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Oregon School Teacher Makes National News

Here's the link to the FOX News headline we ran last month:

Tempest in a Tea Party (Oregon) Teacher Probed

The story went as follows: Jason Levin of Beaverton, Oregon,decided to enlist fellow Oregon liberals in an effort to infiltrate T-Party gatherings.  That is, "dress up" like this kind of demonstrator -- normal clothes, normal haircuts and so forth -- then do what they could to disturb the proceedings.
Organizer of "Crash the Tea Party" is local, threatened was the KATU.com, Portland ABC Television affiliate description.  Somebody from Texas called Levin and said something threatening to the teacher. Clearly, conservatives are harsh and crude, not noble and ethical like Progressives. According to one web source, Levin's Web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account are all devoted to bringing down the Tea Party movement from the inside by exaggerating its least appealing qualities. He said he plans to make the movement look bad by misspelling signs and making wild claims, which is an idea he borrowed from a recent counter-protest by Twitter.  

This is the Progressive's idea of debate on the issues. (LL/OrMag)

Oregon Teacher Fuss Addendum:

An email from a fan of the magazine just came in (May 02).  Here it is:

All the links in the story have been taken down.

Web site, Facebookd Twitter

I would like to think that you posting
them had something to do with them
being removed.

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