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Long Ago and Not Far Away ...
They were called "filling stations."  If they were open 24 hours a day, it was because you could wake up the owner, who was sleeping on a cot in the back.  He wore coveralls, and hadn't had a shave, lately.  He could fix anything that just went wrong on the car.  While you were there, he checked the air in your tires and the oil in your "sump," washed your windsheild, and had a free road map for you. Gasoline (often known as "petrol") was ten cents a gallon and came in two varieties -- regular and "ethyl," or "high test."  For the curious, the glass tubes on top of some of those pumps bubbled like soda pop when the gas was coming out.  (Thanks to KB7RGX for these email photos)


        Feb7th Breaking news???  >>>> 
ABOUT TO BLOW: Alaska volcano on verge...
          And, speaking of eruptions:   
McCain blasts Obama...

Senior Citizen Healthcare Rationing Board? Why is the AARP ignoring this?
Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan

Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Republican Senators are questioning whether President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill contains the right mix of tax breaks and cash infusions to jump-start the economy.  Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. 

When to Jump Out of an Airplane   (Photo: Navy chutist using a wing-shaped design.)

Comestible Erudition:
New Cookbook Celebrates Pacific Northwest Dining  (Fred Delkin, A.K.A. "Seared Lightly," has only one criticism of this new work of culinary literature.  No mudbug recipies.)

Why You Should Always Fly First Class 
 (Travel experts graphically demonstrate dangers of coach class)

U.S. Debt-to-GDP A Serious Problem Only Growing Worse  (Oregon State Rep. Matt Wingard sent us some numbers.)

Violent clashes in Moscow as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy... 
(A late January Drudge link.  What would Stalin think about this?)


E-RFD: Honey & Cinnamon Cure   (Health food home remedy.)

Change We Never Imagined   (Matt  Barber doesn't like some of Obama's ideas.)   

Obama Funds Foreign Abortions   (Headline links to full piece)

The Culture and Media Institute reported that, as of January 28, 2009, just five days after President Obama overturned the policy banning federal funding of overseas abortion providers, the major media outlets has given scant coverage to the controversial decision. And no wonder. Most Americans don’t want their tax dollars funding groups like Planned Parenthood here at home. As the Gallup Poll shows, they don't don’t like it any more overseas.

President Obama has had the cooperation of the press in keeping this pro-abortion move mostly beneath the radar. Will the Gallup Poll results prod journalists toward reporting the issue? Don’t bet on it.

E-RFD: "Mail Server Report" Virus    (If true, it's a nasty one.)

Selling Your Father's Bones  (a book review by Fred Delkin)

Oregonians display courage in the Civil War: a series by Randy Fletcher

Storming the Ramparts   (Up close and personal with a blizzard of lead.)
A Forlorn Hope (An Oregon Civil War hero is remembered 100 years after his death ) 
How the Civil
War Brought Wyatt Earp’s Brother to Portland   (Before the O.K. Corral)  
The Professors in Pickett’s Charge
  (War is an education in itself.)

'Salishan' Proves It's More Than A Resort
(A book review by Oregon Magazine's Editor and Copublisher, Fred Delkin)

Salishan, an Oregon historical novel, available at


Articles:   Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"      The Subject was Crabs   |    Surfing for Perch  (From the archives: Winter or summer, fun for beach boys)   Books:   "History by the Glass"Enters Second Round   (Portland's classic saloons, Edition II, written by Paul Pintarich and published by Joe Bianco.)  |   Crooked River Country  (book review)      Oregon Fever  Joe Bianco's anthology includes feature work by some Oregon Magazine writers, including Larry Leonard.    
   Fun With Science
Quantum information teleported between distant atoms 
(Beam me up, Scotty. Instant communications through space/time.)

Climate Change news >>>>>

Global Warming in Kentucky:
  (a late January quote from a paper in Lexingon, KY)  Utility crews with help from out-of-state reinforcements had restored power to more than 100,000 customers by late Friday, less than a day after a state record of more than 700,000 were powerless, according to the governor's office.  KY calls up entire Army Nat'l Guard... 

Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist, Dr. John S. Theon, the former supervisor of James Hansen, NASA’s vocal man-made global warming fear soothsayer, has now publicly declared himself a skeptic and declared that Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was “was never muzzled.” Theon joins the rapidly growing ranks of international scientists abandoning the promotion of man-made global warming fears.

