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Praemonitus: Veritas per inutilis philosophia tuus.

Women May Save America

During the 20th Century, most American women were Democrats.  That means "liberals."  Something is changing, there.

I have wondered for decades why they supported liberalism.  I attributed it to their feelings of compassion, but that seemed odd to me for one very large reason.  Affirmative Action.  I could not, and still cannot, understand why white American women would vote for a political party which instigated a range of policies which treated with favoritism everybody but their own sons.

Here's just one example. 
The Hispanic Education Myth 

Read it, then reflect on the text.  Ask yourself why white mothers would do that to their own children.  Are you a white mother?  Do you think your children should be forced to sit in the back of the bus?  Ask a black, yellow or brown mother what she thinks about her sons having to sit back there.

However, watching the rise of the Tea Parties, I have noticed that women are changing -- playing a frontline part of the new game.  They are up front in the demonstrations, up front as guests on the FOX programs and up front as candidates across America.

Female candidates for state offices, female candidates for federal House and Senate seats -- females running for everything from the local town council to national offices -- nearly all of them from and supported by the folks who share the Tea Party tent.

The Democrats say that this is a great danger to the nation -- that we must not go back.  We must go forward.  This is why liberals call themselves "progressives."  The word means "progress."

The question, of course, is progress to what?

But, a better question is what do these Tea Party women want to "go back" to?  That one, I can answer.  They want to go back to the U.S. Constitution.  And, that is exactly where America should go.

These Tea Parties are in large part about government spending, excessive regulations and excessive taxation, of course.  But, that's not all of it.  There's more. So, staying with the opening theme of this editorial, I will focus on the decades of mistreatment of many of these women's sons.  It's an entire package of unconstitutional legislation by Democrat liberals and some RINOS (liberal Republicans) under the banner of ...


When a liberal (Progressive) says the word "rights," watch out.  Here's what has to stop.

No more "special rights" for some Americans.  Help for the handicapped so they have access to places?  You bet.  But, no more "affirmative action" for "special" American groups that claim past discrimination.  I could claim that, myself, because my Irish ancestors faced discrimination the minute they walked off Ellis Island.

Why in the world should discrimination reparations result in the taking by taxation of money from groups of Americans who come from ancestors who fought to make people free?  The founders of the Freedom Railway that saved thousands of former slaves in the pre-Civil-War South were white!!  You want their ancestors to pay reparations to blacks?  Are you crazy?

Taxing the folks who never harmed anybody, and whose relatives fought, marched or voted to defend minorities?  That's not only ridiculous, it's insane.  The relatives and ancestors of white citizens who protected and defended Indians or any other group should not be forced to pay reparations, period.  That kind of thing fits an old saying perfectly: No good deed goes unpunished.

That is one of the things these new Tea Party women want to deal with.

The United States of America is about equal rights for all Americans, not special advantages for some -- excluding the physically handicapped.  You make it, here, or not based on your effort, your skill or intelligence level and your luck.  Same chance for everybody, white, black or green.

That's the kind of "progress" America needs right now.  And, it looks like the women who in the name of compassion once supported the American shift toward socialism have awakened to their mistake, and may have become the people who will save this nation -- and so, their own children -- from a looming compassionate slavery.

Conservative women kicking liberal behinds.

It's an amazing thing to watch.


Well, it's mid-term time, again

October, 2010 -- If you don't like how things have been going, lately, then change your politicians.  Nobody in the big national media outlets expects anything to happen in Oregon.  They're probably correct.  But, just in case the tea party movement is an underground operation in the People's Socialist Democratic Republic of Oregon, kindly, at least, relieve us of Ron Wyden, the TARP, OBAMACARE, bailout champion of all time.  Below, an editorial about Mr. Wyden we published in the fall of 2003. (LL/OrMag)

Wyden Wrong, Again

October 10, 2003 -- Oregon's senior U.S. Senator announced a new effort to reduce gasoline prices to the consumer.  His approach, as usual, completely misses the mark.

Taking the standard liberal tack, he is going to push the "anti-competitive practices" line, thus will add government regulatory burden to the system.

