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Ripping Off the Masks
by Art Hyland

January, 2012 -- There is nothing more important than defeating Barack Hussein Obama next November.  His almost fictional elevation to a throne-like presidency has finally begun to unravel, exposing the real Obama behind a mask created and maintained by teleprompter technology.  He is famous for being famous, like any celebrity in this celebrity culture created by a fawning, dying, old media.

Defeating this child-king is the primary step to finally defeating liberalism, communism, socialism, elitism and environmentalism--all intimately related, representing central control--and all opposed to individual freedom.  To do this the paradigm of a constant left-right political pendulum must be changed to one of a perpetual march of individual citizens constantly heading toward greater freedom of choice.  The idea of acknowledging a political pendulum is to accept the isms above as genuine alternatives to freedom.  They aren’t, because they fail to believe in the Constitution first and foremost; if a philosophy can’t do that, it doesn’t deserve to be considered genuine for the United States.    

America is unique among nations because it literally places its citizens above its governing bodies.  Our Constitution was based upon the founder’s absolute intent to never allow America to develop a king, or anything like one.  The three branches of government, Executive, Judicial and Legislative were constructed to help ensure a weak federal government able to perform only what is necessary for the nation’s survival, leaving the states and its real kings--its citizens--to achieve success through the marketplace of free competition, freedom of choice, and freedom of movement, with the federal government functioning as a disinterested referee.  All of this remains as law in our Constitution, but its enforcement has been ignored or purposely misapplied, which has blurred the history and the very purpose of the limited government our founding fathers pledged their property and their lives to create.  We revere and honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln with their images on our currency, but we disrespect them by allowing the very principles they fought for to become infected by the virus of central, powerful, stifling federal government.

The Socialist Monarchy

Barack Obama clearly promotes expanded central, powerful, stifling federal government.  His short resume before assuming the office of the president, his two books, and his transparent history of anti-U.S. associations, along with his decisions since becoming president have all been consistently in favor of empowering government and concentrating the formation of ideas to chosen elites.  Every effort Obama has embarked upon, whether it’s health care, the environment or commerce, has one goal:  to ensure centralized government control, and restrict the free marketplace of individual choice and production.  Given his willingness to criticize its history, and demonize his opposition, he appears to have no belief in the goodness of America itself.  

But the words he uses to convince the electorate of his intentions belie the philosophy behind them.  His false public persona is one of being restrained, conciliatory, smart but not too elite, one of the guys, but above the fray.  All these apparent attributes are concealed in a shell that would normally be very easy to penetrate, but the general media has, with important exceptions, created, enabled and prolonged Obama’s fake public persona as his true image, while demonizing those who dare uncover the mask.

Masks seem to be the operative manifestation of liberals of all kinds.  Greens have masks; they have to, in order to hide the lies and factual errors so obvious to any untrained, observant eye.  The science that purports to justify their worlds of climate change, sustainable energy and environmental justice is sifted for its testimony to their beliefs rather than open for objective analysis and discussion.  “The science is settled,” is a phrase unique to the Greens of the world.  Yet true science is never settled, it simply evolves with constant discoveries by human observation, testing and transparency.  All recognized progress made possible by the scientific method is because of the willingness to be skeptical until proven otherwise, sometimes many, many times proven, until finally a conclusion can be temporarily settled pending further knowledge, always desired.  

The educational field is replete with masks as well.  How else can one explain the virtually unlimited funds devoted to this sector of society, with results that are unarguably dismal.  The culture that has become education--a transgression by itself--consumes its resources by attempting to equalize the level of achievement throughout the student population, thereby lowering the bar for the community as a whole.  Education used to be full of measurements, more scientific in essence, but for two generations America’s culture of education maligned the promotion or selection of winners and losers, successes and failures.  The right to fail or succeed was replaced with a concept that the lie that everyone’s a winner.  Teachers and professors today achieve status by virtue of not dying.  As Spengler recently noted, “people are promoted for being promoted.”   “Promotion is the flip side…” of autocratic control.  “Severing reward from accomplishment is just as important...as separating punishment from crime” (see http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2011/12/14/dictatorship-the-duc-de-saint-simon-and-kim-kardashian/?singlepage=true).   And so teacher and student teach and learn in a world virtually free from reality, leaving the student to prepare for life on his own, or worse, to become a ward of the state utilizing hundreds of programs created for that predictable result.  Students have learned to be expert victims.

And so it is, by virtue of a president who believes in the state over the individual, who’s administration believes in choosing economic winners by creating crony industrialists, along with cultivating a culture of dumbing down the populace to a controllable mass of lemmings, our nation hangs onto a thread of what it used to be.  Massive new debt, unsustainable and unaccountable spending, unfunded liabilities, and a government shackled by the momentum of bureaucratic excess has combined to transform this nation to the Europe of the Americas, just like candidate Obama desired.

Well, his train is coming to a screeching halt.  There is a slow but sure awareness in the land.  The masks are being systematically peeled off to expose the true agenda of all the Left’s isms and programs.  Americans, awakening (finally) to the stench that they have ignored for too long, are ready to restore and preserve once again the principles of limited government that produced humble world leadership and unparalleled economic dominance.       

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