Did Kerry Quit VVAW Before or After the Assassination Vote?    By THOMAS H. LIPSCOMB
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             March 2004  Volume 4  No 3

 The verge of spring is upon us.  In the Cascades, a frozen silence still reigns, but in the lowlands, there is a stirring. Yet, again, the promise will be kept. 

 Pastel (C) 2002 Bob Fergison
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

The Passion of the Christ  (Guess who hates it)
Fifty Films for Thirty Bucks  (Mr. Moto, Mr. Holmes,  etc.)
Cox: Oregon Numbers Depend on Who's Counting
Travel: Oregon Outback Beckons Urban Escapees
Is This Who You Want Choosing Your President?
Neil: More Bad News for the Mutual Fund Industry
Pigskin Pete: College Football Hit Hard on Two Fronts
O'Brien: TMook Mania Greets Determined Kids
John Kerry: Vietnam's answer to Audie Murphy?
Gay Rites Could Elect Bush (Remember the Portland Four)
Oregon Winemakers Owe Alsace Debt of Gratitude
Jason Williams and TAO Help Defeat Measure 30
Snooseville Judge Permits Strange Marriage
Zeiger: Marriage Amendment won't Save America

Baghdad Bob Broadcast Journalism Awards
Oregon Magazine's 2004 Predictions  (Ten prognostications)

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  On the editorial page:  Long on Talk, Short on Action

 Inside Features & topical links:

SciTech: Earth Impact Notice Cancelled
Natural History: Brits Think Bush Will Buy Warming
Outdoors: A 22 lb. Ironhead
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