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Oregon Magazine TM
  January 2002  Volume 2  No 1

Far over the misty mountains cold, 
To dungeons deep and caverns old, 
We must away ere break of day, 
To find our long-forgotten gold. - JRRT

 Photo by Bob Pool  (C) 2001)
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Advertising genius:
How the Eskimo got on the Tail of that Plane

Oregon Small Town Journalism Shines
(Link above repaired January 12.  Apologies to all. LL)
Tough Guy: Morse Code Saves Logger
Coquille: Making wood sing
Portland: Space Radio in Your Car
Halfway: Wolf Shares Her Language
Cannon Beach: Shark attack still haunts
Baker City:  A Hero From the High Desert
McKenzie:  Tomato Patch Killer Found?
Wallowa Lake: Moraine Flap

Speaking of mobile homes

Food Fiction | PoetryDepartments

Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines
 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:

The Sacking of Don Olson
ENRON: What You Haven't Been Told 
Will Asian Immigrants Save America From Haynes Johnson?
 Inside Features:

            New Articles
Wallowa County: Farming the Government
Travel Page: Hiking the Roof of the World
Outdoor Page: Lakeview Notes
SciTech: New Pendleton Air Museum
Sports: College Football Roundup
              Recent Articles
Ken Kesey: Final Passage
Green War Truce
School Food Famous!
Vera Katz: Troubles in River City
Oregon Events Page
It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
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