"There has never been in the history of the world a country in which a regime change happened at the bayonets of guns that has led to stability." -- Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal

OMED: Every major nation on Earth was purchased in blood  -- most of them in combat.  Some required revolutions against a colonial power.  America is one of those.   Some were the result of armed revolutions against internal tyrants.  The Republic of France is one of those..  Other regime changes came about as a result of foreign invasion.  This list includes Germany, Japan and Italy.  The most stable nations in the world were created at the bayonets of guns. Prince Saud al-Faisal, in making such a ridiculous statement, displays a complete ignorance of world history.  .
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  February 2003  Volume 3  No 2

  Love among the raindrops.  Farmer's fields become lakes.   The gods of winter hear the gods of spring tuning up their lyres in the distance. 

Photo 2003 Bob Pool
   Articles, fiction and poetry:


The Hills are alive with the sound of monsters
Dinosaur invasion! (TV models Wallowa beasties)
The Danger of New Horizons (On the road to the stars, loss.)   Oregonians make a painful choice
Tourism Industry Balks At State Funding Help
Lemmings and Investors:  How Different Are They?
Original Recipes We’ve Collected
Cabernet Franc, plus other Vinous Delights
Storm Birding!  (The Birdman of Oregon Magazine loves ruffled feathers.)
A Whitcomb book review: A CONFLICT OF VISIONS
Norman and Charlie: Intellectuals on PBS Parade
O'Brien 1: Feng-Shui Mentally Unsound   (East meets West)
O'Brien 2:  Charlie the Tuna is dead   (Runyonesque reflection)
Dave Erickson: A Very Subtle Bias  (English 101)
Anemones: Animals Made of Grass  (Or look like they are)
Measure 28 Tax Increase Goes Down! (Congratulations, Oregon)
E-RFD: How the System Works
E-RFD: Why you should vote Democratic
E-RFD: The World's Smartest Vet

Last chance! T-bucket Raffle (This car was built by the kids in the Forest Grove highschool auto shop.  Raffle proceeds will be used for scholarships and to fund the next car project, a Deuce lowboy roadster.  The headline link will take you to an external page that contains telephone numbers.  Or you can mail a check for $25 to Forest Grove Highschool, 1401 Nichols Lane Forest Grove, Oregon, 97116,  Attn: Jennifer Collins. Include your return address. Your ticket will be mailed to you. The raffle will be held on February 26, 2003. We'll post the winning number right here. You don't have to be present at the drawing to win.)

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Excluding Death and Taxes
Glory be to God!
Sharpton Announces Presidential Bid
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Sports: Was Freddie Jones That Vital a Cog?
Arts&Lettres: Oldest American Writing
AroundOregon: On the Origins of Cow Pie Bingo
Natural History: Flap over Dino Flight Origins
SciTech: Large World Beyond Pluto
Outdoors  Giant Squid Attacks French Boat
Business: Best Corporate Chiefs are Animals
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