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Pissing On America
by Art Hyland

The media's coverage of a few young Marines apparently pissing on dead Taliban terrorists, and the Obama government's immediate demonization of this event illustrates not just liberalism's contempt for our military and their incredible ignorance of the how war is hell, but liberalism's willingness to utilize scapegoats in order to make themselves look good for a day.  (Hopefully, the actual punishment meted these young soldiers will be localized and short-term, as it should be.)

What is much more at stake here is this: our nation is being led by people who thought what these Marines did merited immediate and high-level attention.  How the liberal Obama administration is seen by others has become their all-consuming passion.  Because, to Obama and the Democrats in Congress, continuance of their political sovereignty trumps everything, and they rely upon shallow image control to retain it.

More than any administration in the history of the United States, image control has become their governing strategy.  They live and breathe the modern communications of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for purposes of image management, which requires the short-term to dominate their consciousness.  In these venues, "short term" is defined in terms of seconds and minutes, not weeks or months.  Nipping negative images or rumors in the bud requires instant access.  It's like a teenage girl constantly looking for mirrors to fix whatever's out of place.  In this perpetual state of instant image control, there is only time to neutralize real or imagined negatives.  There is neither time nor interest in planning for the nation's future because there isn't any liberal future if liberal negatives aren't controlled.  Only personal political future, guaranteed by image control, motivates the true mission of this regime.

A matter of priorities

It's power at all cost (including trillions of non-existent dollars) in order to achieve personal success at the necessary expense of the nation.  Obama has surrounded himself with the best egoists and egotists money and power can attract (Dictionary.com:  "an egoist thinks the world revolves around him, an egotist is someone who cannot stop talking about himself.")  This combo describes Obama and his charges perfectly.  

Obama considers politics and economics, maybe life itself, as zero-sum games; one always gains at the expense of others.  He's won his political races by running his opponents down.  And he thinks that anyone who is richer than others must have done so at the expense of others, and so advocates forced redistributions of wealth.  A case might be made for politics as zero-sum, but economics? Not at all.  The American history of economic expansion has proven that a larger and larger pie indeed increased everyone economically, and provided greater opportunities for all.

Timing is everything

Liberal thinking helps explain a lot of things happening in Washington D.C.  If you believe in the short term, you live by it, and longer term might as well be non-existent.  It's not by accident that liberals invented Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, YouTube, Google etc. because they have an intrinsic desire--a personal demand-- for the Right-Now.  This is not to say conservatives didn't contribute to nor utilize these creations, but we all know the liberal Obama political regime employ these mechanisms in disproportion to the rest of the field (Obama is said to have over 9 million Twitter contacts).  And they continue to do so, because it fits so well with their need for instant, Right-Now information and reaction.  It's also ominous that they are working to control and filter the use of all these new mechanisms, indeed, the internet itself, in their mission to retain and expand their power and control.  It's not by accident that Obama retains close personal contact with all the CEO's of these companies, who have direct access to and manipulation of all the communication flowing through their vast and powerful computer networks.

Photo: An early image-controller and friend of V. Lenin     

In an environment created originally as a democratic republic, and which still exists to a limited degree called the United States of America, liberal power seekers (Obama et al) have sought to convince ordinary citizens they are victims (99%ers, former slaves, mere employees), or if not currently victims, soon to be (because the rich get richer, global warming is coming, class prejudice is everywhere we tell you it is).  And to solidify the point, they create handy villains (Wall Street, corporations, capitalists, Christians, big oil).  Whatever it takes.  As the old, liberal news gathering and dissemination systems (newspapers and network tv) have seen their influence dissipate, the new generation of liberals are now attempting to restrict and control the new communication systems via government/corporate cronyism (anything Google/YouTube/Facebook wants, Obama grants and vice versa). 

If the widely used social networking systems are controlled by liberals, which they are, and the current administration in power is closely aligned with those who control these networks, which they are, then it follows that a very powerful coalition has formed to challenge and dominate the very soul of this nation, our Constitution.  After all, they claim, that document is old, it's "history," and irrelevant to these anointed visionaries because, well, it's just so 17 seconds ago.

If anyone has been pissing, it's this administration on our fragile republic in their attempt to transform this nation into a fiefdom with Obama as a new Lenin who promised "peace, land and bread."  Although the image of Obama as a Lenin will not be disseminated by the media as was the unfortunate image of the young Marines, his regime is becoming more and more in focus through original means of awareness: eyes and ears.  Ordinary citizens are noticing Obama's shallow manipulation of images, because in the end, truth is ultimately revealed.  This nation is 236 years old/young; Facebook and all its short term, Right-Now relatives or derivatives will never replace the substance or creativity of the ordinary American citizen who is still today a product of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  There will always be liberal attempts to undo our nation's foundation, but America and freedom will prevail.  

November 2012 cannot come fast enough, just like the November of 2010.  Obama and his socialistic, feudal, big government, egoist minions ("We are the ones we've been waiting for") must all go.

© 2012 Art Hyland