What this boils down to is that instead of getting government the hell off the back of business, and allowing the exploration and development of potential resources, he is going for pseudo price-controls.

If you drive a car, Wyden is your enemy.  Step by step he will strangle the free market system.  Whatever temporary artificial benefit, if any, he may achieve will be eventually swallowed down the maw of government. Those of you who are waiting for fuel stamps (like food stamps), will never see your dream realized.  Public transportation is the liberal equivalent of fuel stamps.  It has the added benefit of jamming everybody next to a bus line or railroad track.

If you want to know why Oregon has the highest unemployment in America, the reason is excessive taxation and meddlesome interference with business.  If you want to know why businesses sometimes skate along the edge, it is for the same reason that people sometimes skate along the edge.

At times, they are driven to it.

Why did corporations head offshore?  Six decades of Democrat control of Congress.  They were taxed and regulated out of the country. Why are Oregon's gas prices so high?  Ron Wyden and friends, who have locked up domestic petroleum supplies and forced us to buy our fuel from a world market dominated by a cartel of governments whose members love being in a non-competitive situation.

You didn't know that Wyden the fighter against private monopolistic practices is a big fan of government monopolistic control?   You actually don't know that about him and all his liberal comrades?

Our only question here at Oregon Magazine is, will the people of this state who vote for Wyden and drive to work ever realize that they have royally screwed themselves?

My personal response to this questions is, no.  The people who vote for Wyden don't have the faintest idea how the world works, and don't want to learn about it.  They prefer fantasy to reality, and Wyden is Oregon's answer to Walt Disney.

They like being sold his bill of phony goods.


There is no such thing as "separation of church and state" in America

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, among other things like free speech and a free press:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establisment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Why did they word the idea in that way?

Well, the majority of their ancestors came from Europe.  England, France, Germany, etc.  In those places in those days religious freedom was either repressed or against the law.  Try building a Christian church, or even holding a Christian meeting, in even the most isolated areas of most Middle-Eastern nations today and you will understand.

There was the official state religion approved by the king, and that was it. When you put money in the collection plate, the government got a piece of the action.

That is the reason the word "establishment" appears in that quote up above. If you would like it in modern English, try "Congress shall make no law which creates an official national religion." 

So, were the Founding Fathers atheists?  Did they wish no religious connections to the government they had in mind?  Of course not.  Look at a dollar bill.  It says, "In God we trust."  Look at the Declaration of Independance.  All men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.  Look at the oaths of office they wrote.  Look at the speeches they made.  Look at the walls of the Supreme Court, for God's Sake.  Their non-sectarian God is everywhere.

Separation of church and state is liberal claptrap.  A process which is aimed at eliminating the wall hook from which the Constitution hangs.  Get rid of God, and guess where your rights originate, then.

Liberals worship government.  Liberal judges from liberal law schools like Harvard on the U.S. Supreme Court bypassed original intent with subsequent rulings.  The arrogance of progressives is without limit.  You should get rid of as many of them as you can this November -- then clean out the rest in 2012.

I repeat: There is no such thing as the separation of church and state.  All that's in the Constitution is a denial of the government's ability to force you to worship in an official government church.  Much of the U.S. Constitution is about this kind of thing -- what the government is not allowed to do.

The U.S. Constitution is a document whose most important contents puts handcuffs on government.  It didn't create a government.  It created limits on the concept of government.  The colonists feared government, and with good reason.  Unshackled from limitations, all government travels in one direction, only: towards increasing power over its citizens.  Towards one degree or another of controlling the lives and property of those citizens.

That's why the Founding Fathers made it un-constitutional for Congress to create an official state church, then infused our original documents with their generic God.  They knew what would happen if their and your rights didn't come from a source above those in positions of legal, official, statutory power.

They had lived their entire lives under a government which had no limitations, and didn't like the experience one bit. 


What's in a Name?

On Sunday, August 1st, FOX News ran a video segment of Daniel Ortega speaking about the Arizona illegal alien law.  Ortega is a member of La Raza.

What is La Raza?  Well, translated into English, La Raza is The Race. 

So, a famous member of a famous organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of one, single human racial group was shown on camera speaking against "racial profiling."

