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“Casablanca” revisted
  by Paul Pintarich

      After an umpteenth watching of “Casablanca,” that 1942 classic film some say may be the finest motion picture ever made, I now feel that Rick, the Bogart character, was wrong in not getting on that plane.

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“Spit in the Ocean, No. 7: All About Kesey”
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My Favorite Year

Kesey Was Never Easy ! Taking to the Woods September Song ! Remembrances of Things Past  |  Forgotten Generation ! Sound of  Distant Drums  | Kerouac

Politics and the English Language   Eric Blair discusses the devolution of the language, and blames it on incompetance, carelessness and outright sloth.

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Conservative Apes

Did any of you see the film based on the Planet of the Apes which ran on Portland's FOX12 on the evening of February 19th?

Those who call me a conspiracy type for seeing bias almost everywhere in the media should have seen the segment where the bad apes were complaining about almost bankrupting their economy by spending billions to create a welfare state.

That, lads and lassies, was the actual dialogue.

Conservative apes are gorillas, of course.  They are ugly and nasty and really old, and lust after gentle young liberal orangutans, and torure them if they resist having sex. 

I thought the human female lead was wonderful.  Somehow on a planet devastated by conservatives, she found a Las Vegas spangle dress (really short) and lipstick.

Of course, one wonders where, in an ape economy which has just found agriculture the gorillas get military assualt weapons which liberals banned a thousand years previously, but conservatives are a nasty lot and probably found them in an NRA cache in Montana.

Hollywood with a few exceptions is peopled by sick puppies.  It's a Lear jet of leftist propaganda that infects with its contrails almost every story with which it comes in contact.

You don't need to watch the West Wing to see it.  They even inject classical stories with that garbage.


Backwards Bohemian Rhapsody

Nature Magazine by Henry Gee -- My favourite party trick is to play my friends a tape of Queen's 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody, especially the part in the middle in which singer Freddie Mercury launches into a his own 30-second Italian opera. The trick is that I play it backwards. 

Everyone is fooled -- but only for about two seconds, after which everyone collapses in the laughter of recognition. For even when played backwards, Freddie Mercury's mock-operatic chorus of "Oooh, Lellilag! Oooh, Lellilag!" is instantly recognizable as "Galileo! Galileo!" 

The recognition of speech is more than a matter of decoding the strings of sounds that make up words. The context of speech -- its intonation and the cadences of the words -- is just as important. Every comedian knows that it's not the joke that matters, but the way it is told.

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What does the term "runyonesque" mean?

It's about a man and his writing style.  It has to do with the shift of population from the country to the city in the early part of the 20th Century.  It is a connection to Eddie Rickenbaker, Pancho Villa, Walter Winchell, Alphonse Capone and one of the most famous Broadway musicials of all time, Guys and Dolls.  As an aside, the term itself carries a code for ultimate fame -- it is a surname that has lost its initial capitalization and become a generic English descriptive.

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Northwest Association of Book Publishers:  This organization meets the last Thursday of the month at Hospitality Inn from 9 to 12 noon at 10151  SW Capitol Highway.  For more information contact Barbara Whitaker 503/386-6966. 

(OMED: If you attend, say hello to Joe Bianco for us.)

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Making wood sing by Jake Wilhelm  Harps have a magic all their own.  As fingers glide across the strings, the notes seem to materialize in mid air and hum for ages.

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Who is this man and what does he want?


   For out of print books, try:  Note: You can often find the out of print books by Oregon Magazine Editorial Director, Larry Leonard, at this site.  Both Far Walker and The Meanest Fish on Earth have been bought, there.
    Whitcomb's World of Books

"A National Party No More"   by Zell Miller

The Conscience of Zell Miller ...

The polls keep telling politicians that most voters, Democratic and Republican,  support President Bush in the war against terrorism, they want their taxes lowered, they want some restraints on abortion, they want judges who follow the Constitution instead of making up new laws, and they don't want their children's education hijacked by power-crazy labor unions. 

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"FDR's Follies"  (a book about Great Depression economics)

"Treason" by Ann Coulter


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   Whitcomb's Archives

Dereliction of Duty

They've listened to the gripes of the public and hope to co-opt those complaints for their own purposes. Their focus will be the commercial media, especially  television

       "Our Media Not Theirs"

The liberals, or whatever they are calling themselves today (in addition to Democrats), are shaping up for a new assault on America. 

 A great American political philosoper diagnoses the core issue of our times. It all comes down to two very different revolutions.

Exposing the lies that have obscured our nation's greatness 

INVASION  by  Michelle Malkin 
"Awesome absolute must-read....just fantastic....You won't find more diligent research anywhere."  --Rush Limbaugh, October 23, 2002 

Michelle Malkin, in her book "Invasion" tells us that not long after September 11, 2001, a high official in the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) announced to reporters and ethnic advocacy groups that illegal immigrants need not worry, that breaking the federal immigration laws was not a federal crime and would not be treated as such.

Regional Cooking From Middle-Earth: Recipes of the Third Age  by Emerald  Took  Laiqua
Hobbits love to eat, six times a day if they can get it, and they love to have 'transportable' food, so as never to go hungry. 

 Through centuries of oral and written history, men who want to be wise have studied the past.  Knowledge and technology expand and change our world continually and our understanding of it, but human nature and the full range of human passions are an unchanging constant.  That is both the warning and the promise of history.

The Butterflies of Cascadia
 by Robert Michael Pyle 

 "....and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies..." -- William Shakespeare (1623)

Here it is, the 21st century, yet Robert Michael Pyle says there are still undiscovered species of  butterflies!

Hannity: Let Freedom Ring

How  to  Beat  the  Democrats And  Other  Subversive  Ideas  by  David  Horowitz 

Slander: Liberal Lies About The American Right by Ann Coulter

Goodbye, Good Men
How Liberals Brought Corruption Into Catholic Church   by Michael S. Rose 

The Prince  by Niccolo Machiavelli 
Translated, edited and with an introduction by Daniel Donno  (Bantam, 144 pp., $4.50) 

 Kill It and Grill It  |  Coloring the News   Mobocracy   |  The New Thought Police
Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson
Dependent On D.C
 Saviors of Civilization:"The Soul of Battle"

The Stealth Religion: A Book Review of "The Skeptical Environmentalist: The State of the Real World"

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Small Gods, Gopher Prairie and Public Hogwash

Arundhati Roy is her name.  She is from India.  Her first book was called “The God of Small Things”  She was sued in India for what one reader considered salacious sexual description, but liberals all over the world fell in love with the work.  She made a great deal of money, and will make a great deal more before she’s through.  Her latest book is called “Power Politics.“

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Wired for Wood 
For Silvernail, it all starts with a 2x4  by Cat Mauldin - The Cannon Beach Gazette

   Rex Silvernail has a scheduling conflict to thank for his love of art. 
   Actually, there were two scheduling conflicts, more than 20 years apart, but the results were the same: art classes were substituted for  humanities and/or finance courses and the result was a new-found and reborn love for art, particularly sculpture.
   A native of Tacoma, Rex is the son of a logger and homemaker. Rex and his older sister  didn’t have much exposure to art as youngsters growing up in Tacoma.

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