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Socialism: A World of Proof
by Art Hyland

"You need to accept the fact that there are no circumstances under which politics can arrange for nothing to be equal to something."   (unknown online reader)

Indeed.  But there seems to be no one in the current leadership in Salem or Washington D.C. who remotely understands the logic of the above quotation.

We are in the midst of a world capital revolution long in the making, and ultimately fatal to its host countries.  You’ve read or heard about the problems of Greece, but frankly, their problems are everywhere. Greece, the cradle of democracy, has morphed into the hammock of socialism.  It is the canary in the world’s financial coal mine.  It may seem like a far-off international problem not worthy of much concern here in little, young Oregon, but financial principles are the same everywhere in the world.  We are all Greece in too many ways.

So what happened in Greece that resembles the U.S. or Oregon?  Simply put, they grew and entrenched excessive government while eliminating the private sector required to sustain it.  In fact, the private sector still remaining in Greece has gradually gone underground (everything from bartering to refined tax evasion), and this has produced a system which had to borrow money they couldn’t ever expect to extract from its dwindling taxpayer base to pay for ever-expanding government.  Reparation, delayed by liberal politics for decades, has arrived big time, and no one in the world really wants to lend Greece any more money because everyone knows it can’t pay it back.  But international financial focus is on the horizon.  Articles in international news media are filled with speculation that the U.S. is right behind Greece, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, and Argentina.  Our combined debt and unfunded liability levels (national, state, local and individual) compared to our total domestic output (GDP) bears minor differences with those far-off countries.  We can no longer pretend to be a nation independent of financial gravity.    

If you examine the states in America where excessive bureaucratic programs, a bloated government sector, and interest and principle payments for unfunded liabilities have combined to strangle the ability of government or its private sector to function normally, look no further than Illinois, California, New York, & New Jersey, which are among the many states teetering on financial bankruptcy.  Color them blue.  Oregon is blue.  And Oregon has followed to the letter the social, environmental and financial blueprint those states championed.  Yet, instead of an all-out effort to capture and kill the wild beast of financial irresponsibility that threatens our very existence, Oregon leadership, in concert with liberal presidential and congressional leaders (from those very same disaster states), pretends global warming is the beast to fight by adopting stifling energy regulations and laws that kill economic vitality.   I submit it’s a blatant effort to promote themselves as earth stewards in order to hide their disastrous record of financial stewardship.  Political cover has become far more important to these government charlatans than proper governance.

In order to negotiate our way during the very trying times ahead, we desperately need steady, principled hands on our ships of state, no matter the level of government.  And those hands must be ones dedicated to preserving our precious Constitution, the document that says leaders are temporary, power is humbling, individual freedom is required for prosperity, and God is the foundation of our lives.  

There’s a very promising effort being made by the administration of newly-elected Governor Christie of New Jersey that looks to return reality to governance.  Every government needs to adopt their apparent, sober efforts to return constitutional restraint back to government in order to reestablish the blessings our founders bestowed upon us at the inception of this great country.  Our blueprint is the Constitution.  It’s old, but it’s new.  It’s principles never age; we just need leaders who value its remarkable wisdom. 

November cannot come fast enough.

© 2010 Art Hyland