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Oregon Magazine TM
  February 2002  Volume 2  No 2

A continent of clouds floats silently overhead, 
a weight on some souls, a refuge for others.

 Photo by Bob Pool  (C) 2001)
   Articles, fiction and poetry:
Rob Kremer: Can He Turn the
Schools Around?  by Fred Delkin

Nature Conservancy: A Great Idea
Arena Football: The Mouse in Motown
Wine and Beer Big Business, Here
The Skeptical Environmentalist
The Coastal Cottage Industry
Nehalem: Rooms with a river view
Cannon Beach: Whole town, one book
Steve Heines is retiring:  Poets Wanted

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
The Ultimate Oregon Editorial!
The Secret to a Great Private 
Economy is Higher Taxes?
National Media Liberals on Parade:
The Philandering Liberal Fool 
as Magnificent President
        The News Hour: Shocking Proof of PBS Bias
     ENRON:  Who is in the Greatest Danger?
 Inside Features:

            New Articles
Books: Marvin Kalb hates Bias
Natural History: Oregon's Red Octopus
Life&Styles: Thinking outside of the box
Outdoor: Float Tubes for Handicapped
SciTech: Neanderthals Used Glue
Sports: Tiny Creswell Breeds
       Basketball Superiority

            Recent Articles
How the Eskimo got on the Tail of that Plane
Jean Wolf Shares Her Language
Oregon Journalism Shines
Ken Kesey: Final Passage
Vera Katz: Troubles in River City
Oregon Events Page
It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
Editorial Page
News Around Oregon
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