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Consider Alternatives to
Driving After Drinking
 By Fred Delkin

     So you've piloted your car to a party, had a few 'pops' and should head home.  OK,
you've been told about the perils of driving after drinking, the costs that could occur.  This is a
time to look at the choices for getting home without driving while impaired:

     (1) Take a Taxi maybe not the cheapest way to get home, but it sure beats the costs of
           getting a ticket (fine, lawyer fees, insurance hike, etc.  In most cases, there's a taxi       
            service nearby, a phone call away.

     (2) Public Transportation not your style to ride a bus?  Think of all the costs and hassle 
          you can avoid by doing so...

     (3) Designated Driver take turns with your acquaintances in being the sober driver at a    
           function...water, soda pop, cofee, tea ... all things a party goer can consumewhile others
           sip the stronger stuff.

     (4) Walk if you've consumed alcohol at party or bar, and your reidence destination is a
                  mile or less away, those boots were made for walking.  If you're downtown and left 
           your vehicle at a street meter or in a garage, the overtrime penalty is infinitely less
                  than being apprehended by the law.

     (5) Phone Friend or Relative got your cell phone handy?  Use it to call wife, Mom,
           sister, brother or good friend ... someone at home and sober with a car at hand.  They     
           may be a bit grumpy, but love or respect will send them your way and you can pay the
                  favor back.

     (6) House Party instead of going out, invite friends over to enjoy a night of safe                 
  drinking...tell them to spend the night in a spare room and/or blanketed on your sofa.

     (7) Safe, Free Rides Portland, for instance has cab services that offer a free ride to             
      imbibers on a holiday eve.  Many college campuses have a sober transport service
           for tipsy souls seeking their residence bed.

There's just no excuse for risking a penalty for drunk driving.  Know your limit for alcohol
consumption that keeps you below the .08 reading.  We now focus ourself on the fact that having
fun and good companionship does not depend upon swilling alcoholic substances...liquids whose
cost can soar well beyond the retail price.

Remember the mantra ... Sobriety and Seat Belts rule when one is driving!

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