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  March 2003  Volume 3  No 3

  Life anew as high desert snow thins. In western groves trilliums open.  The lawnmower in the garage begins to leer at a man, but his eyes stop at his flyrod. 

Wonderful pastel 2003 Bob Fergison
Steppy Disaster Confirms Oregon Magazine Predictions!
   Articles, fiction and poetry:



Look out North Plains!  Gender Neutral Pro Golf is on the Way!
Man May Enter U.S. Women's Open
Martha Burke Gives Women a Bad Name  (Another golf nut)
Beavers Banking on A Coaching Encore
Eyes Have It for Portland Ocularist
 He painted Haystack Rock every day in 2002
Oregon Needs A State Fossil (Fossil Guy progress report)
Where winning is painful    (O'Brien on the mat)
Return of the Song (Vernal ornithological expostulations)
Fire up the Grill, ‘tis
Time to Honor Salmon  (Fred is smoking Vine Maple)

The Cost of the War   (Where does the money go?)
French Smuggle Military Parts to Iraq 
"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordian."  - D. Rumsfeld
Kaptur (D-Ohio) Compares bin Laden to Green Mt. Boys
Bringing Down the House  (An Oregon Magazine film review)
Reporters and the 2nd Gulf War
PBS: Massachusetts Mass Delusion
Gates Supports Educational Racism
World News Tonight: The Squabble
Whitcomb book review: The Right Man
Yes, Natalie, there is a reason  (Marmion Muffs it)
KGW, Iraq and the U.S. (Real Demonstrations ignored) 
KGW's Kelly Love:  Is This Journalism?

E-RFD: Iraqi Astronauts
E-RFD: Le Worm
E-RFD: In Country with Ann-Margret
E-RFD: Poor Jessica

The winner was Dale Maslen of Maslen Machine Works in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Maslen has apparently expressed his intention to donate the car back to the Forest Grove High School Automotive Program. If that is the case, it will probably be sold to provide funding for the next car project.

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KEX said what?
Foreign Affairs: Sarandon on Iraq
Glory be to Odin!
The Swedish Human Shields of Iraq
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