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America: The Two Types of Conspiracies

July, 2011 -- The American Revolution came out of a conspiracy against a monarch, and produced freedom.  The Russian Revolution came out of a conspiracy against a monarch, and produced another tyranny led by another kind of monarch

So, like a gun, the concept can be used for good, or used for evil.

When two or more people discuss a plan to unfairly take something from one or more other people, you have the commonly understood conspiracy.  The interesting thing, here is that there is a variation on this "bad conspiracy" theme.  It is this variation which is utilized to take over regions of the world and turn the citizens thereof into virtual or actual slaves.

Charles Dickens' character, Uriah Heep, was a lone plotter.  He was conspiring against a rich man for whom he worked.  But, here, we're talking about a group conspiracy -- and, most fascinating of all, a conspiracy where most members of the group aren't aware that they're part of the plot.  Additionally, it doesn't involve whispering in secret locations.  You do it in public. 

And, this variation of the classic conspiracy is fascinating in that it does not involve creating a crises from scratch.  That is done, but usually these conspirators merely blow with the winds of fortune.  They take advantage of existing conditions.

This is how it is done:

To start a rock rolling, you most overcome the physics of a body at rest.  It's like your car.  It gets worse gas mileage in town than on the road.   Once it is moving, momentum is involved.  Drive from Portland to Pendleton tomorrow.  On the way there, start the car and keep going until you reach your destination.  Fill the gas tank, there, then make the return trip in one-mile-long segments -- thus adding a whole bunch of stops and starts.

When you fill the gas tank at your destination, this time, it will take a great many more gallons.  It takes more energy to get a body moving than to keep it moving.  It's a physical law of the universe, and there's nothing you or anybody else can do about it.  It's just the way the world is.

Horses of a different color

Now, think of a hate group.  The Black Panthers or the KKK will do.  You need muscle to take over a city, and neither of these groups has enough soldiers to do the job in America as long as the nation's citizen's gun rights still exist. If you're a third party, and would like to combine these natural enemies into a single army, you tell both that you understand and support their views, and that instead of wasting their time clashing with each other, they should recognize whose feet are on both their necks. 

You say this is ridiculous because natural enemies cannot be put in the same harness since they would be horses facing in opposite directions?

If that is so, then the world around you today exists only in your imagination.  Soviet scientists helping Iran (once called Persia) make nuclear weapons, for example.  "Religion is the opiate of the masses," a socialist once said.  When the Marxist/Leninist revolutionaries took over Russia and turned it into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), religion was suppressed, then eliminated in Russia.

Russian scientists helping Iran make nuclear weapons?

A secular socialist/communist nation which has banished religion is teamed with an Islamic theocracy?  That is clearly an example at the international level of the Black Panthers and the KKK pulling in the same direction.  Those who deny what is before their eyes either are blind, or do not wish to see.

In America ...

If you are a citizen of the USA, you are living in such times and conditions, today.

Power is the treasure the conspirators seek.  Power is increased by increasing control over ever larger groups of people. The natural enemy of the consolidation of power is Freedom.  The armies needed by the conspirators in present-day America have been milling around like cattle in a hundred corrals since you were born.   Each herd has a different brand.

At one time, they were one people known as Americans.  They came from hard times elsewhere, and gradually because of the U.S. Constitution formed into a predominantly single identity. Then, during the nineteen-sixties they began to separate into cohesive groups, again..  Here you have angry blacks.  There you have angry Latinos.  There, you have angry Muslims.   Gang enemies when in local proximity, their first tendencies can be put on the back burner by presenting them with a common enemy that all available segments naturally dislike -- people who have more money -- usually whites, usually male and usually capitalists. 

This has happened before in North America, though no conspirator was involved.  The Indian tribes and clans battled each other for thousands of years before Europeans came to this land. Then, Europeans arrived, and former tribal blood enemies set aside historic disputes to combine against the larger threat.

(Left: Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, pronounced "Nay Persay," headed a PacNW tribe that was generally peaceful in nature, but which had to deal with less peaceful tribes interested in increasing their traditional tribal "grounds" or just proving their combat manliness.  And, the process was a good way to increase the supply of women -- and thus, children.)

Any conspirator today can but study the actual (not university provided) history of what you have just read to know where to look for a modern version of the army which wasn't visible, before.

The enemy of my enemy is now my friend

All you need to assemble an army is an enemy common to a collection of usually competing groups.  The groups can be very different, with very different reasons.  One wants to drink at white water fountains, another wants to rebel against their parents, and yet another likes to be paid to drink beer and watch football on television.  The reasons are unimportant.  All that you need is the ability to aim them all at the same enemy.

What is amazing is that the propaganda you use to bring them to your plot doesn't have to be factually true.  It merely has to be an historic, cultural resentment.  Blacks no longer have to sit in the back of the bus.  They no longer have to pay a poll tax to vote.  They are no longer excluded from living in upscale residential areas. 

It doesn't matter.  Conspirators can use rhetoric which taps into historic resentment to achieve their ends.  By controlling how history is taught in the schools, they can even convince entire populations that (A) the people who created the original problem were the people who solved the original problem and (B) the people who solved the original problem created it, and are trying to re-create it to this very day.

Ken's "Congress"  (It's a short read.  If you're a black Democrat, you'll be shocked.) 

Take the young, for example. They're perfect for your purposes.  That is why Stalin called students (young people) natural dupes.  That is what happened to America in the Sixties.  It is still happening in America today.  Education, the mass liberal media and youth culture are the tools the conspirators are using.  Adults no longer go to the movies.  Go to five current movies and study the stories and characters they contain.  Listen to the dialogue. You will find that the villains attend Christian churches and respect private enterprise.  (Although, one of the old Dirty Harry films had a communist Catholic priest.)  At any rate, the "Good Guys" are all Robin Hoods.  Hoods who rob the rich.  People who despise capitalism.

