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  July 2001  Volume I  No.7
 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Pamplin Makes Epic Family Movie

Deemer on Writing Historical Drama
Pintarich: The Forgotten Generation
Luhr Jensen: Angling Legend
Live Oregon Gunfighters!
Enterprise Janitor wins $1 million 
Ibidee, Ibidee, That’s All Folks! (Fiction)

New Bigfoot Sighting! (Not a joke)

 On the editorial pages:  On the world scene:
Farm Jobs or Fishing Jobs? 
Scout Leader Molests 130 Boys
PBS: Great American Speeches
   The Vote That 
  Spooked Europe
 Inside Features:

Tillamook: Longhorns Invade Dairy Country
Physics: Ghostly Particle Mystery Solved
Oregon Woman Catches Record Kokanee
A Road Less Traveled: Up The North Bank
Oregon Events Page
Oregon Energy Crises 
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
Table of Contents

 (Photo by Kim Lamb of The Chieftain)

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