Breaking News (6/14): Political Scandal May Haunt Coming Election
Find your Oregon legislators  (And tell them "No more taxes!")
July preview: Ted Nugent's Kill it and Grill it    (Barbecue squirrels on the 4th !!)
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  June 2002  Volume 2  No 6

The moons of June.   A fine time to get away from it all and go camping.  If craters are your thing, Oregon has one named Newberry and one with a lake made of the clearest water on Earth.

Still want to Climb a mountain?  Here's what Fred Delkin told you about that in March.
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Photo of the return of the
classical family doctor by
Heather Sheedy of the
Blue Mt. Eagle.
Phil pays the fine, but says he will appeal:
World Famous Oregon Fishing
Tackle Company Denies Hazardous
Waste Violations

Have Little Black Bag, Will Travel  (House call returns)
Coloring the News   (A new Whitcomb book review)
Meet Me in Las Vegas. . .Baby  (Pintarich in Sin City)
Of Wines, Wishram & Other Delights  (June travel tips)
Oregon's Best Connected Business  (Wired is good)
Pastor Fired for Viewing Porn  (Protestants too?)
Living Son of Civil War Vet  (external link)
Coastal Clammers Find A Bonanza  (A great year) 
Oregon's Summer Lake  (John Howard visits the Outback)
Klez Virus cure email is a fraud!   (Don't use it.)

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ATTN: Oregon legislators.  Click here for resuts of survey about special session tax hikes.
 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
 The Truth:
We cannot be protected by profiling!
You'll never guess who:
America's biggest crook  (external link)
     Dallas I-O Memorial Day Editorial  (Remembering and listening.)
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Natural History: South Sister Bulging
Events Page: Rose Festival listings
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Travel: Pendleton's Mule Man
Outdoor: Grant funds log jam
Sports: Dollar Infects Cagedom
Life&Styles: Know your fertilizer numbers!
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Who is being milked? Tillamook Schools:(and yours) |
WWII Memorial: The Joseph Connection  |  The Question of Jerusalem
Beauty on the Backroads | Vintage Motorcycles
Court Zaps Urban Renewal | Rotten in Denmark Troutdale
The real Jesse JacksonDesert Deer | The "Bull" of Bull Run  Wallowa Renaissance  |  A woman of her times | Fergison's pastels  Nature Conservancy | The Skeptical Environmentalist
Anti-Measure 7 Kitzhaber Gang of Five Lawsuit
A Public Comedy of Errors  (Power to the people, not Lunch)
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 Ray Bradbury  |: Ken Kesy  |: Vera Katz  | The Alaska Airlines Eskimo
 La Boheme  |  The Town Dump Truck  |  The Mouse in Motown
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