Understand that we at the magazine have seen and heard the demand by La Raza members for the return of California, Arizona and even Texas.  Return to who?  To Mexico.  To them -- their race, commonlly called Chicanos.  Brown folks from south of the border, all the way to Tierra del Fuego. (Land of Fire -- at the tip of South America.)

By their very name, these are racists.  If I started such an organization and named it "The Race," since I am Caucasian, it would be shocking, horrifying, KKK-like -- racist, wouldn't it?  You say, but that's different.  When people of color do it, it isn't racist.  It's only racist when white people do it.

The damned Sixties liberals have brought us to this stage of things.

There is a new movement in the United States of America.  A Tea Party movement.  Millions of people who reject the hypocrisy of groups like La Raza, plus stand for a lot of other common sense and decent ideas, are beginning to rise up and do something about the mess this state and this nation are in.

They stand for race, too.  The human race .


The Oil Isn't the Only Mess We've Got

Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals said that a progressive never wastes an emergency.   Barak Obama, a devotee of Alinsky, is doing his best to meet that goal.  A ship sits in an East Coast port.  It can skim eight times more surface oil in a day than has been collected in total in months.

It has not been utilized because of the Jones Act, an old law originally created to protect our maritime union members.  This president could have done what the last president did, and arranged to set aside the Jones Act for the emergency.  But, that would have saved thousands of birds and jobs.

A judge ordered that the ban on offshore drilling issued by Obama's people was invalid.  The Obama administration is ignoring the judge.

The Venezuelan dictator, Chavez, is "nationalizing" a bunch of American drilling platforms down there.  Perhaps he will use the billions of loan dollars provided by Obama and his friends in Congress, to operate those platforms and develop oil production which we cannot pursue in our own waters, now.  If he does, he will share part of it with the billionaire, George Soros, who made some fancy financial moves "in" Venezuelan oil a few days before that loan money appeared.

My guess is that virtually nobody West of the Cascades in this state knows, or would care, about what is going on, here.  I hear from sources I can usually trust that the public is turrning.  Beginning to get the point.  I don't see it in Oregon.  But, we shall know in a few months.

There's a lot more than a leaking oil well at work here.  From the economy to our borders to the basic purpose of American government, things are a mess -- and only the people can save it.

The last time we had a president like this, he only got one term.  Well, we'll know about the Congressional half of the problem this fall.


Editorials from April 09 to mid-2010

Old Classics:

In honor of the visit by a Burns named Ken to PDX this month ( Ken Burns Visits Portland  ) we  re-run an editorial about another "acclaimed video documentarian" whose work has appeared on the TV network your taxes support. Years later, does any of the below strikes you as being similar to current Mainstream Media practices?

Covering Hell Without Mentioning the Devil
PBS: American Experience: New York series by Ric Burns: segment on the destruction of the World Ttrade Towers.

September 16, 2003, aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting -- Not once during this program segment was any reference made to Islam or Arabs, Al Qaeda or Osama bin Ladin..  You need to know nothing else about public broadcasting. 

It would have been better if Conservative Christians had flown into those two buildings, murdering all those inside, and bringing the structures down.  Then, the people who did it, and the beliefs that drove them to it, would not be hidden out of sight in programs like this. 

PBS is selective about the villains it denounces. Only white, preferably male, Christians need apply.

We have reached the point where the feelings of butchers of children are considered sacrosanct, a time when the cultures of butchers of children are considered equivalent, or even superior, to ours.  Do you give money, or donate time, to public broadcasting?  Do you actually do that?

Are you really that far gone?  Or is it that you have a severe learning disability?


Gallagher's News

It's 860 A.M. in Portland.  KPAM -- the station of Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Victoria Taft.  A part of the Pamplin media empire.  It makes its superb ratings by way of the amazing rise of the conservative radio audience in America.

Yet, it spits in its audience's face every half hour all day long.

Today is the 22nd of May. Here is what former KPAM talk show host and now KPAM news honcho, Bill Gallagher just said on the noon break.

He just reported that U.S. refineries are now charging thirty bucks a barrel to turn petroleum into gasoline.  Not long ago, they charged less than half that price.

