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At Last,  An Oregon Progressive Comes Clean !!!
PSU: Thinly Veiled Threats
of legal action against
Oregon Magazine?

Preamble from the last two issues: (What started this feud) 
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Oregon's Fountainhead: PSU's Visiting Professor of Socialist Architecture 
Postscript to the original piece above:   Award Winning Awards Committee Awards Award

Now to the meat of Maggie's matter: (Her comments in blue.)
Maggie Maxwell wrote:

I appreciate your response, mostly for the serious concerns it raises about your professionalism and your sanity. Several points:

1)    I am an employee of the PSU Department of Architecture, and am charged with doing the PR and marketing for the Department and its events. I am not responsible for the scheduling or the planning of said events, only for dissemination of information. To attach my name to what you have labeled a “dangerous socialist agenda” is not only misguided, it is defamatory. You need to remove my name, my contact information and my job title from any published material on your site and/or distribution lists. I have let my supervisor know that a threatening, misguided individual has posted my personal information on his site, and have been given the go-ahead to go up the chain of command if it is not removed immediately.

" ... if it is not removed immediately"

 Wonderful !!!  Maggie, when you "go up your chain of command," tell them that everything I posted was a direct quote from an official PSU media release.  Then, tell them to contact their attorneys and charge me with your imaginary crimes.  I will enjoy crushing your attempts at suppressing my publication's First Amendment rights --  all the way to the Supreme Court of the United Sttes of America.

I am not surprised, by the way, that you would take this approach.  As I have said in the magazine many times, Progressives dislike the dissemination of information by those who support the U.S. Constitution.  Just as the monarchs of old, and the dictators of today,  Progressives wish to control the flow of information to the public.

This is why I describe Progressives as being monarchs who wear an invisible crown.

More to the point, the last thing I need is more of your nutter friends contacting me with more right-wing, racist propaganda.

2)    I am a PUBLIC EMPLOYEE at a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY. Clearly I have no interest in hearing your opinion about my retirement funds, my civil rights (aka collective bargaining) or my right to make a living wage.

The only rights you have, Maggie, are those listed in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Like all Progressives, you attach the term to any concept on your political agenda which you wish ro represent as something people like me wish to take from you.   Unlike you, I support the U.S. Constitution, and will not allow the non-legislative non-Constitutional application of the term, "rights," to be modified by propagandists from the Left.  Your statement just above is ridiculous.  I look forward to using it in court.  Make sure your university legal experts go through all my text and lift out as evidence the place where I said I intend to attack your "civil rights."   That one will make for a fun session in the courtroom.

And, I'm a racist?  I will enjoy your legal people's attempt to use that in court.  In fact, if they don't, I'll bring it up.  With any luck, you and those above you will face the same problems now prevalent at so-called "public" broadcasting.  NPR is a wonderful reflection of the attitude you are displaying.

3)    I have removed you from the department’s contact lists so that you may no longer have the opportunity to use our enriching educational and cultural events as springboards to your conservative talking points. A similar action on your end is expected, as stated above.

The email you are reading, Maggie will be reprinted word for word in Oregon Magazine.  In fact, to Hell with the email response.  I'm posting this on the magazine, today.   It is you who are attempting to abrogate by threat somebody's Constitutional Rights here.  (The First Amendment, specifically)  

4)    I have read the Fountainhead, and I have read Atlas Shrugged. I hold a degree of my own in journalism from Ohio University. I assume that means very little to you, given it is a public university in Appalachian Ohio. Frankly your assumption that I am uneducated, or less educated or aware than you, is incorrect, and actually fairly entertaining.

B.S. Maggie.  Your verbage clearly implies that you don't find my text "entertaining."  It is in both  tone and structure identical to the typical Progressive attitudfe of superiority which prevails in this state and this nation.  If you would like to know what the people of this nation think of such arrogance as yours, look at the red/blue election map from the recent mid-term elections.  And, Maggie, you ain't seen nothing, yet.  Your bunch of snobs are in for even more of it in 2012.

5)    The only correct thing you said, wrote or assumed regarding me, my position or Portland State University as a whole is that ...

 yes, I am a socialist. A bleeding heart liberal. A hippie who spent her youth and much of her adult life thinking that by writing, learning and following around Phish I someday would be able to silence the ignorant, elitist, racist and closed-minded voices in this country so well embodied in your rhetoric.

