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 Oregon Magazine TM          March  2009

   News, articles, essays & comment
Oregon Entrepreneur Finds Health Foods
Very Profitable (Bob's Red Mill is being copied by General Mills)
They Ran Down John Wilkes Booth  (A beaut about two Oregon Civil War vets.)
An Old Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
   (Real American men love old cars.)

Here, in archeologically solid steel, you see the work of art purchased late last year  by KB7SYY, a resident of the Washington County village of  Dilly, if that's how you spell it.  Citizens of the socialist megalopolis of Portland, the Intellectually-elite commune of Eugene and the Oregon Portal of Proletarianism, Salem, are far too urban to grasp the pristine effulgent viscosity of design represented by this round-fendered resident from the days when your federal taxes were paid before the end of January, popular music contained actual music, public schools weren't hotbeds of left-wing propaganda and American automobile manufacturers made vehicles that wouldn't run on corn.  This, dear readers, is a 1951 Chevy.  It has an overhead valve six cylinder engine, which, when you install split exhaust headers and dual tailpipes running glaspak mufflers, will rattle windows from thirty feet away.  (LL)

Old Cars?  Here, four of my first five, in the Fifties.  Not the actual ones.  I have photos of two of those, but don't have the computer equiment to transfer them from 35mm slides.  The ones I bought were in good running condition (although I had to dig the A's wheels out of a farmer's barnyard), and cost me less than $400 for all of them combined.   (The '35 five window I bought cost me $125.00.  They're $18,000, today.)

          '31 A Roadster               '35 Ford 5-window          '50 Ford 2-dr                  '39 Chev coupe

And speaking of old things:

20 Question American History Exam  (The Hillsboro High Class of '59 forty -- no, it's fifty -- year reunion is happening this year.  I'm guessing most of my former schoolmates would get most of these right.  My score was 15 correct, with three of the answers being pure punts.  LL/OrMag)

   QuickNews:  (from a Drudge Report link)  Taxing pot could become a political toking point...

HAM Radio Operators Restricted by Oregon Legislators?    (We have not read the bill before they vote on it, but then who does these days?  Nevertheless, strong rumor has it that the nanny-state crowd in Salem thinks amateur radio operators should no longer be allowed to operate their radios while driving.  Try reporting an approaching twister under those conditions.)

The economy:
A Letter To General Motors    (Reader Content Warning: this piece, which came in our email box, may contain ideas which are uncomfortable for many Oregonians who live west of the Cascade Mountains.)

Fairness or Robin Hood Economics?
   (x-links)  Obama/Reid/Pelosi 2009 Budget cost represents a $10,000 bill for every American, including children.

FIDELITY exec slams 'New Deal II'; Blames feds for crisis...
Recession, bailout, stimulus: US security threats?
  "We have set the stage for a catastrophe," said James Rickards, a financial consultant at the research
   firm Omnis Inc. of McLean, Va., who provides security research for the Pentagon and others in the
   intelligence field.

Netanyahu Set to Fight Israel's Recession With Repeat Dose of Tax-Cutting...
  (Cutting taxes to regenerate an economy?  It's the ghost of Reagan.)

Dangerous cultural comment:
Women Drivers 
  (x-link to video -- politically incorrect truth)

Alternative Education:
New Sci-Fi Fun & Learning   (Charter school taps into a common youthful topic of interest.)

     A thought: How about "infrastructure funds" going to build the wall along our southern border?

Mr. Postman:

E-RFD: A Soldier in Iraq
         (It didn't make the front page of the NY Times.)
         E-RFD: Freezing Balls Off Brass Monkeys
          (Update: Men of War must deal with cold weather, but is this true?) 
E-RFD: The Ballad of the Subway Violin

          (The underground music man.)

          E-RFD: New Taxes   (What do they have in common?)

           E-RFD:  "Mail Server Report" Virus    (If true, it's a nasty one.)

Homosexuality and the Laws of Moral Physics (Is you is, or is you ain't my Jesus?  Matt Barber's point, here is about membership requirements.)

The Note We Sent to KEX 1190 AM (Dance with the guy what brung ya.)

Personal Safety:
E-RFD: Do Not Delete Obama (Do nothing until you read this.)

Citizens Against Government Waste (x-link to humorous tales about pork)

New Cookbook Celebrates
Pacific Northwest Dining

Selling Your Father's Bones (a book review by Fred Delkin)

Oregonians display courage in the Civil War: a series by Randy Fletcher

Storming the Ramparts   (Up close and personal with a blizzard of lead.)
A Forlorn Hope (An Oregon Civil War hero is remembered 100 years after his death ) 
How the Civil
War Brought Wyatt Earp’s Brother to Portland   (Before the O.K. Corral)  
The Professors in Pickett’s Charge
  (War is an education in itself.)