Here's the problem.  He did not mention that when he had his own talk show, he and his liberal pals in "education," 'the mainstream media" and state legislatures and congress, while putting the kibosh on virtually all development of known American reserves of the basic commodity, also blocked all attempts to build a single new refinery in this country.  That last  liberal blockage dates back to the Seventies.

Where you squeeze the pipe is unimportant.  What's going through will be restricted.  Bill and his pals shut down both development of petroleum reserves and  construction of the facilities which turn those reserves into fuel for your automobile.

Meanwhile, they encouraged the flood of illegal immigrants into this country -- every single one of which loves the automobile.  What this means is that while the supply of fuel is frozen at X gallons a year, the demand for fuel went up by XX gallons a year.  Supply and demand determine price in a capitalist society. 

By not mentioning what I just mentioned during his report, today, Bill Gallagher, Pamplin's station's news guru, just fed Pamplin''s station's audience a load of baloney. Omission of key relevant information  in a news report makes that report a lie. Hogwash.  Pure  propaganda.

We hear Mr. Pamplin has an extraordinary education. Multiple PhDs, we hear.  Considering the content of KPAM's news breaks -- garbage and an insult to the legions of conservatives who are daily adding to his fortune --  it may be that none of his doctorates are in disciplines which require logic.


Whose Side is Reid On?

"This war is lost."  --  The quote is from Harry Reid,  Majority Leader of the United States Senate. .  He said it on the floor of the senate, late in April, 2007. Some, reacting to the celebratory republishing of the statement in certain Arab news outlets, are calling him "Senator Arnold," for doing it.  The reference is to Benedict Arnold, widely described as the first famous American traitor. 

Prior to his status as turncoat, however,Benedict Arnold had a fine record in action against the enemies of this country, and further had a possibly valid complaint about  financial maltreatment by the American government of his time.

We know of no military victories by Senator Reid, and are unaware of any government-based financial maltreatment in his background. The only money questions tied to him are strong rumors relating to questionable financial activities by Reid, himself, in some westerrn real estate activities.

Senator Reid's Real Estate Windfall  WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1  million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.  (External link)

From here, it looks like of the two, America was better off with Benedict Arnold., so we can’t help wondering where the Democrat political, academic and media calls for his resignation or removal  have been.


Appropriate Military Response

We first heard it proposed to Victoria Taft, conservative talk radio moderator on the Pamplin station, KPAM, in Portland.  The caller said that the U.S. Navy should not bring the fleet to Portland for the Rose Festival this year. We agree.  Any other branches of the services planning to attend should also boycott the event.  Airshow units, for example.  If you noticed the anti-war demonstrators at work in Portland this March -- burning soldiers in effigy and defecating on Old Glory -- you know why we feel this way.  And, if the mayor and the governor come to realize there is political danger in their silent agreement with the demonstrators? 

In the left-wing world that dominates so many political outcomes in Oregon, the politician who defends soldiers and the flag might be the one making a bad career decision. 


President Hillary
  Something for March, in case there is any doubt about where I stand on the subject. (LL)

Regarding President Hillary 

She recently said the reason she voted in the Senate to fund President Bush's war on terror -- in particular the part in Iraq -- was because Bush misled her about the facts of the situation in the Middle East.  Since she has also recently referred to our current  president as having a weak intellect, this means Hillary Clinton can be -- using her terms -- fooled by bad people who are not very bright.

I prefer presidents who see through the machinations of bad people who are not very bright, so will not be voting for her in the primary, or at any other time.


Editorial Reaction to the Hanging of Saddam Hussein

Most of the demonstrations were in support of the event.  He hurt many lives, but will do so no longer.




(link to original article)

Temps in Calgary Hit 100-Year-Low

(link to original article)

Civilization -- Man leaving caves and beginning agriculture which led to cities, Ford GTs and walks on the moon --  began with the global warming that brought about the end of the last Ice Age.

You should think twice before buying the current line about this subject put forth by the Left in America and Europe. 

Global warming is the reason America isn't a mile deep glacier all the way down to the 45th parallel, like it used to be.  Just remember this.

Global warming good.  Stupid greenie hippies bad.


