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  July 2003  Volume 3  No 7

 Firecrackers and forest glades.  Hot dogs and lemonade.  It's to the coast or the high Cascades after the 4th of July parades. Summer's nigh!  One mustn't let it just slip by. 

 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

The adventures of the Oregon Dragoons:
Oregon or the Grave
Charter Captain Creates Tragedy
Support Your Local Rodeo  (T-Mook cowboy)
All Aboard the Hope Expre$$!
The Islamic Theocracy of Oregon
The Divided Class of 2003

From the Real Oregon:
Pencil Drawing Earns Top Art Awards
The Good Lord Irrigates Our Crops

The Public Broadcasting Admiration Society (PBAS):
PBS: More Lies About Africa and America
A Letter to Charlie Rose
NY Times: "The Best of the Best?"

E-RFD: The Seven Wonders
E-RFD: What it's All About
E-RFD: Fractured English
E-RFD: Onward Christian Soldier

Washington Wine Industry: Explosive Growth
Cascade Birding Trail Open for Business

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
NBC/KGW Coming Out of the Closet     Air Pollution Alert
 Inside Features & topical links:

Sports:  Grid Coach Virus
Natural History: Humans on the Edge
SciTech: The Good Spaceship Beagle
Arts&Lettres: Oscar Never Won One
Business: Quantum Leaps for Secret Codes
AroundOregon: Portland Seven Trial
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