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KKNX is dedicated to the early years of Rock & Roll, particularly the Top 40 formats  of the 50's, 60's, & 70's. 
 Oregon Magazine TM October 2001  Volume I  No 10
 Photo by Bob PoolCopyright 2001
Ray Bradbury: The October Man
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Sweet Home's PFC Leonard: The all- American Town is Ready for Battle

October's Tillamook Bay Chinooks
Sports: Dufur Aims at 8-man Football Title
Delkin: Golden Age of Wine Proclaimed
In the Beginning: Genesis and Science
Satire: Islam, like Christianity, has a Hell
Bush Talks to Osama bin Laden

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 On the editorial pages:  On the world scene:
       Diapers For Academics
       Defining The Center
  Mr. Orme & the Problem with Groups
     Setting Dogs on Fire
  Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect and
     Clinton's "Worthy Opponent"
               Anti-American Media Shift Begins!
 Inside Features:

Taking Good Care of Haystack Rock
Oregon football: Pigskin Pete is 11 and 4
Travel: Stay Away From Jamaica
Space: Boiling Water in Zero G
Hackers Branded as Terrorists
Stupid Search Engines  (updated 10-18)
KKNX: Eugene Radio Station Has
Avid Listeners Worldwide
Oregon Events Page
It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
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