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The Antiseptic to Obama is to throw
a Tea party

Never before in the history of the United States has an occupant of the White House displayed less concern for the Constitution and the rule of law than Barack Obama.   (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=280825)

April 22, 2011 --  He can't be impeached.  He still controls the U.S. Senate.  That's where impeachment must happen.  So, the question is what to do about the man?  And, that naturally leads to the next question, which is strategic in nature:  just when must this something be done?  This takes you to an assessment of the danger, which in turn demands a description of the threat.

I can answer some of those questions. 

Short of nuclear missles dropped on every major interior city and coastal port, there is only one thing which could bring down the U.S., and that is the destruction of the Constitution.  Not that destroying the actual document would have any effect.  No, it is the words contained in the document which hold the nation together.  As long as there is a copy of it, the rules remain for all to see. 

Now, the only way to destroy those rules  is to 1) make the people stupid, 2) make them dependent on government for food and shelter and 3) face or create a titanic national disaster which allows  the political leaders to take on supra-constitutional powers for the duration of the emergency. 

The first two  (education and the economy)
are completed or nearly so.

If that financial disembowelling can be accomplished, then this last item -- a useful disaster -- is the final step. A plague would do.  So (possibly but not certainly) would some kind of street-rage series of riots in urban dependancy areas disturbed by government cutbacks.  You've seen that happening in Greece, Spain, France and England, of late.  (It isn't their survival in the face of these demonstrations and riots which has surprised me.  What I can barely believe is the government-spending cutbacks some have initiated.  I never thought I would see the day that a Euro-socialist nation would do something that made sense.)

This current administration of Obama's represents the first time in history that the complete package of components needed to bring America down has existed in this land.  Aspects of the current situation supercede even conditions available during the Great Depression of the Thirties.  LBJ's Great Society, and related "humanist" legislation passed in the Sixties and afterwards has generated the opening that didn't exist back in the FDR era.  Now, they have almost everything needed by those who reside in the White House and Harry Reid's Senate.  (In this last case, If the President nominates and the Senate confirms the replacement of a single conservative Supreme Court judge with a liberal, it would eliminate the current bare-minimum Constitutional defensive power of that branch of government.) 

The only national institution besides that thin Supreme Court majority which presently blocks a Progressive overhaul is the Tea Party faction in the House of Representatives.  If the Tea Parties hadn't taken that body back in 2010, we would be six months of economic degradation and one national emergency from the end, right now.

The last election shocked them

The next question, of course, is what to do about the key forces against freedom.

Obama and to a lesser degree, his Senate, still control the power balance. The senate has been weakened, but his veto (even more than executive branch regulatory power)  is a fundamental tool. Even if the Senate fails to support him on a critical measure, that veto is a hammer.  He can't use it to force the Progressive agenda, but he can squash any legislative attempt to begin to set things right.

Thus, until that veto power is taken from him in an election (since impeachment is impossible with the current Senate's makeup), while the House can block him, nothing else can be done.

So, the key is the vote -- not in Congress, but the one that happens all across America in local, state and national elections. Imprint that in your brain.  If this country is to be saved, it will happen in voting booths all across the land.

So, where does that situation stand, at present?

Tea Party Amateurs Turned the Tide

Your mainstream media did not give you a true description of what happened in the last national elections.  Invisible people from flyover country hit the forces of the Left with a punch to the guts that they never saw coming.  They are like a man who just got tagged by Cassius Clay in his prime.  The MSM has been rewriting that historical contest ever since. Talk about a hit.  Who would have guessed that such a pretty boy as this bunch could duck that many hammer blows, then with one short right send tremors down to a giant's knees?

Which brings us to the current situation in this nation.  The Left is hiding how hard they got hit.  Their face is shaped into an aggressive, confident mask to hide the terror they now feel.  As you saw in Wisconsin, the Democrats demand democracy until they lose the election.  After that, they are Democrats in name only, and will do any mayhem necessary to regain power.

You can tell who they fear most by listening to who they hate most -- for all forms of hate are generated by some form of fear. 

It came from flyover country

All you have to do to defeat the Progressives in the next election is to join a local Tea party group, or if there isn't one, start one, yourself.  This will cause an election map outcome in 2012 that at the very least leaves Obama isolated and incarcerated in the White House.  With both federal houses of Congress in patriotic hands, the Supreme Court will be protected from the installation of a Progressive transplant.  But, there's more.  The last election created a conservative takeover of a majority of governorships and state legislatures.  Governors are fighting ObamaCare, right now.  And, the secret to defeating disastrous Constitutional amendments is the state legislatures.  That's right, the key votes you need for Constitutional protection are the ones cast by your local state legislators.  (Most people can't even name their local state representative.)

If you have a majority of conservatives controlling your state legislature, the U.S. Constitution cannot be altered. The Progressive lion's teeth and claws have been all but pulled.

In conclusion:
Even if Obama retains his office, a second clear Tea Party congressional, legislative and governorship victory will make him the captain of a ship of state whose officers and men now control the voyage.  The ship will sail to the ports they decide, and until we select a captain of our own choice, Obama will be like the English monarch of today -- a ceremonial adjunct with all the robes and no power.

He can still do a lot of damage.  He can still block attempts to fix things.  He can still make us a laughingstock to thug nations around the globe, and still manipulate the economy in terrible ways.  But, he can't pull the trigger of the Big Progressive Gun which is presently aimed at America.  He can't turn this nation into a Euro-socialist state.

Tell your friends.  Join a Tea Party group or start one.  The link you'll need is here:.

Oregon Tea Party Links

That's where the muskets be, my friends.  There is where you'll find the real power in America, today.  Obama and his friends in government and the MSM know it, too.  That's why they're trying to portray the Tea parties as hidden racist fascists.  But, it's hard for this bunch of Progressive monarchists to get a shot at them.  These patriots don't wear uniforms.  They all look just like farmers, silversmiths, and innkeepers, and only come out armed when the royalists try to push folks around.

Frankly, what's happening reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie.  I think we're going to win.  You all remind me of genuine heroes.  Join a Tea Party group and keep up the scrap.  You are going to save the world.


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