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Oregon Magazine TM
  November 2001  Volume I  No 11 

Two miles below Mt. Hood, the rains of fall are sweeping the last gold leaves from the trees, but at the top of Oregon the land already sleeps.

  Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
Vera Katz: Troubles in River City
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Oregon's Johnny Ray: 
The tracks of his tears

Oregon Wine: 2001 Vintage World-Acclaimed
Business: A Latter-Day Citizen Kane 
McKenzie Bridge: Few clues in murder
Imnaha: Giant Ranch Has Sale Problems
Pintarich: A Writer in the Wilderness
The North Coast: Reclaiming their villages
Attention All Journalists: This one's for you

Slow Food | Fiction | Poetry Page

Polk County Itemizer Observer  photo by Daniel Hurst
 On the editorial pages:  On the world scene:
 The Legacy: Bill Clinton and Terrorism
Islamic Tyranny, the Traditional Western Deity and the Worship of Salmon
 Inside Features:

Westside Winery Day Jaunts
Windsurfing B&B on the South Coast
Two Aces in the Same Round!(Sports Page link)
Oregon football: Pigskin Pete is 15 and 5
Colonize space or die, says Hawking
Ray Bradbury: The October Man
Oregon Events Page
It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
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