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December 7, 2010 -- Many years ago, I heard Ollie North talking about Thanksgiving on his old
national radio talk show.  The local station was Hillsboro, Oregon's KUIK.  An ephiphany, or moment
of inspiration, struck my half Irish, half Norwegian brain and I dialed the listener telephone number.
I told Ollie that I was the editor of the Peg's Bottom Gazette, a newspaper in Peg's Bottom, Oregon -- a
small logging community located between Snooseville and Dufur,  Then, I related a Thanksgiving
tale of my "town" to him and his nationwide audience:

The local country store, I told them, had ordered turkeys for the holiday, but the shipment they got
in had been frozen instead of fresh.  They couldn't be thawed by Thanksgiving, so the
proprietor of the store had drilled the southern ends of the birds deeper with an auger, then
inserted wooden dowling, and sold them as turkey-siccles.

The problem with that, as it turned out, was when you licked them.  Your tongue would freeze
to the bird, and for three days, until the bird thawed, you couldn't say any word that contained
the letter "f" in it.

In a community of loggers, I explained, that reduced human communications to near zero.

Ollie and his staff cracked up laughing, and emails came in from all over the country, so Col. North
asked me to return each week in the future with the news from Peg's Bottom, Oregon.  And, that is
what I did for years, afterward, until Ollie left radio to become a regular contributor to the FOX
News television network..

Below, you will find transcribed issues of most of the segments I did for him.  (LL)

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