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  June 2001  Volume I  No. 6
 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Michael Medved Comes to Portland   (Click on Medved to see his website)

Reflections on the Rise of Rock-n-Roll(Young Deemer in  L.A.)
Hemstreet: Franchising Excellence   (Mark's an Oregon Mover)
Pintarich Bets The Farm

GodSpeed: Science Fiction by Leonard
Delkin: Oregon and the Chardonnay
The Rat Men: An apocalyptic poem
On the editorial page:

Seven Days Turns Out The Lights
Seven Days: A Formulary For Disaster 
Taxpayer-Funded PBS Does Hit Piece on Scouts 
Bush Energy Foe Barbara Boxer Invested in Cheney's Company
 Inside Features:

Wanna race? Bicycle Classic June 30
Geologists Discover Volcanic Swelling
Imaginary Metolius River Browns
Mt. Adams: A Valley Less Known
Bush's Energy Speech
Oregon Energy Crises 
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
Table of Contents

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