  Editorials from the recent past

Reprise: Blood and Democracy

"There has never been in the history of the world a country in which a regime change happened at the bayonets of guns that has led to stability." -- Saudi  Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal 

 Every major nation on Earth was purchased in blood  -- most of them in combat.  Some required revolutions against a colonial power.  America is one of those.   Some were the result of armed revolutions against internal tyrants.  The Republic of France is one of those..  Other regime changes came about as a result of foreign invasion.  This list includes Germany, Japan and Italy. The most stable nations in the world were created at the bayonets of guns. Prince Saud al-Faisal, in making such a ridiculous statement, displays a complete ignorance of world history. 


The Purpose of the Press

Recently, a famous black weekend network anchor named Simpson, said that she got into the profession "to change the world."

This is why when people ask me if the strident Leftist bias in America's mainstream media is a conspiracy, I say, "No, not exactly."

A conspiracy involves a group of people who plot secretly to do something for which they will not be blamed publicly.  By definition, the conspirators know who is conspiring.  They're together when they make the plan.

The American  liberal media conspiracy, however, is different in that they don't meet to plot, transmit their plans to each other in plain view, and are completely unaware that what they are doing is pure Fifth Column stuff.

Miss Simpson is totally in the dark about the fraud she represents.  She doesn't know  the job of a journalist is to report the facts.  She is busy every day shaping the news in ways that will change the world -- shape it so that it reflects her ideological view of how things should be.

It is precisely how journalism is done in North Korea and Cuba.  It is how journalism is done in Islamic theocracies and other tyrannies in Africa, Asia and other places around the globe.

If you've ever flipped from show to show at network news time, and wondered how they all cover the same stories in the same way, it isn't because they check with each other before the broadcast.  They don't need to do that.

They got into journalism to change the world.  When you start from the same place, with exactly the same travel plan, you automatically end up at the same destination as the rest.


      Editorials from past issues 

Black Caucus has nothing to do with being black

If the link is still good, read the AP story, below.

Black Democrats denounce judicial nominee Brown as another 'Clarence Thomas'

The Congressional Black Caucus denounced White House judicial nominee Janice Rogers Brown of California on Friday, with one member saying she was "cut from the same cloth as Clarence Thomas" and should be kept off a federal appellate court. 

"This Bush nominee has such an atrocious civil rights record she makes Clarence Thomas look like Thurgood Marshall," said Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif. 

But Republican senators immediately defended Brown. "If critics don't like Justice Brown's decisions, they should change the law, rather than attack her for partisan political gain," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

OMED: J.C. Watts had a seat during lunch with the "Black" Congressional Caucus.  Other than that, his opinions were not wanted.  Clarence Thomas is regularly castigated by liberal blacks for being an "Oreo," which means black on the outside and white on the inside. 

In case you don't understand what is going on in your country, the "Civil Rights" movement at almost every level has nothing to do with civil rights.  It is about political power for liberal special interest groups.  It is about socialist redistributionism and elimination of those of your constitutional rights which get in the way of liberal control of your life.

The only true statement ever made by the primary sleaze bags supposedly representing blacks in America, today, was when they called Bill Clinton "the first black president."  This is because to liberal blacks, being black has nothing to do with being black.

A Nation of Their Own

Today, 35 children, lined up to get sweets, were murdered in Iraq by what America's major media people call "insurgents."  Recently, "insurgents" butchered hundreds of children at a school in a southern province of Russia.

Our question is why, in either case, the desire of these "insurgents" for a nation of their own deserves a single second of consideration.

Add in the Palestinian Liberation Front, Hamas and any other group demanding nationhood by the same methods.  (These groups have targeted children many time during suicide attacks in Israel.)

War does indeed kill children and other living things.  They have died in every war in history.  The difference here is that the Islamic groups in question  target them.  And, so our question, again.

Should any group which intentionally, specifically targets children for violent death as one of the tools of their "insurgency" be allowed to have a nation?

Our answer in no.  They should not even be allowed to remain alive.  In fact, any nation that knowingly harbors such people should be brought down, and those who live there and refuse to help in the destruction of that government should be hunted down and destroyed.

The next time you hear some idiot like Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw or Jim Lehrer present "insurgents" who intentionally target children as people fighting for their own country, cease watching  that journalist forever.

