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Kool Aid Drinkers Surf Oregon Beaches

(OMED: Here is the news release  that generated this column:)

July, 2011 -- In continuing the tradition of adopting more and more of what has turned
California into a museum of how people used to work, produce, develop and create, Oregon,

and more specifically Portland, has adopted the “Hollywood Post-Economy”
philosophy (HPE).  HPE --where united, “smart” governance promotes coordinated
actions to achieve “outcomes” promoted by self-anointed individuals and groups
seeking to limit the Earth's inhabitants and its gross domestic product.

Malthus   (Short version of him at the bottom)

This is not a new call by the leftist elites of this world.  In fact, it is quite an old theme,
perhaps starting with Malthus himself, but more recently with the Sierra Club in the
1970s in California, where they decided the problem with all ecological problems was
overpopulation.  However, it was not exactly a problem embraced by the general
 population who at the time was engaged in the aforementioned producing, developing
 and creating a California where man’s limitations were considered limitless.  People
were flocking to move there because of the optimism of such a golden place.  So the
Sierra Club environmentalists, not liking any of this optimism, along with many sister
environmental organizations throughout the world, took another tack:  if we can’t
depopulate the earth now, we can educate the earth’s plebeians by highlighting their
abusive living practices.  Why, just a few days ago Al Gore pleaded with the girls of the
world to stop, well, you know.  It’d be easy if they had Mr. Al in the hotel room begging
for massages in certain places.

Meanwhile, also in Portland, we see Democrat Mayor Sam Adams, an HPE graduate
with his sexual orientations as a bonus, promoting, encouraging, and of course
celebrating the things he likes to celebrate, such as the “Keep Portland’s Parks
Barefoot Friendly” campaign, organized by the Surfrider Foundation.  Or you may
have seen Sam at another Surfrider event, a coffee shop discussion about a new
book, “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story,” where the anointed gathered to discuss the
recent defeat in Oregon’s legislature of a state-wide plastic bag ban.  No matter that
Oregon, like California and so many liberal states, are broke or getting there as fast
as gays seem to be multiplying.  Fiscal issues are just so, well, annoying.

But because global warming, CO2 restricting, economy-killing energy planning have
already been well-established in Oregon, it’s not difficult to populate Portland’s coffee
shops and parks to highlight the damages population causes upon a once-pristine
geography of Oregon.  Two Minutes of Hate (ala “1984”) perhaps, but lattes take ever
so much more time to perfect, so two minutes expands to hours, days and years.

Spooky dude environmentalism

Surfrider Foundation is just one more of a species of environmental non-profits
which are native to California but have become toxic, non-indigenous varieties in
other states and nations.  According to them they are “a non-profit [of course]
organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans,
waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.”  They originally just
advocated for surfers of California’s beaches, but then expanded into a
socially-conscious, regulation pushing, multimillion dollar, educational lobbying
group that now aligns with such power entities as the California Coastal Commission,
one of the first political bureaucracies set up to expropriate private property through
public extortion.  Surfrider even co-publishes an annual report grading those same
commissioners on the degree to which each passes their “conservation voting score.”
 Which translates into how best to “save the beaches” by restricting private property and
limiting use of it by its owners, all without just (or any) compensation.  With the power of
the Coastal Commission, Surfrider and many similar environmental organizations have
helped crush constitutionally-protected rights in their efforts to expand public use of
private property through the power of land regulation and permit control.  

In Oregon, Surfrider lobbies for every kind of environmental issue concerning waterways
“collaborating,” as they say, with other groups and “stakeholders” to effect environmental
changes, which invariably means placing more and more control in the hands of government,
which in turn leads to interpretation and enforcement in the bureaucracies that actually
operate government.  This is accomplished one small step at a time, with no one in
government or politics caring to look at the accumulations.  Therefore, with the passage
of years, accumulated environmental regulations very slowly choke the citizens of their
freedoms, regulate the citizens until they are herded like cattle.  We are all becoming like
Winston in “1984,” who could not even think without worrying that his thoughts were being
scrutinized.  It has become a cliche to list some of the phrases of the Orwell book, but
unfortunately by becoming cliches, Orwell’s warnings have been ignored, having become
humorous references to events or trends to which the public has been taught to be indifferent.

Settled Socialist Science        

It all comes together for the students of EPH:  control population by celebrating the
diversity of gays, lesbians and other non-reproducible mules of the human race; 
regulations enforced by ever-parenting government at all levels requiring public
adherence to “best practices” of living on this fragile earth.  The level of awareness
of these environmentalists is without equal, according to them, and that’s why the
“science is settled” in so many of their areas of concern.  They just know.  Why would
anyone dispute their perfect intentions when it’s in the public good that we all work together
to promote a better, more educated population of “stakeholders.”  Workers of the
government unions, unite!  Are Thought Police far behind?  Hell no, they’re here already. 
Led by Big Brother Democrat Governor Kitzhaber.    

And if you’re not already sick of this, wait until tomorrow.  But there is a way to defend
yourself:  understand that these people are “batshit” crazy--as Dennis Miller famously
declared--“I guarantee you, [these people] sleep upside down!”  

And to whom HPE appears as HdB, which, in German, is short for  the German Hairdressers
Association, which makes as much sense as anything to this group.  But then, it was a
California Democrat who created the now famous “drunk the Kool Aid” moniker, when
 he led an actual suicide convention of pied piper followers from San Francisco to
South America. 

Well, there you go, population control in its most direct method.
 Al Gore, get with the program.

                             -- AH

(OMED: If you didn't follow the link, Malthus was a Christian minister of some sort, who lived in America
circa Revolutionary times. Apparently, his hobby was economics, and he came to the conclusion that human
population was growing too fast for agriculture to keep up with the demand for food on the planet. This was
before the Industrial Revolution, so he had no idea how agricultural production could be expanded in terms of
product per acre. The term "Malthusian" is usually a negative descriptive related to various population
control theories like China's recent one-child policy, mass exterminations of locally disliked population
sectors and the Eugenics of Fabian Socialism -- whose most famous American proponent was the founder
of Planned Parenthood. A Fabian Socialist, herself, she is credited with proposing chemical additives to
drinking water to reduce racial groups she considered inferior -- like African Americans. If you attended an
American college or university, you never heard a word of this in a history class.)

© 2011 Art Hyland