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Decanting with Delkin
Writer's Tastebuds Confirm
Quady North Deserves Honors

By Fred Delkin

Last month we reported that a new Oregon outpost of vinous endeavor has earned top
honors at the annual Northwest Wine Summit. We've now tasted the latest bottlings from
Jacksonville's Quady North and believe that Herb Quady is a winemaker deserving such praise.
The "Flagship" '06 single vineyard Syrah that earned best red in the NW is worth a $40/bottle
cost as its very limited volume hits the retail market for the first time this month.

Another Quady limited botttling, an '06 "Arsenal" blended red, also makes its debut and combines Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc in a smooth, rich offering with remarkable depth of flavor.

"4-2 A" is an '06 vintage Syrah blended from 3 southern Oregon vineyards and is priced well below the grand award winner, but well worth attention for its deep flavors reminiscent of a French Rhone Valley wine. Cabernet Franc is more often used with Bordeaux blends and rare as a stand alone bottling. We have long had a love for this grape's ability to deliver pepper and spice flavors and Quady's '06 doesn't disappoint. Nor does the '08 Rose' blended with Syrah and white Viognier and a more pronounced flavor than a majority of pink blends promoted in the marketplace.

The '07 Quady Viognier lacked the excitement fflowing from the aforementioned bottlings, but
it shows its fruit flavors when se4rved at room temperature. The Quady name has been long
established by Herb's parents on the global dessert wine market. Their investment in their son's
new Oregon venture has borne high dividends. Visit Herb's headquarters in Jacksonville at the
mouth of the Applegate valley and enjoy an artist's full offerings.

The Quady North webpage is at http://www.quadynorth.com/

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