From the Oregonian to the New York Times, when the newspapers and magazines do it, turn away from them, as well.

If you do not, then the blood of murdered children will be on your hands, too.


Kerry's 911 Record: Why the Silence?

Kerry Sat On FAA 911 Hijack Warning

The lnk on our cover goes to the story.  Kerry was told about the future and did nothing.  We have been hearing for months, nay years, about how the Bush Administration failed to connect the dots, failed to notice people of Arab descent taking small aircraft flying lessions in Ohio, failed to take the Sudan's offer of a free Osama bin Laden -- no, that last one belongs to Clinton.

Why has there been no ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS coverage of the non-actions of John Kerry?  These letters and witnesses still exist.  Kerry was told what danger awaited, and that danger came true.

Why have our local broadcast journalists (an oxymoron in the case of  Oregon) not run a single frame of video or a single line of  comment about the FAA charges?  Richard Clark's "Aganst All Enemies" got tons of air time for his opinions. All of them were beautifully refuted by Administration members.  Where is the coverage about the charges against Kerry?  Why hasn't he been grilled on network TV to see if he can defend himself?

Does this mean those guys and dolls you see on your television every day are biased in favor of Kerry?


They are all biased in favor of Kerry, but that is not the reason for the lack of coverage.  The lack of coverage is due to the fact that broadcast journalists in Oregon, paritcularly investigative reporters, couldn't find a story if it was a mother moose and they were bending over, poking its calf in the eye with their finger.

Oregon broadcast journalists couldn't find a story about presidential monuments in South Dakota.  They couldn't find a story about geysers in Yellowstone, Montana.

If they did find a story critical of Kerry, they would sit on it out of pure liberal bias, but there's no worry about that.  There are no stories critical of Kerry.


The Conscious Foetus 

Foetuses may develop consciousness long before the legal age limit for abortions, one of Britain's leading brain scientists has said.

Baroness Greenfield, a professor of neurology at Oxford University and the director of the Royal Institution, said there was evidence to suggest the conscious mind could develop before 24 weeks, the upper age where terminations are permitted.

 "Given that we can't prove consciousness or not, we should be very cautious about being too gung ho and assuming something is not conscious. We should err on the side of caution."

OMED: Recently Portland was treated to the uninformed bombast of Hanoi Jane Fonda during a Baby Murder Inc. rally at a downtown location.  A woman's right to choose was at stake, she said, referring to the late stage aborton legislation in the U.S. Congress, and 24 hour delay debate in our state legislature.

The Brits are now discussing the possibility of administering anasthesia to the foetus during standard abortions because of the report above.  It would be the humane thing to do, of course.  They are, after all, killing humans.

To do it without an anesthetic is equivalent to the medical practices of the Japanese in their WWII P.O.W camps, the Nazis in their Buchenvalds and the Iraqis in their torture chambers.

About 50 million babies have been killed that way, so far, by the "civilized" nations of the world.


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Separation of Church and State   All the recent mainstream media coverage about the school voucher case in the Supreme Court constantly brought up the "principle" of separation of church and state, presenting those words as an established constitutional principle.

Blacks Prefer Clinton Over Lincoln  Wherein Oregon Magazine celebrates the recent Black History Month by relating some Black History.

Corporate Welfare: or Who Pays Taxes?  It is said that no company pays taxes -- that all a company's taxes are included in the price of its products 

America cannot be protected by profiling!
Let's pause a moment and take the following test.  It will prove once and for all that focusing attention on one group of people will not deal with terrorism.:

PBS: The Philandering Liberal Fool as Magnificent President      Woodrow Wilson was a flaming liberal out of the ivy league (Yale).  The recently aired two-part PBS Frontline on this president was perhaps the prime achievement in public broadcasting’s attempt to rewrite American History in their politically correct terms. 

Seven Days on Energy:
A Public Comedy of Errors

PBS: The Pledge Week Ceremony  The First Americans were white, and other inescapable conclusions.

