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Another Costly "Emergency" and Job Killer
    By Bruce Harmon, Oregon Magazine co-publisher

            Hasso Hering’s editorial in Sunday’s paper spurred me to add these comments. I know, it’s too late, but this is an example of how our legislature and 1000 Friends of Oregon are killing our economy and jobs:

Senate Bill 1059, backed by 1000 Friends of Oregon and adopted last month by the Oregon State Legislature, “(r)elating to greenhouse gas emissions; and declaring an emergency,” requires that land use plans be made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Now, the state Land Conservation and Development Commission makes rules for reducing greenhouse emissions from driving cars and light trucks weighing under 10,000 pounds in each “metropolitan planning area” including Corvallis and Albany.

Why was such a law considered? Why make any law that addresses greenhouse gases, which hurts businesses that provide jobs and has virtually zero effect on the climate?   By now it is obvious with all the evidence brought forth about the deception from junk science advocating a man-caused global warming catastrophe, that there is no anthropogenic global warming. The whole concept is “eschatology” with those who want to believe in this hoax. Unfortunately many of those believers are in our national, state and local governments. That’s why we have the silly statute chapters
ORS 468A.200 through 468A.260 and a “Global Warming Commission” bureaucracy.  These statutes and laws like SB 1059 are a ridiculous result of the unsubstantiated global warming premise and our government’s actions.           

This new law will restrict transportation and the many things that make our economy thrive.  The implied restrictions from this law will only cause ever-higher taxes from our local and state governments, which have already shown inability to manage their spending and their bureaucracies. Finally, it will stifle innovation through restricting business activity and its resultant job growth. There certainly is no “emergency” and it is going to cost us lots of money.

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