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Staggering Hypocrisy:
Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History

  by Larry Leonard, co-publisher

December 29, 2010:  First, just who is the perpetrator?

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The History Channel

D.C. Stephenson Trial: 1925 - "i Am The Law In Indiana", In A ...

Two hours of "documentary" television.  The History Chennel.  I heard the above name.  The narrator said he was a Republican.    Anti-semitism, beating and lynching blacks, anti- catholicism, sexism, sexual abuse of women, violation of Constitutional rights, "We cater to white trade only" signs.  Colored Waiting Rooms.  In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down segregation in Btrown vs. Board of  Education.  (Who appointed the key judges?)

Economic boycotts ... 
Blacks protest.  Blacks march.  Robert Shelton the UKA (United Klans of America)  rose to oppose.  Black C.O.R.E.  (Congress Of Racial Equality) Freedom Riders tested the 1960 US Supreme Court ruling in bus deopts.   As Civil Rights rose in power, the KKK hated Martin Luther King.  "Down with Martin Luther Coon" sign boards.  Birmingham became Bombingham.  The most segregated city in America.  16th St. Baptist Church.

This is the Solid South.  Where are the references?

Sunday, Septermber of 1963.  church girls in choir robes, a bomb, four innocent little black girls, killed by dyunamite bob chandliss     he was convicted of dynamite posession by a white, male jury, which was turned over on appeal.     White cops and white justice system let him go free.

Where is the reference to the Solid South?  The History Channel doesn't know about the Solid South?

(12:12 PM -- stil have not heard the word "Democrat.")

The Whtie knighjts of Missisippi?  Sam Bowers.  Bombs bricks and bullets   Grand Dragon   COFO  julian bonde, a thousand college students   white knigfhts of MISS issued Klansman to engage in clandestive violence against COFO    Morris Dees describes  COFO members drive to MISS.  Three white kids and one black kid.  Mt. Zion baptist chruch.   Sherif Cecil Price arrests four civil rights "workers" from the north.    young men jailed   disappeared.  President Johnson  Civil rihts legisllation   COFU station wagon found, burned.  the four cofo s were killed.  FBI agents flooded in,   four civil rights workers found buried in hidden graves. 

Klan grabbed "nigger Lover"  (actual quote from program)  from station wagon and shot him.  One KKK thug  complained they only left him a nigger to shoot.  (actual quote from prog)

LAW refused to bring indictments against sheffif and deputeis.   Dusting off the KKK acts of the reconstruction era --  Clan stood behind George Wallace,  Ross Barnett of MISS, etc  President Lyndon Johnson took a stand against the klan, and these politicians.  "I stand against this hooded (thugs?)   LBJ signed the CRA (Civil Rights Act of 64), and began the target of the klan.   all white jury found klan guilty, killers are let go free.   

LBJ announces   "If klansman hear my voice today get out of the klan"

(LBJ, was JFK's VP.  He became POTUS when Kennedy was shot.  As a U.S. Senator, he and his fellow Dems killed the enforcement paragraph from the Civil Rights Act.  Reference "Ken's Congress" for true story about Jim Crow/First Reconstruction/Original Civil Rights Act)  The History "Channel doesn't know any of that?)

David Duke is the new Klan next door, says Julian Bond  79 American Communist Party members assembled for anti klan rally.   Fascist/Klan attacked.  five members of the CPW were shot to death.   Dees says new KLAN in so called "patriots" in camo  -- connecting the klan with the right !!!!  Fascism isn't "right."  It's National Socialism.  Left !!!

SLPC  Morris Dees  KlanWatch   New Klan   Rober Shjelton group investigated.    Denny Hayes said     found Michael Donnel, a black kid, kidnapped, rope around his neck, slit his throat, hung him from a tree.  His mother  got seven millolion  judgement against UKA  in 1997   White KKK man executded for murder otf  murs Donnel boy

KKK today a shadow of furmer self.   Klan a nazi/fascist philosophy


A journalist's scribbled notes, while watching a television program, these words are full of meaning.  By using the Oregon Magazine links above these notes, you will begin to understand.  In the text you reach from those links, you will find the truth.  Who was for slavery and who was against it.  Who was responsible for the first Reconstruction Act and who was responsible for the Second Reconstruction Act.  Who was responsible for Jim Crow.  Who was responsible for the voter harrassment, the separate bathrooms for blacks, the seats in the back of the bus, the segregated schools -- the whole nine yards of racism in American history.

What you won't find in the text of those linked pieces, because I discovered much it it after I wrote them, is the political party of the first president to hire a black man for a White House administration job.  (A Republican named Eisenhower.)   Or, the name of the political party of the president who rose up to defend Rosa Parks.  (A Republican named Eisenhower.)  Or, the name of the political party of the first black ever elected to Congress.  (Republican)  Or, for that matter, not the name, but the color of the first slave owner in the Colony of Massachusetts.  (He was black.  That's right, the first Massa in Massachusetts was what these days is known as an "African-American.")

The History Channel
is a nest of politically correct liars, just like PBS, and our OPB.  Just like the New York Times and our Oregonian.  Just like CBS/ABC/NBC and our local Oregon television stations.  Just like the national Democratic Party, our Oregon Democratic Party and every RINO from sea to shining sea.  This last group should have known the truth, and knowing it, should have spoken out about it.

I've said this many times and in many ways in this magazine and elsewhere -- most of the people who live west of the Cascades (and in some communities east of them) in Oregon are morons.   They were trained to be morons in our public schools and universities, by our major media and by their stupid former-hippy parents.

They weren't taught either this 
Ken's "Congress"  or this  Oregon's Racist History
  and so are completley misinformed about the history regarding this subject both nationally and locally.  

The Tea Parties are the reaction to this kind of longstanding stupidity in America.  If they persist, and win as they began to do in the recent mid-term elections, we will need a giant toilet tank handle constructed near Astoria so we can flush all those idiots out to sea.

Oregon will, at last, be clean, rational and free.

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