More Global Warming hype:
Rhonda Shelby and Physicians for Global Irresponsibility

Eek! Shriek!  Global Warming!  The Bush administration is not perfect.  Pretty good, though.  They made the fuzzies feel good when they approved the green view about global warming, and us far right hardliners happy when they said fixing the problem will be voluntary.  A perfect compromise.

Exactly whose boom was it?
It wasn't '93, Bob, it was '94  Former Clinton economics guru, Robert Rubin, said on Face the Nation (Jan 06,02) that the drop in the estimated federal budget surpluses from five to two trillion dollars is the result of the tax reduction passed early in President Bush's term.  While describing this, Rubin several times referred to the recent boom as beginning in 1993 and ending with the last election.

Why did Rubin pick the year 1993?

The Fictional American "Income Gap": Will Asian Immigrants Save America From Haynes Johnson?

Will ENRON bail out Gray Davis?  The Senate ENRON hearings, subsidized by our equally hopeful  American mainstream media, was working overtime during the merry month of May.  Their objective, beyond trying to find a way to hang this political albatross around President Bush's neck, was to bail California Governor Davis out of the mess he has created.

The Ultimate Oregon Editorial: The Secret to a Great Private Economy is Higher Taxes?

The best of times or the worst of times, with most Oregon politicians the answer is the same. (Link repaired June 2, 2002)  With what's going on in Salem on the ides of June, this classic needed highlighting.

Reinhard's Folly   Once more, the Classic Oregon Republican proves he is simply a liberal Democrat wearing a tie.  The moment was D-Day, 2002.  Reinhard, faced with the ultimate wartime decision, did what all proper soldiers do -- stormed the beach for his party.  (In Reinhard's case, the Oregon Democratic Party.)

The Physics of American Politics   Some political particles, thank God, have a short halflife.

Tom Daschle Said What?

They're taking you apart
a piece at a time.

Ray Suarez was the public broadcasting idiot who introduced the segment.  It ran on the News Hour.  The date was August 13, 2002.  A judge had just decided a lawsuit in favor of a plaintiff who was demanding that her health coverage include payment for The Pill.

"I used to say people ought to get involved in government, and, dammit, they are!"  -- Vic Atiyeh, former Oregon governor, on July 12, 2002


PBS: Mum's The Word

The amazing thing about the public broadcasting 911 programming on the evening of September 10, 2002, was the fact that in three solid hours of reflection on the attack, not once did they use the words Arab, Moslem or Islam.  Osama bin Ladin, Al Queda and the Taliban, as far as this evening was concerned, just don't exist.

If you had been in a coma and came awake in time to watch OPB on that night, you wouldn't have the faintest idea who flew those planes into those buildings.

If this crowd had been broadcasting on December 6, 1942,  they would have lost their license -- and would have been lucky to get out of town with their skins intact.

Never, ever give a dime to PBS or OPB. 

Oct. 25: Michael Bellesiles Resigns from Emory Faculty

Emory (University) now considers the investigation of allegations of research misconduct against Professor Bellesiles in connection with his book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture to be concluded and resolved. 

As noted on the Drudge Report, another collection of best-selling lies about guns has been shot down. The author cooked the numbers like ENRON execs cooked the books.

You did not read about this in a prominent location in one of Oregon's mainstream newspapers.  You did not see it on the Evening News.  You did not hear about it on OPB's National Public Radio feed.

The only stories about guns you will hear or see from any of them could have been written by ex-Professor Bellesiles.  (LL)

Leather Pride Week

August 2-11, we heard from Victor Boc on KPAM, was ordained "Leather Pride Week"  by Portland Mayor Vera Katz.  What is a Leather Pride Week?   Well, it's not a celebration of shoe or beltmakers, and has nothing to do with bomber jackets.

I will go no farther in explanation than to tell you that "leather," in this usage, has to do with perverted sexual activity, often involving "bondage."  (Temporary slavery.)  It is, in this case, associated with a certain sick segment of the homosexual community.

Portland is done for.  If you have children, move away.  If you don't have children, you really should get out of there, anyway.  But, if for some reason you just cannot leave, for God's sake don't tell anybody where you live. 

We hear that only one other mayor in America was stupid enough to also do this.  Want to guess which city that was?

Our guess is that its initials are "SF.".