There was a time when Hollywood made movies about Thomas Edison -- who with all his human flaws represented the American Dream. People like Henry Ford, who began in his garage and ended up on top of an industrial corporate giant.  Modern arrivals to our shores are often identical to Edison.  They see America as a place where the government does not limit their personal potential.  They come here to be free to succeed or fail on their own merits.

Ask the Cubans who have escaped Castro what they think.  Look at them and be amazed at their foolishness.  These people aren't white, yet vote for conservatives.  They are American patriots.  And, consider the odd dichotomy represented by many illegals from South of the Border.  When they join the Left and march with La Raza (Spanish for "the race") do you wonder if they have stopped to think this over?  If they came from a place where 40% unemployment is normal, to a place where 9% unemployment is considered near Depression level, why would they march to create what they just ran from?

The sword of culture has edges

Racial and ethnic groups are glued together with common beliefs.  This practice goes back to humanity's earliest days, and Darwin would love the reason.  It's called survival.  So, if starving folks come here from somewhere else, and right off start demanding that here ought to be turned into the there they just ran away from, something is wrong with this picture -- unless you are a student of culture.

Birds of a feather.  The conspirators have arranged that the only place they automatically go to hide is a place where they damn well better illegally vote for Democrats or it's out in the cold they go .  Blacks use the term "hang."  So, the conspirators know what to do with new arrivals. These people know nothing about the principles of the American Republic.  They haven't the faintest idea why the place has become a world economic and military power from scratch in three centuries.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  How in the hell did America get built so fast?

It must have been by theft.  How else can you get a lot of money that fast?   White guys must be natural born thieves.  They must have robbed the poor and given it to the rich. 

In this sense, most human beings are biased in one way or another. Most blame others for their problems.  To them "other" means somebody different -- somebody who doesn't talk like them, wear the kinds of clothing they wear, who are of a different color and so forth. This natural tendency to flock together is why San Francisco has a Chinatown, and Brooklyn was once an Irish ghetto.  It's why one African tribe kills or enslaves another African tribe, today.  It's the reason why the slaves America bought in Africa were purchased from Africans.  A linguist (the study of languages) once said that if you take half of one North American clan and move it to the other side of a nearby mountain, in three generations they won't understand each other's language, and will be at war with each other. 

But, the truth is that here -- with this Constitutional system of ours -- something amazing happened.  For most of this nation's existence, difference merged into same. If left alone by the conspirators -- the folks looking for power -- people in a few generations filtered out from the ghettos.  Freedom caused them to become Americans. 

And, that merging was the problem the conspirators had to face.  It's hard to get Dutchmen to plot against Dutchmen.  You've got to split the place into as many gangs as possible, and get them to hating each other.  It's like Clint Eastwood in a town with two bosses.  It's a wonderful place to make some money.

If there's only one boss, and it's the U.S. Constitution, you haven't got any enemies to use.

Conspirators "hang"

The socialists cry is for freedom and justice in the only place where freedom and justice exist on the planet.  The reason why they get away with it is the fact that American freedom and justice isn't perfect.  The fact that human perfection is a fairy tale is not relevant.  A beautiful steed which outraces all other horses on the Earth, but which has one ratty ear is all they need.  This one flaw can be used to stir jealousy and hatred. 

And, if they control the schools, the media and the cultural centers, their victims will never know the truth until it's too late.  The citizenry will to the last be ignorant of the fact that their result is always slavery.  

The Shining Marxist Path

They are beacons for the unhappy and ignorant.  Like Bradbury's foghorn sea monster  they call these innocents to their doom by appearing to be navigation aids to safety. 

(Left: the historic Cape Mears lighthouse)

The odd thing is that most of these "leaders" are dupes, as well. By way ot rationalization (lying to themselves) or imposed ignorance (the American public media and educational system), these leaders with motives made of noble beliefs raise their banner and urge the ignorant to battle.  Some of the conspirators, in other words, are victims of their own conspiracy.

At the top of the Left, though, they know.  They do not have to meet in secret rooms and plot.  The plot is already there in books like the Communist Manifesto, the writings of Mao, the speeches of Van Jones and other Obama friends.  University professors lecture about it all year long.

This is a conspiracy without secret meetings.  None are needed, now. They communicate with each other daily on NBC and NPR, and in our largest national, regional and local newspapers.  Even here in Oregon, the top Lefties understand what's going on.  They don't have to plot in the dark. They've got the Oregonian.

The Sixties were the turning point.  The vehicle is already rolling.  It has momentum.

In conclusion ... 

These people and their media were the communications source for the assembly of union "Democrats" in Wisconsin, recently.  Those who had eyes to see watched on the evening news as Democrats demonstrated against democracy.  This, of course is hypocrisy, and the top-level Democrats know it.  Your average union worker or college student is completely unaware that their actions are the reverse of their public protestations because they attended public schools. They are unaware that they are hypocrites. 

I will end this essay with an answer to a question.  Those of you who have long been aware of what's been happening, and those of you who are just coming awake, will be asking what has to be done to fix this mess.  The solution is simple.

Join a Tea Party group.  If there isn't one nearby, contact such a group and ask them how to form your own Tea Party group. (You'll see a list of Oregon Tea Party links next to this image on the cover.)

That's it.  Do it, and you win.  More importantly, so do your children.


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