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NASA May have found Pond Scum on Mars !!    (X-link)
(We think spending billions to do it was a mistake. You can find all the pond scum you need by catching a bus to Washington, D.C.these days.)

And, now, on to things which cost less and are more fun than pond scum on Mars ...
Seen on Craig's List in April, candy for the eyes.
'37 Jag SS100 Replicar

Thanks to KB7SYY for sending this beauty.
For Spring,from our classics section: 
Backroads Beauty

Tiger Lily photo
2002 by Doug Tankersly
Disaster as Medievil Masterpiece: 

God at work

This is a photo of the Iceland volcano eruption which last month shut down air traffic over the North Atlantic.  It was taken by the Icelandic Coast Guard.   We reprint it here because it reminded us of a painting by Rafael, DaVinci or Rembrandt. One of those classic canvases out of the Middle Ages.  Simply beautiful. All that's missing is the angels, or some Viking gods with horned helmets.  Wait ... there is one  There, in the close up of the cloud, the face ... lower half, sort of left/middle.  A fellow who just heard from his tax accountant.

And, for those who check in looking for something serious written by an official journalist ...
 Winning Oregon's Governorship Is Tall Order, But That's Dudley   
(Chris Dudley is new political blood. Oregon Magazine's editor, Fred Delkin, who, besides college journalism, once studied football under Woody Hayes, has a fondness for sports types. Dudley is, well was, a big time basketball player.  His wife is from these parts. Fred says that this guy could have the qualites needed to face the challenges which are awaiting whoever gets the job, next.  In a related story, we see that the Dudley crew isn't a bunch of shrinking violets.)
OR GOV GOP DEBATE FALLOUT: KGW's voter panel criticized by Dudley campaign...   (x-link)

The Furman's Letter to Samuel Adams

Yes, with those names, we could be talking about a complaint by Jeremiah Johnson to one of America's founding fathers.  But, what we are talking about here is a message from a modern-day Oregon business leader (photo left) to the current (May of 2010 A.D.) mayor of Portland Oregon. (photo right) The subject is the economy around here.

The Furman is not happy with Mr.Adams.

(This month's editorial page offering is also a front page link.)
OrMagCoPub: Another Costly "Emergency" and Job Killer
(Bruce Harmon's text reminds one of the Furman's complaint up above.)


(Now, two items from our education files.)
Oregon School Teacher Makes National News
(Comment concerning last month's fuss generated by a Beaverton buffoon.)

UPDATE: Controversial Oregon teacher/‘Tea Party Crasher’ back at school...


WWII Posters (Signs of a different time)

Disorder in the Court (A case of legal laughter)
Fun Across the River
(Fireworks, antique airplanes, classic cars, volcanic celebrations and a fort, all just for you.)

(x-link) 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls "By placing an order via this Web site on the first day of the fourth month of the year 2010 Anno Domini, you agree to grant Us a non transferable option to claim, for now and for ever more, your immortal soul. Should We wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul, and any claim you may have on it, within 5 (five) working days of receiving written notification from or one of its duly authorised minions."

Do they wear anything under that kilt?
(At last, the answer to the eternal question)

New Products:

E-RFD: Mobile Phone Gun (Is this for real?)


California Company Unveils 200 MPG Electric Car

Swiss Technology Creates Ideal Sporting Watches   by Fred Delkin

The News Desk: (updated every now and then)

Dick Morris: WA Sen Race 'the single most critical Senate election
in the United States...'
   (from OrBusMax)
8 banks close in Calif., Fla., Mass., Mich., Wash....

California jobless rate hits modern record at 12.6%...

Is Portugal the next Greece?

Drudge Report  (Headlines from everywhere) | OrBusMax  (Lots of PacNW news) | Fox News Headlines
Breitbart's Current Stuff  | Metro Weather (KPTV 7 Day projection)


Around Oregon

Portland no. 6 in the country in commercial bankruptcies...

Douglas-fir disease spreading along Oregon and Washington coasts..

OR woman sentenced for dropping her kids off bridge...


May's State of the States review:

Present state of the economy:
Millions face tax increases under Dems budget plan...
Gasoline Prices Spike; May Hit $4 Gallon...
Economists: The stimulus didn't help...
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Consider Bankruptcy...

