Is Big Media Suppression Protecting Kerry From a Sex Scandal?
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             February 2004  Volume 4  No 2

 Recent arrival to Oregon's shore hesitates to hit the beach without knowing if Measure 30 passed or failed.  Rumor has it that deer will be taxed if it succeeds.

 Surfer Deer photo 2004 by Dave Pastor, courtesy of the Cannon Beach Gazette
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Portland Property Owner Revitalizes Old Town
Tom Cox: Businesses, Politics, and Tax Policy
Neil: Can You Beat the Market?  (Money is the root of all wealth)
Sports: Duck Grid Recruiting Making Waves Nationally
Bush in Space: Moon Base Has Certain Advantages
Dist.10 teachers accept 1.5% pay increase  (Cannon Beach)
Main Street: Becoming history (mulling Chief Joseph)
Jones nears 49 years at Lostine PO   (Population up 40 boxes)
Zeiger: Punk Rock Baby Killers
Nature’s Supercurious Brutality  (Eat or be etc.)
BB and LL Debate the Essence of the Cosmos (gravitas)
Baghdad Bob Broadcast Journalism Awards
Peg's Bottom: Sudden Thaw Uncovers Proof of Democrats
Schopp: Reaction to the Measure 30 Battle     (Steve Rocks!)
Post Measure 30: Where do we go from here?   (staff essay)
Bush Did His Service: It's the Press that is A.W.O.L.

Oregon Magazine's 2004 Predictions  (Ten prognostications)
O'Brien: Good night and good sports  (Electric prose)

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  On the editorial page:  The Measure 30 Coverup?

 Inside Features & topical links:

Arts&Lettres: The NEA the "W" Way
SciTech: Nasa May Not Dump Hubble
Business: BiMart Stock to Employees
Natural History: Cosmic Rays Guiltless
Outdoors: Angler Eats Possible Record Fish
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