Thanks for that last paragraph.  The best part was, "I someday would be able to silence the ignorant, elitist, racist and closed-minded voices in this country ..."    You just provided proof of what I've been saying during the entire series, which is: Since the Sixties, the Progressives have been crying "Power to the people," when what they actually meant was "Power over the people."  Your arrogance is exhibited in spades in that last verbage,  Have PSU's legal staff inform me of the date, time and location for the court action.

I will be there wearing a flag pin.  The flag will be the one people like you used to burn in the streets while they were spitting on returning veterans.  Thanks again for everything, Maggie.  Our readers will love this.

You actually think that reproducing names and contact information from an official university press release is prohibited under Constitutional privacy rules?   And, you intend to suggest that PSU use taxpayer dollars to control the Constitutionally-protected speech of a famous-name magazine in your own state?  Tell your university management and legal folks to send me a note stating the same thing.  I want to put their names and titles in the piece, as well.

"I someday would be able to silence the ignorant, elitist, racist and closed-minded voices in this country ..."

You should take a job at a university in North Korea, Maggie.  All socialist states eventually do just that.  Bring on your powerful PSU educational bigshots.  Just try to tell this American magazine what it can and cannot publish.  Free speech and a free press will come down on your university like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Omed: Below, the last PSU news release and my comments about it to Maggie.  It was this commentary, along with the previous pieces in the series, that generated her hinted threats of legal action by PSU against this magazine.

The News Release:


Please find attached (text below) a press release and PDF flier for the Portland State University Department of Architecture’s second annual symposium, Illuminated City: A Light With Content Symposium. This event, on Saturday, April 9, features internationally recognized experts in the field and will be followed by a special Pecha Kucha night.

For more information or with questions, please call the Department at 503.725.8405.

For Distribution

by Maggie Maxwell

The Department of Architecture at Portland State University is proud to announce its second annual symposium, Illuminated City: A Light with Content Symposium, on Saturday, April 9, at the PSU Shattuck Hall Annex. Made possible through generous private donations and strategic partnerships, this year’s event will explore new lighting technologies and strategies that enrich the built environment, and will feature presenters and artists from around the globe. 

“This symposium, the second in a new series of annual events, brings international perspectives into the local and regional debate about architectural issues that affect us all,” said Clive Knights, Chair of the Department of Architecture. “As a school fascinated by the capabilities of material to embody meaning, it seems imperative to talk about what is perhaps the most pervasive medium of all – light.”

This all-day event will showcase the work of national and international experts, including Leni Schwendinger of Light Projects, LTD, Ali Momeni of Minneapolis Art on Wheels, Thomas Schielke of Germany’s arclighting, and the founders of Urbanscreen, a light projection company from Germany. All will present their research in lighting design and technology, and discuss how practitioners here in the Pacific Northwest can make use of this emerging element to architecture.  Presenters will also demonstrate some of their more recent works on-site at Shattuck Hall.

(OrMag: etc., etc., ad infinitum.  All glorious text about the sophisticated PSU architecture dept.)

For more information on the event, visit www.illuminated-city.com.

Please contact the Department of Architecture at 503.725.8405 or architecture@pdx.edu with questions.

Oregon Magazine's email respnse to the above release from Maggie:


Your latest news release reminds me of the Wisconsin legislature Democrats.  They are unaware that "democracy" means "government by direct vote of the people."  Since democracy selected the Wisconsin governor and the makeup of the Wisconsin legislature, this means that Democrats are rejecting the will of the people as expressed in a powerfully accurate poll known as an "election.".  I do not expect anyone at a modern American university to know the definition of any term which they find inconvenient, and in like manner never expected you to comprehend that Ayn Rand had a valid and important point to make when she wrote The Fountainhead. (Proof of that general attitude is the rising Hollywood/liberal press objections to the new film, Atlas Shrugged)

If you would just rename it the PSU Dept. of Socialist Architecture, the problem would be solved.  You would not then be flying a flag of false colors.

Reader numbers clearly indicate that our audience -- mostly Tea Party types -- are closely following this discussion, so we will probably  include more about your latest email, with comment, in our April issue.  Some people believe you are intentionally trying to destroy America, but I disagree with them.  My view is that you really don't know you're doing it.


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