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 The Enron flap:
Is there any danger to the Bush administration?

Nope.  The greatest danger here faces the Democrats and the press.  If they continue to present this as a Republican scandal, they're heading for serious trouble.  I think it was Barbra Boxer who had a large holding in Enron shares.  She's a Democrat.  Enron made a great many campaign donations to politicians.  Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Tom Daschle (D-SD), Joe Lieberman, a Democrat who will head the Senate Enron investigation, and Democrats Dick Gephart and Oregon's Ron Wyden are in this list..

If the press suggests complicity with fraud by campaign donation association , they will have to charge Democrats with the same malfeasance.  If they don't, they are liars

What we have here so far seems to be two kinds of fraud.  The first was by Enron and the second is happening before your eyes in the Democratic party and the mainstream media.

The most ludicrous press charge so far implies wrongdoing by George Bush because a couple of Enron executives, including the president or CEO, made phone calls to the White House.  They didn't talk to George, understand, but only to a couple of George's subordinates.  Each of the subordinates listened for a few minutes, then said, "Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Goodby."

John Ashcroft, the Attorney General of the United States, and so the boss of the Justice Department, who had a campaign donation connection with Enron, recused himself from any investigation relating to the case.   It was the only honorable thing to do. The right thing.  It means he isn't going to use his power to protect Enron against prosecution like Janet Reno did for all of Clinton's corporate friends.

Yet, to the press, Reno was a heroic figure, while Aschroft is presented like this

That is a Reuters photo.  Reuters began as an investment news company with a flock of pigeons.  Over the years it found millions of new pigeons to feed.  (The gullible fools who believe the mainstream media.). 

Walking on Eggs

January 13, 2002 - Face the Nation rang with careful, potential, sort of, tentative, light-fingered criticism of the Bush White House.  This is because the two guests, John McCain and Joe Lieberman, both of whom whom are or will soon be investigating the Enron situation, received campaign donations from that corporation.  Lieberman claims he received a tiny donation, and wasn't influenced.  One national media pundit says that if you include organizations very close to Lieberman, the actual amount is a quarter of a million dollars.  For all of Enron's donations click here opensecrets.org

Their caution is good judgement on their part.  They are walking a floor littered with sleeping cobras.  If they make too much noise in the wrong direction, it is they, not their intended victim (Bush), who will receive the fatal bite.

Terry Moron (sp), White House correspondent for ABC, reported to This Week this morning.  His description, whch included a comment from Joe Lieberman, made absolutely no reference to the massive campaign and communications interactions between Enron and Democrats.

Rep. John Dingle, a Democrat who received $10,500 and many more telephone calls from Enron than the White House did, told FOX Sunday that he is not going to recuse himself from the coming congressional investigations, like Attorney General Ashcroft.  It is Dingle's position that because he has steadfastly opposed the deregulation of energy, something Enron supported, he is not tainted by all this.

It is the position of Oregon Magazine that Dingle created the energy problems in America by opposing deregulation and blocking energy exploration.  The taint on Dingle is colored green, brown and gray -- for his total suckup to the greenies who have blocked the development of energy resources for America, for the California brownouts which have resulted from this green inaction, and for his resulting complicity in the stupidity of California governor Gray Davis, whose management of the California power situation could only be called a disaster.

It may be, in other words, that the tremendous damage done to the workers at Enron was in small or large part caused by the very people who are now attacking the White House -- including the press, itself!.  Enron's collapse may have at its core something in addition to corporate CYA.  That failure may also one day be attached to the refusal by liberals to deregulate the energy industry.  If that does happen, Enron's employees will not be the first to be financially broken by government overregulation.  If you eliminated all the unnecessary government regulations burdening business today, there would be no recession.  Unemployment would be three percent.

It is my recommendation that the mainstream media morons tread carefully on this one.  They have been in bed with liberal Democrats and the Greenies for half a century. The energy problems of America can justifiably be laid at their doorstep. Enron was a creation of the energy climate in America.  The energy climate in Americs is the creation of those who influence energy exploration and distribution regulations, plus those who report the story to the public.

Included in that latter category would be George Steponallofus, Commie Cokie Roberts, Socialist Sam Donaldson, Bob "the boob" Schieffer, Peter "All the Party Poop" Jennings, Maria Liarson, Terry Moron (sp), Dan "the liberal man" Rather, Jim "Hillary's Pal" Lehrer, The New York Crimes and the Washington Compost -- to name a few members of a legion of liberals in the media.

Journalism is already ranked by the general public below used car salesmen.  Since it is my profession, as well, I resent what they've done to it. (LL)

Update:  Feb 05, 2001  -- Look like a pack of wolves, don't they?  The pent-up hate over the Whitewater investigation has at last found a release.  And Bill Clinton, bless his lying, cheating heart, is behind it.  James Carville (remember him?) has sent a memo to all DNC operatives.  This is the way to destroy Bush.  Go for the throat.  This will kill Social Security reform, energy independence for America and the threatened Republican retake of the Senate.  Go for the throat.  .

George Steponallofus should recuse himself from reporting on this story.

Ah yes, the mainstream media.  Wolf puppies joining their parents, closing in for the kill.    Will it work?  Will they get Bush and Cheney?  Will the DNC hold the Senate they bought from Jim Jeffords?

You can't have a flame thrower aimed your directon without getting singed a bit, but the answer is still no.  Fritz Holling's list of Enron-connected people presently in government strangely does not mention the Comptroller General.  The hypocrisy proves Oregon Magazine's contention that the Dems and their lapdogs in the unbiased mainstream media are pursuing a course directed by pure political partisanship.  He also attributes the power plant in India to the wrong administration.  That's a Clinton project.  If old Fritz doesn't know it, he's a fool.  If he does, he's lying.

Daschle is using this opportunity to kill Bush's stimulus plan.  The last thing the Democrats want is for the country to pull out of recession.  The last thing they care about is you.  Their own power is what is at stake here.  To hell with the people out of work.

Senator Daschle, however, should look at his own approval numbers in South Dakota.   He's being James Carvilled right out of the U.S. Senate.

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