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A Good Time To Wonder About Direction

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April 10, 2009 -- As reported by a former Democrat presidential campaign advisor on Fox News, President Barak Hussein Obama has just ordered that one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) be directed to the "Palestinian Authority."  (And he wants Israel to turn over some land to them, as well.  That will provide Israel's enemies with better  missle launching sites.) 

Now, as an American taxpayer, do you want your nation financing people who have for decades openly called for the desruction of Israel?  Although the president didn't mention them by name, because of strong historical Palestinian ties, this almost certainly means your tax dollars will be funneled to Hamas.  If you don't know what Hamas is, you shouldn't vote in the next election.

This sort of thing was predictable, and in fact was predicted by conservative elements all across America last fall.  Clearly a small majority of America's voters didn't believe them, or didn't care if it would happen. We have been telling Oregonians that the most important election in the recent history of this nation will take place next year.  A great many congressional and legislative seats will be up for grabs, then.  This means the folks who control the congress and the legislatures of America, and so the folks who control government taxation and spending, will be chosen.

If the people of this and other states defend the Left, again, then nothing will change.  On the other hand, if the people of this and other states reject this bunch, and install people who do not believe in redistributive policies, nanny-state bureaucratic meddling and funding Islamic terrorists, then America will turn away from the course it is following at present.

We think the dramatic recent decline of major American media outlets (liberal newspapers, magazines and electronic media) is at least in serious degree due to the fact that the "journalism" they produce is a load of leftist propaganda.  If we are correct about this hunch -- which relies on a faith that Americans haven't become sheep --, then 2010 will show a turning away by voters from policies which at present are directing this nation.

One always hears people say "this is a critical election" during election cycles.  About a year and a half in our future, it will be true.

Next year, we will find out if America wants to be a socialist nation that is in bed with dictators.  A nation that keeps reaching ever more deeply into every citizen's life.  We hope they'll choose a nation that wishes to return to the principles generated by our founding fathers. A nation that favors the individual over the group.

2010, in our opinion will be the election which makes choices as significant as those on the table in 1776.


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