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  July 2002  Volume 2  No 7

The Cascade lakes are shining jewels, the water's blue, and calm and cool. July goodby, I'm off to play with great big mountain trout all day. 

Photo of Trillium Lake 2002 Bob Pool
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
 Are radishes more important than fishing jobs?
No Hatcheries, No Salmon
A Garden of Flying Gems
Alpine Birding  (Shunk heads for the hills)
Big Money in Rotten Veggies  (Trash Talk)
In the Wake of Captain Cook (NW sail adventure)
Wallowa County Enters Railroad Business
The Prince  (Niccolo Machiavelli got a bad rap))
The Case of the Pickled Herring   (OPB is murder)
Ted Nugent's Kill It and Grill It   (A wild cookbook)
Shuttle Booster Size Determined circa 300 B.C.
Bill Gates' Advice to the Young  (It's about attitude)

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  Above Illus is a link to the Flight and Flowers stained glass art site.
 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
 Economic naivete
Reinhard's Folly
Portents of Doom:
Steppy Will Be Ready by Fall
  Find your Oregon legislators  (And tell them "No more taxes!")
 Inside Features & topical links:
Natural History: Falkland penguins
SciTech: Pilotless airplanes
Business: Die-cast CPU's
Travel: Diving the Kona Coast
Outdoor: Squirrel fishing
Sports: Prepster choices
Life&Styles: Dirty eagle
  Recent  Articles
Meet Me in Las Vegas,.Baby | Son of Civil War Vet
Summer Lake | Coloring the News | Beauty on the Backroads
Who is being milked? Tillamook Schools:(and yours) | Desert Deer
Coastal Clamming | Vintage Motorcycles | Gang of Five Lawsuit
Court Zaps Urban Renewal | Rotten in Denmark Troutdale
A Public Comedy of Errors  (Power to the people, not Lunch)
  The Classics
 Ray Bradbury  |: Ken Kesy  |: Vera Katz  | The Alaska Airlines Eskimo
 La Boheme  |  The Town Dump Truck  |  The Mouse in Motown
 The Duck Hunter | Walt Morey
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It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
The Oregon Birdman
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Media Moments
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