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Portland State Shows
Promise in Spring Scrimmage

Come Sept. 19th, we'll see if the promise shown in the recent Portland State spring grid scrimmage will be a reality. That's the date the Vikings take the field vs. Big Sky perennial titleist Montana in Missoula. Should the Viks triumph, they are on their way to a conference title and a national playoff birth. The scrimmage was the first in the coaching tenure of Glanville/Davis that showcased the mentors' recruiting skills. There is no doubt that Mouse Davis has the material for
a powerful offense, but the scrimmage defenders were somewhat lacking...though this was mitigated by the fact that key linebacking and secondary talent was not on the field, (due to injury), but will be present in the fall and bolstered by transfers and recruits.

The Run & Shoot attack will again be led by junior Drew Hubel, who throws long and on target to a bevy of wide receivers, led by a spectacular soph, Corey McCaffrey, who brings speed and hands of glue to his position (he was a state record-breaking rusher as a running back at Sisters high school). Hubel is a native of Corvallis, to whence he leads his PSU charges in their season opener against the Division I Beavers on the latter's home grounds. We don't expect an astounding upset by the Viks, but remember what Appalachian State did to the mighty Michigan Wolverines two years back?

Based upon what we saw this spring, if the PSU defense is shored up with new blood in the fall, Big Sky foes are all fair game for the Viks' resurgence. Fullback veteran Bobby McClintock returns as a senior and the quick and mean 240-pounder that is the blocking presence that is key to any QB's survival in the Davis emphasis on throwing. Looks like a season ticket to the six home games the Vikings will play in PGE Park will be an appealing property

 ( Photo Credit: Troy Wayrynen )

ROSES & RASPBERRIES...a posy is well deserved for PSU cage coach Ken Bone's upgrade to the Pac10 position at Washington State after leading the Viks to two straight appearances in the NCAA Big Dance...an echoing boo to the Portland City Council for plumping up a proposal to build a new minor league ballpark in Lents for the baseball Beavers. The site is inconvenient for fan access and is a sop to bring major league soccer to town...the incompetent council, led by Mayor Adams and would-be mayor Randy Leonard, will deserve their fascination for roses when they realize that they failed to upgrade PGE Park for major league baseball several years ago when it was a viable project...soccer or not, any upgrade to this facility will benefit PSU football, a fact not mentioned in council deliberations...

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