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Seattle Group Enhances Oregon Mountain Resort

The Resort at the Mountain at the base of Mt. Hood continues to enhance its facilities under the management of Seattle's Coastal Hotel Group, plantin 11,000 indigenous plants on the 300 acre property and repairing salmon and steelhead habitats on the bordering Salmon river that has been damaged by two decades of flood erosion.  The resort's 27-hole golf course has been recently cited as a Certfiied Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for its preservation of the wildlife habitat.

The resort offers a year-round recreation base just an hour from Portland,f with golf, skiing, fly fishing and tennis activities.  It provides 18,000 sq. ft. of meeting and banquet spaces in addition to a variety of lodging accommodations.  A total of $17 million has been invested in recent months for renovations and expansion.

The Coastal Hotel Group, founded in 1987, is a privately held hospitaliaty management company, handling properties in Washington, Arizona and Oregon.  It recently supervised a tital upgrade of facilities at Portland's former Riverside hotel at the base of the Morrison bridge, fronting on Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the Willamette River.

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