Thanks to Mr. Boc, recently rated by Talk Magazine as one of America's Top 100 radio forum hosts, for pointing this out.  I live in the woods, thank God, and am not subjected to garbage like "Leather Week."  My neighbors wear leather either because it's what their skin is made of, or because you can make a good pair of work gloves out of it.  (LL)

What Were We Fighting For?

The Sum of Two Evils

Saddam's nastiest biological weapons may have been his sons Uday and Qusay. TIME takes an exclusive look inside their reign of terror.

(Missing from this text are reports of feeding live people into plastic shredding machines feet first.  This is a direct external link to Time Magazine, and will last as long as it lasts.  Some remain forever.  Others disappear with the next issue of the originating publication.)

Hillary’s Book

When testifying before a grand jury investigation into shady actitivies at the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton, who specialized in real estate development and cattle futures law at that firm, and who is the smartest woman on Earth, could not remember anything that ever happened there, or anywhere else..  We do not know the final count of the times she said, “I can’t recall.”  Thirty times? Fifty?  We just can’t recall.

A few years later, she once more danced around the rules by accepting a multi-million dollar advance for her autobiography before she took office as a U.S. Senator from New York.  It’s a Clinton family specialty, dancing around rules – legal, ethical or moral.  Remember, receiving fellatio is not “having sex with that woman.”

The problem facing Hillary and her publisher, today, is that it helps a book’s sales to have a snappy title.  The editors at Oregon Magazine have solved that difficulty for them.

Since titles cannot be copyrighted (you can write a book titled Gone With The Wind, and nobody can sue you), it is our suggestion that Hillary steal the title of another famous autobiography, specifically the one written by the great pianist and sardonic humorist, Oscar Levant. 

That title is “Memoirs of an Amnesiac.”


TV War News: Miss Aimee's Motley Crew

KGW TV, Portland, Oregon, morning news, Sunday March 23, 2003  --  The screen has lately been littered with Arabs with angry faces, burning American flags and images of President Bush.  But, have you ever seen the images on the Arab streets of Kuwait? 

Headline links to full editorial

Excluding Death and Taxes

OMED: A recent topic on the Lars Larson radio talk program (KXL 750 AM in Portland and a multi-state NW network, weekdays) caught our ear.  The question was about whether trans-gender people should be protected from job discrimination.  Here is our response.

If you are a fireman, and develop a heart condition, you lose your job.  If you are professional baseball player and lose your arm, you lose your job.  If you are a paint salesman and become color blind, you lose your job. If you are a talk show host and lose your ability to speak, you lose your job.

If you are an agent for the CIA and become a communist, you lose your job.  If you are a broadcast tower climber and become afraid of heights, you lose your job.  If you are a ship's captain you cannot be seasick all the time.
If you are a professional photographer, you cannot be blind.  If you are a male homosexual, you cannot be a Boy Scout troop leader.

For the same logical reason,

If you are Roman Catholic priest and become a woman, you lose your job.  If you are a washroom attendant in a male restroom and become a woman,you lose your job.

Liberalism is about utopianism.  The founding fathers developed a system that denies the existence of utopia on Earth.  The fundamental premise of your Constitution is that perfection as a fact or even as a goal, is not possible.  America is about each man doing the best with what he's got -- not, repeat not, about guaranteeing he can do anything he wants to

Cross-dressing and sex changes are choices.  Nobody holds a gun to anybody's head and makes them do such things.  People may believe that nature forces them to make the choice, but that is not relevant.  If I feel that I am a black man trapped in a white man's body, I cannot cover my body with makeup like some blackface comedian of old and expect to be accepted by the NAACP as their president. 

In like manner, I cannot have plastic surgery to change the color of my skin and my facial and hair characteristics and then claim I am a victim of American slavery.

Choose to be something else, and you choose to be something else.  By choosing, you affect your own possibilities.  It is not the job of society or government to make it possible for you to choose anything you want, or to deal with anything which happens to you, in such a manner that you may thereafter be anything you want.

It's as simple as that.  Other than death and taxes, there are no guarantees in life. If you decide that you are a bird and jump off a cliff, you will have to deal with gravity all by yourself.