Present state of "Climate Change" (X-Links)
Top Climate Scientist Under Fire for 'Exaggerating'
FOXNEWS Catches Gore: 'What is your reaction to Arctic ice increasing?'


Present state of ObamaCare:
The Yellow Brick Road to OzbamaCare
Doctors Sue to Overturn the Health Care Bill
(A news release from the AAPS)


Art Hyland's Corner:

Listen up Children: Government is Talking
(Astoria Art is not happy with some people in government)

Recent columns by Art:
Oregon & California's Google formula
(The mechanics of two kinds of money)

Barber's Baliwick:

The Face of Hate  by J. Matt Barber
“Progressives” are like pig farmers. In an effort to bury opposing viewpoints they sling pejorative slop, labeling as “bigot,” “hater,” “wingnut” or “racist” those with whom they disagree. It’s the height of intellectual sloth.

Barney and Barack's anti-religion agenda   (X-link: Matt's mid-April Washington Times column)
Related story: Federal Judge Rules Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

Barack Obama: Enemy Within   (Some thoughts about what Obama means by "change.")


Fishsciencefiction serialization completed:
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |
Chapter Five
| Chapter Six |  Chapter Seven |  Chapter Eight | 
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven

Chicago reviewer said, "If after reading a few pages you aren't
giggling, you're a candidate for an autopsy."


Held over >> Delkin reviews a book about the gigantic climate scam:
Global Warming? Author Debunks Current Claims
Amid all the political excitement being stirred up by President Obama's 'Cap & Trade'measure he wants to shove through Congress, a new book, Climatism, by Steve Goreham, should be read as a complete discussion of the science, politics and the energy policy implications of the global warming debate. Goreham, an engineer with an MBA from the University of Chicago,asks very pertinent and informed questions.

Book Review Archives
Activity Articles:   Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"      The Subject was Crabs      Surfing for Perch  (From the archives: Winter or summer, fun for beach boys)      When to Jump Out of an Airplane

   Fun With Science
T.Rex of Leeches Has Enormous Teeth
Marine Mr. Mom: Male Pipefish Gives Birth  
Revolution in Electrical Power

 Staff Columns:

 Pigskin Pete
Upcoming PAC 10 Season
Promises Brutal Battles

Cheer Up, Duck Fans Your Boys Will Win

OTI Cage Coach Nearing National Victory Record
2010 Pac10 Season Holds Great Promise
New UO Knight Arena Bids to be Nation's Finest

Pigskin Salutes New Viking Head Coach

  Home on the Range

World's 50 best restaurants list released...
(x-link, not a column by Fred)
St. Paddy's Day Calls For These Tasty Ideas

Oregon Seafood Choices On 'Super Green' List

 Decanting with Delkin
Oregon's Wine Success Attracts Houston Investor
Italian/ Washington Wine Merger Creating Success



 Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |   Hans Zeiger     Mike O'Brien
  Feature E-RFD
E-RFD: Exercise for the Elderly

Note: E-RFDs are messages that circulate around the internet.  Some are factual and some are mythical.  We make no distinction between the types, here, but rather offer them pretty much as they come in -- as examples of comment and rumor from a global mind.

"Survivor- Eastern Oregon Style" Costco Drugs -- Unbelieveable | E-RFD Archives
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil is for good men to do nothing"
             -- Edmund Burke

'This is Alabama; we speak English,' candidate says...       A sign of the times?  This interests us at the mag.  Guts are a rare commodity in politics.  Demanding that licensed drivers be able to read traffic signs borders on the heroic.

Sen. Boxer finds rocky re-election terrain...

Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group...
All Seniors at Chicago Charter School Are College-bound

Poland's Lech Walesa's Warning for America...

Will 80 Million Baby Boomers Bankrupt Social Security?
Dem Sen. Rockefeller on Obama: 'He's beginning to not be believable to me'...
More than half of Texas Hispanics now identify as 'conservative'...