Global Warming links: 

Czech president attacks Gore in Davos: 'I don't think that there is any global warming'...

(OMED: Basically, the problem with Al Gore is that he has ignored fifty million years of Earth history.  The Earth warms and cools and then warms and then cools over and over, again.  We are presently in a global climate "interstice."  That is a big word for "a time between ice ages."  This interstice began dozens of centuries in the past, and is why there isn't a mile thick ice sheet on top of Seattle, these days.  Mankind had nothing to do with this or the dozens of other interstices that have happened.)

(links we ran across in January of 09)

(The politics of weather)
Obama climate czar has socialist ties; Group sees 'global governance'...
(Mid Jan) Pew Poll: Global warming ranks dead last as priority...
Environmental guru slams carbon trading: 'Most of the green stuff is verging on gigantic scam'...
Environment minister: I think man-made climate change is a con...

Madrid airport closed as Europe seized by frigid weather...
Snow continues to trap thousands at Madrid airport...
Germany issues warning: 'Metal earrings on body could cause dangerous freezing'...
Pravda: Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age...

(Jan 10 Drudge's top items, mostly Eastern U.S.)
Coldest Weather Possible In Nearly 15 Years... 
(severe WX warning map)
Heavy Snow, Detroit to New York; More coming to Chicago...
Minnesota sled dog race canceled -- because of too much snow...
Wisconsin: Record snow steals spotlight from frigid temps...
Shocking cold wave drops temps to 40 below zero...  (Jan 14)

(The West Coast)
Spokane digs out from its snowiest month ever...
Life At -78 Degrees In Alaska...
Extreme Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars...

(Late Jan OrBusMax) NEWS THE NORTHWEST MEDIA WON'T REPORT: NASA data shows oceans cooling since 2003?...


 Pigskin Pete
(No column this month.  Fred was hit in the head by a football.)
  Home on the Range
Sauce Magnate Creates Restaurant Masterpiece  (Fred Delkin comes up with a new dining treat)

Fifth Annual Oregon Cheese Festival Dishes up Delicious Events (Mostly coastal folks cut the cheese bigtime in March
 Decanting with Delkin
Washington Wine Heritage Births New Premium Label

From January:
Papa Pinot Leaves Lasting Legacy for Oregon Wines



 Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |   Hans Zeiger     Mike O'Brien
  Feature E-RFD

Congressional Money Saving Proposal   (Charity begins at home.)
Congress Gives Itself Raise...     (external info link topically related to the above E-RFD)

To Kill an American   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?" 
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"  
                         -- Edmund Burke

Michael Steel selected as G.O.P. Chairman

WASHINGTON (AP)  – The Republican Party chose the first black national chairman in its history Friday, just shy of three months after the nation elected a Democrat as the first African-American president. The choice marked no less than "the dawn of a new party," declared the new GOP chairman, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Republicans chose Steele over four other candidates, including former President George W. Bush's hand-picked GOP chief, who bowed out declaring, "Obviously the winds of change are blowing."

Republican leader vows to mix it up with Obama...  (Feb04 Drudge link)

(OMED:  A good guy, we think at present. Unless the dark side of the force or a pile of pathetic New England progressives gets him, his time in office should be a productive era.)

Aussie Prime Minister Goes Bonkers:  Time for a new world order...

Only 17% of 8th Graders Can Read at Grade Level in Chicago Schools Overseen by Obama Education Secretary-Designee...
  (Most children left behind.)
OLYMPIAN EDITORIAL: Do not force teachers to fund politics...(Washington state)
Iran envoy offers nuclear technology to all Muslim states    (December item held over)

It's to ponder ... 
Are you a Democrat, a Republican or a Southerner?
OrMag Co-publisher Reacts To "Gay" Press Release    (Just to make things clear)
Extreme Rights Archives  (Gay ways) 

  Out of the past ...
Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose
Social Security:
The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?   (Who pays when you cash a government bond?)
The Hispanic Education Myth

Ken's "Congress"   (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?)

Our Times: 
Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

Dr. Horton’s History Channel History of Slavery    (A lauded black professor from a famous East Coast American university proves that he either doesn't know or doesn't  like certain kinds of truth )
How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.  Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy    Complete 2005/2006 article archives  |    |   December 2008  cover 

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