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Rhetoric or Reality...Obama
Won't Admit the Difference

By Fred Delkin

Could it be? Our new president is finally raising disapproval of his rush to push government control of our lives through Congress. Charming fellow, Obama, with a true gift of political oratory (though, without his teleprompter, he can stumble as in his comments on the police action with a Harvard professor)...however, he failed to explain his mammoth Healthcare
proposal to the nation, despite carefully controlling press queries. We (that includes every sane adult in the USA) should realize that Obama weaves a fairytale on the subject of government spending, aided and abetted so far by his majority vote in Congress.

Deliver a 1,000+ page bill for congressional approval just 24 hours before a vote and we have a phony 'Stimulus' plan, a cap & trade measure aimed at controlling our transportation and energy industries and now our healthcare system and our president basks in his control of not just America, but as someone seeking global approval. Well, his fiscal nonsense has been called out by the Chinese (our major lenders), who still accede to some government control of their society as long as it does not impede capitalism. We in the USA need to agree with that attitude.

Goverment controlled and delivered healthcare to all simply does not work...ask any Canadian or Briton, who have suffered the effects of socialized medicine for decades. As voters, we need to tell our federal government that, sure, there are solid reasons to address the high cosst of
healthcare...how about lessening the burden of malpractice insurance that our legal system has forced on our physicians? That is not addressed in Obamacare.

White House urgency to jam government control down our throats is done to deny us time to realize what is being done to us. A one-party rule is coming unraveled on health care, despite Obama's wont to blame all our society's failures on Republicans.

No, we believe that, despite unprecendented support by the 'mainstream media' , folks are beginning to get clues as to the beknighted One's assault on free markets and individual liberty. Who, dear reader, would you rather follow, Karl Marx or that group of 18th century free thinkers
who gave this planet the best form of government in history?

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