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In the colorful militaristic-speak of football, we now present ...
America's Long Bomb

November 17, 2011 -- Use the above link from today's Drudge Report.  We believe it should be named the "Jimmy Dolittle," and each one should have the name "Enola Gay" stenciled in military typeface on the fuselage, because with this un-manned little toy, America can now stick its nose in anybody's business, anywhere on the planet, just sixty minutes after launch. Imagine that you are the Moslem Brotherhood's Muhammed bin Crapbrain, the mullah of Cairo.  You are masturbating the barrel of your AK47 in the Mosque of the Exploding Teenaged Suicide Warrior when in the distance there is a bright fireball, and when the smoke clears, the Great Pyramid of Giza has been turned into a meteor cloud of flying 2 ton stone shrapnel fragments which just before they land on the world headquarters of the Arab Spring, assemble into letters in the sky which spell out, "Alla Akbar."

in my opinion, Israel should be given half a dozen of these, the first of which should be targeted at Iran's underground "Atoms for Peace" nuclear facility.

Think of it, my fellow conservative conspirators.  A non-nuclear super-bunker-buster bomb that can take out every raghead holy terrorist headquarters without a radiation angstrom of aftermath -- in the time it takes to stone their wife for watering the family camel ten seconds later than told to do it.

Talk about mass transit.  This is mass exit, stage left, for the scumbags of the Earth.

All we need now is a President who doesn't kiss our enemies.  A leader who will make a descendant of George Patton a five-star general, and install him as the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  One hour later, we will have peace in our time.  (LL)

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