay. An accurate portrayal of the situation would have enraged a great many of his pals.


 The above text section is from an Oregon Magazine piece published years back.  Here is a link to the entire piece: (It's a long read, so you might finish this one before going to it.)


Why do Oregon and national secularists do this sort of thing?  Because the power they want to achieve cannot be gained until God is Dead.  That's why this political philosophy has in the past been called "totalitarianism." The current government of North Korea is totalitarian.  The current government of Cuba is totalitarian.  Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Hirohito's Japan were totalitarian.  Russia during both the Czarist era and the Communist era which followed was totalitarian.  Of late, demonstrators have appeared in the open at the Kremlin.  They are demanding free and honest elections.  Like the Chinese fellow in front of the tanks, we won't be surprised to find that they, like him, have entered the government agricultural profession.

In America, for decades, the once-patriotic and freedom-loving Democrats have been working for the same kind of power.  Here's another link, another rather long read, about that:

The Tea Parties vs. the Invisible Crown

To achieve their goal, much of which has already been accomplished, was in part quite simple. The link above will explain all that.  But, the final victory, the complete sublimation of freedom in America was and remains very difficult.  It has to do with the U.S. Constitution -- in this case the portions of that document which install limitations on the power of government, and the way political power is distributed and transferred in this nation.  The last of these, in particular, is what this essay is about.

We think with this Catholic/abortion thing Obama and the secularists just made one of the biggest mistakes in American political history.  Ready?  Here we go:

The Hispanic Factor

You know that roughly eleven million (11,000,000) illegal aliens (called "immigrants" by the politically-correct American Left) have come to America in recent decades.  Being a reader of this magazine, and so probably a follower of FOX TV and conservative radio stars like Rush Limbaugh, you know that the "modern" Democrat leaders love Hispanics because whether legal or illegal, they vote for liberals.  Government programs, welfare, food stamps, financing into higher education by the feds,  ACLU legal protection, sanctuary cities, etc., etc., etc. 

You also know that, as in the case of black voters (99% of African-Americans voted for Obama), they can count on the Hispanic vote with one exception.  Cuban immigrants (legal when they reach America because they have escaped from totalitarian nations) do not in bulk support (socialist/communist/fascist) rule, having actually lived in such places.

Which brings us to the new ObamaCare socialized medicine regulations that this week raised a storm across the nation.

There is something else you know about Hispanics.  So far, it hasn't been mentioned in the MSM -- or even in the conservative media -- as far as I have seen.  Most of them are Catholics.  Visualize a scene where a local parish priest tells a gathering of people who speak little, if any, English, and have no knowledge of civics, that the Obama government is attacking their religion.

Since our readers have working brains, and because I personally don't give a damn about the Marxist dupes who run Oregon, these days,  I will not have to explain why the term "Catholic" in the paragraph just above presents a potential disastrous problem for the secularist powers-that-be in November of this year.

But, sharing my opinion with my fellow conservatives is fun, so I'll put a capper on this essay.  I think the "modern" Democrats have just shot themselves in their own foot with this one. 

Postscript:  Around 9:00 A.M, Pacific time, today (2/10/2012) Obama said he is changing the setup to one that will satisfy Catholic leaders.  He will order the insurance companies to provide the birth control and related services and products for free.  The church doesn't have to pay for them.  This is pure B.S.  Any service or product offered by any private company in America contains all the expenses of the company from taxes to labor costs to "free" items like this one.  Since, unlike the government, they can't spend more than they make, the "free" services will be spread to all insured persons by raising the basicpolicy  price.  Since Catholic organizations will be part of this system, they will still be funding practices and products to which they object. Obama's "change" is nothing more than deception.  A change that isn't a change isn't a change. On top of all that, according to a battery of conservative pundits we've read, both versions of Obama's mandate here are unconstitutional.  He does not have the power to require either method.  (Or won't until a majority of stupid Americans return him and our present Senate to  power this coming November. You should join or found a Tea Party group and do something about that.)


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