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  May 2002  Volume 2  No 5

It's wildflower power time.  The beginning of lush.  The angler sees a Mayfly, and thinks of salmo clarkii clarkii.  Each day is eternal for the kid in school.  Do you remember?  Freedom is out there on the horizon, dragging its feet.

 Photo (C) 2002 Doug Tankersley
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Tillamook Schools:(and yours)
Who is being milked?
The Life and Wines of Eric Lemelson
WWII Memorial: The Joseph Connection
Oregon Entrepreneur Rides Coffee Craze
The Question of Jerusalem (A history lesson)
Avalanche Survivors (Spring snow is tricky)
Beauty on the Backroads  (Wildflower power)
The New Thought Police  (Book Review)
Vintage Motorcycles (Roaring down memory Lane)
Virus Alert: fixing the dreaded WORM_KLEZ.G

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
 Russel Baker vs. The Truth:
The Way We Live Now
Freedom fighters beware:
New Global Criminal Court
 Fallaci: An Italian Atheist on America, Europe and Islam   (A long load for slow hookups)
 Inside Features & topical links:
Natural History: Lopsided birds go extinct
Life&Styles: Alzheimer's cured by lizard spit?
Outdoor: An Angler's Nightmare
Travel: Digitized passports coming
SciTech: U.S. looks to create robo-soldier
Arts&Lettres: The Mobocracy
  Recent  Articles
Anti-Measure 7 Kitzhaber Gang of Five Lawsuit
Court Zaps Urban Renewal | Rotten in Denmark Troutdale
The real Jesse JacksonDesert Deer | Digital Man !! | TAPS
Clone your cat | The "Bull" of Bull Run | Wallowa Renaissance
A woman of her timesBob Fergison's pastels | Rob Kremer
Nature Conservancy | The Skeptical Environmentalist
A Public Comedy of Errors  (Power to the people, not Lunch)
  The Classics
 Ray Bradbury  |: Ken Kesy  |: Vera Katz  | The Alaska Airlines Eskimo
 La Boheme  |  The Town Dump Truck  |  The Mouse in Motown
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It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
The Oregon Birdman
Editorial Page
Media Moments
News Around Oregon
Table of Contents
 The missing Oregon City girls (Photos/contact info)

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