In First Year, Obama Presides Over 4.1 Million Jobs Lost, Most Since 1940

Past, Present and Future Misc >>>>>>>>

Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll... (x-link) | Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08...    (X-link) | Iran could have atomic bomb within 6 months... (x-link) | From July's American Thinker: America's Socialist Past  (X-link) | When did the lowbrows take over the culture?  | Oregon's Hidden Sales Tax (Some basic economic realism for the envious.) | Obama's Angel of Death | A Time To Wonder About Direction | George Will: The Toxic Assets We Elected...    (X-link: A rocker made of logic and good writing.) And, another hottie by George: 03/29/09  (Can congress violate constitutional "Separation of powers?") | Specter to oppose 'card check,' says conservative group...   (X-link) Maybe. He's a Democrat, now.) | Citizens Against Government Waste (x-link to humorous tales about pork) | Bailouts: FORD SAYS 'NO THANKS'

Speaking of Healthcare: Suppressed WHO report: Secondhand Smoke Doesn't Cause Cancer

Ancient History: Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine...

OrMag Co-publisher Reacts To "Gay" Press Release    (Just to make things clear)  <>   Are you a Democrat, a Republican or a Southerner?   <>    Extreme Rights Archives  (Gay ways)

The 50 Richest Members of Congress   (If you ain't a millionaire when you reach Congress, you soon will be. It's just a co-incidence, of course.) 
(Some local, some X-links)

MSM TV's Tea Party Travesty (How ABC, CBS and NBC Have Dismissed and Disparaged the Tea Party Movement) NBC Reporter To Black Man At Tea Party: 'Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?'...

If You're Anti-ObamaCare, You Must Be a Bigot

WASHINGTON POST Ignores Own Poll Findings: 58% Want Smaller Gov't, Fewer Services... FOX is Eating MSM for Lunch: 1/11/2010  Roger Ailes the 'most successful news executive of last 10 years'... 1/14/2010  FOXNEWS Ailes says he's not going anywhere, and NEWS CORP. President concurs...

  Out of the past ...
Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose
Social Security:
The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?   (Who pays when you cash a government bond?)
The Hispanic Education Myth

Ken's "Congress"   (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?)

Our Times: 
Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

Dr. Horton’s History Channel History of Slavery    (A lauded black professor from a famous East Coast American university proves that he either doesn't know or doesn't  like certain kinds of truth )  How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.   |  Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy    Complete 2005/2006 article archives    2007 lost in crash  Specific Covers:    Dec08  |   Jan09   |  Feb09    |   Mar09    April09   May09  June09  July09  Aug09  | Sept09  | Oct09   Nov09   Dec09   Jan10    Feb10   Mar10  |   Apr 10 

 Reader Favorites
 Hughes Race Plane Replica | Small Gods, Gopher Prairie and Public Hogwash  Desert Deer   |    No Hatcheries, No Salmon  |  Field Day: HAMS Head for the Hills   To Race or Not to Race II    |  Big Money in Rotten Veggies  |   A VAT of Nonsense  Dereliction of Duty  | Love Nest   |  Mr. Perez’ Fatal Mistake  |  Snuff Film  |

Fred's China Triple Play: 
Shanghai Visit Astounds Oregon Mag Editor  (China trip part one) Oregon Mag Editor's Shanghai Experiences Continued...   (China trip part two) ,  Ormag Editor Experiences Globalization First Hand   ( China trip part three)

  The Classics
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 Oregon Connections: the Civil War: a series by Randy Fletcher

The Minister and the General   (Former Civil War Foes Meet Again in Corvallis)
Oregon Governor William Lord (Cold Beer and Civil War Memories)
The remarkable life of a Quaker Civil War Hero (A Quaker CMOH)
They Ran Down John Wilkes Booth (A beaut about two Oregon Civil War vets.)

Storming the Ramparts   (Up close and personal with a blizzard of lead.)
A Forlorn Hope (An Oregon Civil War hero is remembered 100 years after his death ) 
How the Civil War Brought Wyatt Earp’s Brother to Portland   (Before the O.K. Corral)  
The Professors in Pickett’s Charge
  (War is an education in itself.)

The Forgotten Hero (Memories are made of stone.)
Reverend Daniel Drew of Portland
(The rifle-packin' Reverend)
Colonel Isaac W. Smith (Portland’s Confederate Engineer)


 Daily headlines from  ORBUSMAX  (PACNW selection)
    Citizens Against Government Waste   (Anti-pork people)
     GovTrack  (What's going on in the U.S. Congress, these days.) 

     The Oregon Conservative   (News/links/info site)  Note: this one may be down. Our last email was rejected.)   (Where conservative voters take action on issues)
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