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Swiss Technology Creates
Ideal Sporting Watches

By Fred Delkin

"See The Time All The Time" expresses the latest in Swiss watch development...a line of wristwear that seems ideal for Oregon outdoor sporting types. Anyone pursuing any form of outdoor fun is likely familiar with or carries a Swiss Army Knife. Now, the SWM Swiss Military Watch beckons your attention.

These remarkable timepieces are lightweight yet superbly sturdy and offer a lifetime source of an illuminated face that requires no battery replacement and glows even in total darkness. This feature relies on a glass-sealed power source of tritium gas. No flashlight is needed to read the time, an obvious advantage to military and police use, as well as civilian pursuits.

Perhaps these watches' most appealing virtue is their cost -- significantly below the outlay required by more expensive Swiss movements. The Tawatec line of watches are priced as low as $250, while the SWM line is somewhat more. The Swiss Military Watch firm of Bienne/Biel Switzerland produces these wonders that are available in a wide selection of models. All
withstand extreme cold and humidity, absorb impacts and are impervious to changes in altitude and waterproof to a depth of 200 meters.

Oregon's outdoor recreation pursuits such as bicycling, skiing, climbing, boating and more are ideal for this watch technology. Visit SMW America Storefront for additional information. These timepieces are offered via amazon.com.

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