'Salishan' Proves It's More Than A Resort
(A book review by Oregon Magazine's Editor and Copublisher, Fred Delkin)

Salishan, an Oregon historical novel, available at


Articles:   Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"      The Subject was Crabs   |    Surfing for Perch  (From the archives: Winter or summer, fun for beach boys)   Books:   "History by the Glass"Enters Second Round   (Portland's classic saloons, Edition II, written by Paul Pintarich and published by Joe Bianco.)  |   Crooked River Country  (book review)      Oregon Fever  Joe Bianco's anthology includes feature work by some Oregon Magazine writers, including Larry Leonard.    When to Jump Out of an Airplane

   Fun With Science
Global Warming? Bring it On!    (A note from conservative Portland radio host, Victoria Taft, followed by a mildly technical x-link essay just chock full of stuff  that might save you and your country a fortune, plus keep you from being required to move into a mud hut and shop for groceries on a bicycle.  Some of the fascinating text in this piece is just below.)

The Oceans are not catastrophically rising nor are they warming.  In fact, the oceans have been cooling since 2003. The Snows of Kilimanjaro are not melting but ablating because of friction due to a cooling atmosphere and natural cooling trends.  The world's 160,000 glaciers are not suddenly receding, but appear to be re-advancing, including those ice shelves in (the)  Antarctic and the polar ice sheets, all of which cycle regularly in ice mass.

Need more?  Here's an item from the Feb 22 Drudge Report
GLOBAL WARMING GLITCH: Arctic Sea Ice Underestimated Due to Faulty Sensor...

Climate Change news >>>>>  
    (External links. Mostly February stuff from OrBusMax and Drudge)

DEEP BREATH: Obama Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide?
Obama's Energy Sec. climate prediction: 'No more agriculture in California
Large Area of USA below Avg. Temps last 12 months...
Global warming conference in Buffalo at -6 degrees...

NASA MOONWALKER: 'Global warming scare used as political tool

Global Warming Archives


 Pigskin Pete
(No column this month.  Fred was hit in the head by a basketball.)
  Home on the Range
Latin Cuisine Expands Eastward in PDX   
The Matador es muy bonita

E-RFD: Honey & Cinnamon Cure  (Health food home remedy.)

Sauce Magnate Creates Restaurant Masterpiece
 Decanting with Delkin
Brazil's National Spirit Now Available Here   
(A rum solution for hard times.)

Washington Wine Heritage Births New Premium Label
From January:
Papa Pinot Leaves Lasting Legacy for Oregon Wines



 Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |   Hans Zeiger     Mike O'Brien
  Feature E-RFD

E-RFD: Pelosi is Kissed by a Star    (House Speaker has America in a can.)
Congressional Money Saving Proposal   (Charity begins at home.)
Congress Gives Itself Raise...     (external info link topically related to the above E-RFD)

E-RFD:  General Cosgrove   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)
To Kill an American   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?" 
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"  
                         -- Edmund Burke

Some Interesting New Legislation Going Through Congress ...

H.R. 45: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009   (If you have a gun with a clip instead of a cylinder, this one is after you.)

H.R. 17: Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 2009
    (Allows you to defend your family with a gun, if that gun isn't one of the weapons outlawed by legislation like HR45, above.)

H.R. 40: Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act
    (Even if your family arrived in America after the Civil War, you will pay for slavery in America.  The ironic part of all this is that slavery was invented by blacks in Africa, and it is practiced there to this day.)

H.R. 59: Ex-Offenders Voting Rights Act of 2009
    (Gives the right to vote back to "non-violent" felons after they get out of jail.)

H.R. 188: Cuba Reconciliation Act
    (Restores commerce and travel with and to Cuba.)

Aussie Prime Minister Goes Bonkers:  Time for a new world order...
Only 17% of 8th Graders Can Read at Grade Level in Chicago Schools Overseen by Obama Education Secretary-Designee...
  (Most children left behind.)
OLYMPIAN EDITORIAL: Do not force teachers to fund politics...(Washington state)
Iran envoy offers nuclear technology to all Muslim states    (December item held over)

It's to ponder ... 
Are you a Democrat, a Republican or a Southerner?
OrMag Co-publisher Reacts To "Gay" Press Release    (Just to make things clear)
Extreme Rights Archives  (Gay ways) 

  Out of the past ...
Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose
Social Security:
The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?   (Who pays when you cash a government bond?)
The Hispanic Education Myth

Ken's "Congress"   (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?)

Our Times: 
Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

Dr. Horton’s History Channel History of Slavery    (A lauded black professor from a famous East Coast American university proves that he either doesn't know or doesn't  like certain kinds of truth )
How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.  Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy    Complete 2005/2006 article archives  |    |   December 2008  cover 

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