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State of the Union:

Honesty trumps civility.  You know this to be true.  There are plenty of people you know who claim to be civil as the wind-driven snow, but lie through their teeth, right? 

But for Liberals, to be civil IS to be honest. (OMED translation: Up is down if it's said in a civil manner.)

I've seen enough false civility to make  me throw up.  I hate political civility (and worse, the call for more of it) because at its inception, it's deception.


As a Tea Party aficianodo, I reject demands to be civil at any cost, but I applaud with every bone in my body the call to be honest, because only through honesty can true civility be initiated anyway. The stark contrast between these two conditions is at the heart of our national plight, and debate.  Our current, major PLIGHT is fiscal insanity.  This is not hyperbole, since insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Tell me where the president’s actions and proposals do not meet that definition.  Yet, the mainstream DEBATE is over civility.

Picture this kitchen "discussion":  A family living in a cheap apartment finds one spouse just spent ten year's worth of grocery money on Lotto tickets.  Would you expect (or demand) much civility in this scenario?  Not even the police would care if the offender was found to have accidentally backed out the apartment window.  Oh, I know, the suggestion of implied, uncivil reaction (i.e. rage) even to outrageous activity is suddenly taboo.  Yet, for the president of the United States to have robbed, and with even more plans to rob, every responsible man, woman and child in this nation of sustenance for the next generation, why is it rational to expect peaceful acquiescence? 

When a random psychotic kills 6 and wounds several in a public place, the automatic reaction by a "civil" press was to blame the event on conservative opponents.  It didn't matter there was no proof of any connection, but it sure made them feel civilly superior.  The honest approach was to blame the perpetrator.  He did the reprehensible deed, he pulled the trigger on the unlucky innocents who were tragically near him that day.  But in the perfect world that lives inside liberal heads, this act should never have happened.  Because it DID happen, liberals feel it has to be a fault of a society undercontrolled by civil elites.  They HATE guns, and therefore it made sense to blame conservatives who don't hate them for the actions of someone who used one.  Civility: that which causes the instantaneous assignment of guilt in the midst of tragedy, and for which progressive corrections follow.

See how civility works?  No honesty required. To liberals this is pure leadership.  He or she smart enough to assign the genesis of a tragedy the moment it happens, is elevated for the day or week to the level of civility king or queen, and with it unearned honesty is attached to the awardee because, well, it just follows.

Civility, Civility, wherefore art thou Civility?  In the dark and dank age of Shakespeare, where heads were chopped off in public squares, and pestilence and violence were rampant throughout the lands outside the castle walls, there was more civility and honesty practiced than in the president’s January 25 state of the union speech, filled as it was with beautifully manufactured civility, spoken as he cast his eyes out on the civil-unions-for-a-day audience of date-night at the Capitol.  

I’ve witnessed civility, but I’ll choose honesty every time.

© 2011 Art Hyland