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Global Warming? 
Author Debunks Current Claims

By Fred Delkin

Amid all the political excitement being stirred up by President Obama's 'Cap & Trade'measure he wants to shove through Congress, a new book, Climatism, by Steve Goreham, should be read as a complete discussion of the science, politics and the energy policy implications of the global warming debate. Goreham, an engineer with an MBA from the University of Chicago,asks very pertinent and informed questions:

* Why have we had eight years of global cooling rather than the projected eight years of warming?

* If polar bears are endangered by global warming, why have bear populations more than doubled in the last 50 years?

* Minimum Arctic ice in 2007 was trumpeted by the press, but why was maximum Antarctic ice in 2007 hardly mentioned?

* After building 25,000 wind turbine towers, why have Germany and Denmark been unable to close a single coal-fired power plant?

Read his book for the answers in an exhaustively documented work that makes a solid case for global warming as a result of natural cycles of Earth, driven by the sun, not man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This is a convincing unmasking of the global warming belief system that has gripped governments across our planet. It contains 133 charts, and references from
countless articles. Best of all, Goreham writes in an entertaining, readable style that lightens this scientific treatise. In the words of John Coleman, founder of TV's Weather Channel: "...a serious book that carefully examines the issues that have been used to create the current climate
change/global warming crisis...I endorse "Climatism" for its easy-to-read, well-illustrated presentation of complex science."

British scientist David Bellamy says: "...a real cool book that quenches the fire of the mythical dragon of global warming with the twinkle of real science." Goreham is particularly critical of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)..."a political
organization masquerading as a scientific body...it works to achieve a political consensus, not scientific truth."

Goreham defines the political doctrine of "Climatism" as a set of eight false beliefs:

1-Greenhouse gases emitted from man's industrial activities are causing global warming.
2-The climate of Earth was optimum prior to the growth & industrialism of human population.
3-Human activities are destroying the earth's climate.
4-Climate is the top priority...more important than human lives, freedom, western industrial civilization and prosperity in the developing nations.
5-We can save the planet if we all work together.
6-Carbon dioxide is a pollutant.
7-Fossil fuels are dirty and should not be used.
8-Wind and solar power are free and should become our energy sources.

Al Gore and Barack Obama should be forced to read this work.

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