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Who's Sodomizing who?
by Art Hyland, Contributing Editor

December, 2011 -- You’ve undoubtedly heard about the alleged boy-loving Penn State assistant coach named Jerry Sandusky and the things he did with young men, much of which is said to have happened with the knowledge of many important university people.  Even before conviction of the accused, a university president and a legendary head football coach have been dismissed, while lawyers are lining up to cash in on behalf of heretofore silent victims.  CBS was first to report that a grand jury charged the accused with sodomy, with one sensational story after another utilizing this descriptive, damning word.  For two weeks it was a scandal obscuring all others.  This local-made-national scandal “went viral” in the mainstream media’s newsrooms because their priorities are as warped as Mr. Sandusky’s.

I find it amusing how a Bible-derived term -- sodomy -- which has its origins with the Book of Genesis describing Sodom and Gomorrah, has been repeated so casually by the mainstream media.  Perhaps the secular press is using Christian-oriented words to attract new readers.  Normally, religious phrases are mocked, certainly questioned, especially judgmental words understood by Christians to be a sin, something completely foreign to the common, temporal reporter.  Given that the secular version of the term is an act known to be practiced routinely by homosexuals, it would seem hypocritical for the media to suggest sodomy as unequivocally terrible in headline stories, yet silently acceptable for "consenting" adults in their People segments.  Their rationale appears to be, if a story involves an adult with a partner below the age of 18, apparently it's pedophilia, like it was declared in the legal free-for-all regarding Catholic priests.  No homosexual inferences were acknowledged or considered because the media would have to explain its duplicity.  Sandusky is a pedophile, he may have committed sodomy, but he's not a homosexual.  Establishing this distinction is quite a successful accomplishment for a media set on liberal cruise control.  But, I truly digress. 

Where the wild things really are (the national sodomy)    

An obscure assistant football coach caused the nation’s media to inundate us with lurid shower stories and other shameful activities, all while an entire generation or two of unborn Americans are being systematically reamed by the leaders of this nation.  I’m not talking abortion here either.  While the Penn State episodes will probably be the inspiration for the next Hollywood sitcom, this nation’s unborn faces a trauma worse than ten football stadiums filled with Sanduskys.  The ultimate perpetrator in our midst is none other than Senator Harry Reid.  His victim list is virtually unlimited, certainly uncounted, but happily ignored by a press much more interested in covering disturbing issues fraught with salacious diversity.

Harry Reid?  Are you kidding?  He's the milk-toast of Washington, D.C., he wouldn't hurt a fly.  Since 2007, when Harry Reid assumed his position as Senate majority leader, the nation has added government debt in an amount equal to the period 1776 to 2000.  Put another way, in just six years he oversaw the production of federal government debt that previously took America 224 years to accumulate.  Harry Reid, Democrat, with full support from his team of liberals including none other than the President of the United States, has not produced a budget for this nation for almost THREE years -- in direct violation, it can be asserted, of our Constitution.  For three years government spending has been unrestrained, resulting in debt numbers that cannot be displayed with regular calculators.  Harry Reid has sodomized an entire nation, and its future inhabitants.  He is indenturing to financial servitude the lives of the young among us, and the unborn among them, who cannot and will not be able to avoid the burden imposed upon them, unless they flee to other parts of the world, which may indeed be their only rational choice.

He, along with Nancy Pelosi and the President, has screwed this nation so badly with financial obligations of such proportions that the inheritors of our debt will wish they had to deal with only the likes of the Jerry Sanduskys of the world.  Between them this trio of big spenders have created the possibility of America experiencing the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, only burning from within rather than from a decision by God.  If you believe in God, you believe that man has a free will to conduct his life according to his own actions, and so America’s episode doesn’t have to result in a fireball as outlined in Genesis (although I can envision a Harry Reid acting as Lot’s wife, turning to glimpse at what he had wrought).

Our wonderful media has been broadcasting the story about all the Sandusky enablers, those who had some knowledge of some events but kept quiet for various reasons we’ll all find out about eventually.  And THEY are considered just as culpable and rotten as Sandusky himself, according to the media consensus.  Well, their counterpart in the Reid/Pelosi/Obama  sodomization process is the mainstream media itself.  They knew about the Senate’s financial manipulations, but instead have looked the other way just as surely as the administrators and coaching staff of Penn State hid their knowledge of Sandusky from public scrutiny.  To the extent the media has castigated government debt, they blame Reid’s opponents, while simultaneously cheer-leading additional deficit spending as a solution to deficit spending. 

Most media won’t inform us of the real screwing taking place East of the Mississippi, but you surely are beginning to feel it, and it’s getting worse by the day.  Soon the deed will be obvious to all when our previously treasured dollar inflates prices beyond imagination, when the banks are mostly closed, when our nation’s and the world’s credit disappears, and when our vast and strong military is crippled because it can’t buy its needed requirements.  All this has happened to powerful nations before, and it can and will happen here UNLESS we the ancestors to the future victims rise up and demand accountability and adherence to the Rule of Law.  Many politicians need to be put in jail, and we should be demanding that as well.  A host of laws, regulations and agencies need to be eliminated.  A dart board with agency names would suffice to decide which goes first.

America remains the world’s best prospect for human freedom, but Harry Reid and his socialist, communist fellow liberals have embarked it on a death march.  They have wronged the truly innocent.  If 18 is the age below which a sexual partner to an adult is an automatic victim, then surely those below the age of a fetus qualify as victims for something even worse than what the word sodomy conveys.

The Bible doesn’t have a word for what those future citizens will experience, unless you’re into believing we’re coming to the end of times.  I’m not prepared to go there, and with the Tea Party movement still strong and viable, we can and will move this ship of state back on a course set by our magnificent Founders.  They took care of the British who were screwing them, and we can do the same with the scumbags of today.   

                              -- AH

Original text © 2011 Art Hyland